Reasons Why Website Maintenance is Important

Maintenance is a complex process that involves checking your page for any errors, bugs, or issues. It also includes keeping it updated (installing the new versions of plug-ins, adding visual elements). Luckily, TemplateMonster is always ready to provide professional maintenance services for WP sites. Wonder why website maintenance is important? Let's get the answer.

Why Website Maintenance Is Important

  • Performance improvement – it decreases the loading time, providing visitors with the best user experience;
  • Increasing the visitors’ rate – helps improve SEO, which makes your page easier to find using search engines. Traffic growth increases boost up sales;
  • Data protection – by installing new versions of plug-ins, you guarantee a high level of information protection;
  • Backup – even if something wrong happens –restore the information using a backup;
  • Accessibility – a page should always be available. Otherwise, they search for the information somewhere else. When the site is unavailable, you lose potential clients and money;
  • Major updates – install a new version of the platform, implement features, etc.

Website Monitoring and Updating

This process requires special knowledge. You should be aware of all aspects of web development. It is also necessary to understand all the nuances of a platform. It’s obligatory to track various parameters, gather information, and analyze it to create a proper updating strategy.

Website maintenance makes it possible to:

  • Remove spam – if you have comments, then some visitors may add the links to other resources;
  • Test pages – to ensure that they load properly;
  • Test forms – they should perform correctly;
  • Add new (and renew old) content – add videos, photos, articles, or other content to engage users;
  • Analyze statistics – to find the best ways to attract visitors;
  • Redesign – follow the trends, add widgets, animation;
  • Renew domain name, etc.

Many factors require tracking. Some of the tasks should be performed weekly. Others are done monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Keeping everything up-to-date is a very challenging task. It becomes super difficult if you have much content because you need to take care of everything. Assure that all the links work properly, and visitors get to the necessary page.

What if you have multiple projects? What if you aren’t tech-savvy, and you don’t know all the aspects of web development? What if you have no time to spend on analyzing and renewing everything? What if you don’t understand why website maintenance is important at all? That’s where TemplateMonster maintenance services for WordPress come into play.

Website Updates from Professionals

Taking care of everything is difficult. Even an experienced developer who works on one project needs some time. What if you run an online business? It is better to let professionals do it, because:

  • They know all the nuances of the platform (WordPress and WooCommerce);
  • You lose no time on keeping everything up-to-date.

It’s an excellent option for people who have an online business because they can deal with other tasks. They may spend time working on selling strategies, finding partners, and potential customers. You can do everything yourself, but it takes a lot of time. 

Website Monitoring and Updates Service from TemplateMonster

  • Up-time monitoring – we install a plug-in that helps us monitor your site. If something is wrong (like it goes down) – the team gets an immediate notification. They start working on it right away;
  • Security protection – the crew, tries to find security and malware issues. Our staff will know about any problems immediately, so visitors shouldn’t worry about their data protection. Our experts check such components as custom admin panel URL, Captcha for login forms (including the admin panel login form), Contact Form 7, custom database prefix. They will also configure WordFence and Akismet Anti-Spam;
  • Daily backups – we save such content as files and pages. An owner can restore everything if necessary. The data is stored on your hosting and our side (if it’s required);
  • Weekly updates – our team updates everything within the current branch (from 5.1 to 5.2). Our experts can perform a major update (from 5.9 to 6.0) for an additional fee. The fee depends on complexity. Sometimes, it requires many changes to install the new version correctly;
  • Monthly reports – on the last business day (usually, on Friday) of the month, we provide you with a detailed log. It includes the information on the performed tasks and their effect;
  • Team assistance (5 hours per month) – our team is available to you. It’s an excellent option when you need to make some basic changes. Our experts can install a template, add some content or graphics, change the color scheme, install and configure widgets. We also can make some minor HTML/CSS changes. Please consider that the not used hours don’t get transferred to the next month;
  • 15% customization services discount.

Cases Why Maintenance is Important for Your Project

It is an excellent option for:

  • A businessperson who run an online store or a startup;
  • A developer without a team;
  • Novices who don’t know much about web-development or the WordPress platform.

Don’t worry about anything – we do everything to make your site work fast and correctly. This service is great for professionals who provide web development services. Request it to avoid wasting your time taking care of various projects. It helps you stay focused on current ones, instead of spending your time monitoring the old projects and creating reports.

If you still don’t understand why website maintenance is important, then answer the following questions:

  • Do you want your website to work stable?
  • Do you need to protect the users’ data?
  • Do you want your project to be up-to-date?
  • Do you want everything to be fast and look modern?
  • Do you want to avoid wasting your time and money dealing with maintenance?

If you have answered “yes” at least three times, then this is for you. The result is impossible to overestimate. If you invest in it – you will get a modern, reliable site that is always available to customers. The most crucial factor is that it will be useful, and people will use it regularly. Clients may recommend your project to their friends. It increases the number of potential customers and visitors.

With SEO improvement, you increase the number of visitors and potential clients. A high number of customers may increase sales and your income. Without spam removing, it turns into a place where everyone adds suspicious links. It negatively affects users’ engagement. It is hard to find the necessary information among multiple spam messages, and people leave it. Keeping the number of active users and increasing it is another reason why website maintenance is important.

The Reason Why Website Maintenance is Important for Data Protection

One of the main reasons why website maintenance is important is its security. Nowadays, the number of online stores is high, so everyone buys goods or services online. The stores are mobile-friendly, and people access them immediately. Online shops request the required information, and clients share the necessary information. Without all of the optimizations, your page becomes not only slow but also dangerous. An outdated plug-in is a security threat.

Hackers may want to steal the information to sell it. A data breach is a serious threat to all websites that require any information from users. It results in financial losses and hurts your reputation. Project support is crucial here – install the latest versions of plug-ins, and the platform (especially if it has protection-related fixes), scan for malware. It is the only way to protect your project and your customers from hacking. Your online shop may look a bit outdated, but if it’s not reliable, you lose all the potential clients. That is why website maintenance is important – it helps to build trust.

The competition among internet shops is very high – online stores appear, and the existing ones evolve and become bigger. A high level of security is one of the key advantages. Use all the available means to make people notice your project and trust it.

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