7 Best WooCommerce Product Table Plugins

For several years, eCommerce statistics haven’t shown anything fundamentally new: the segment has been steadily growing, and the average number of online store visits worldwide has increased. All that remains to be done is optimize store websites to ensure maximum conversion and the best user experience.

There are dozens of ways to do it — guarantee mobile responsiveness, add a combo of pagination and “Load more” button, insert “Related items” block, etc. But here, we also have some unobvious hack — WooCommerce product table plugin, which compactly displays all items, giving a convenient bird view of all the goods.

In this article, we will understand why we need to use the WooCommerce table of products in the first place and check a list of the best plugins to make a WooCommerce products list on your website.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Do You Need to Use Product Tables in WooCommerce?
  2. Best WooCommerce Product Table Plugins
  3. Wrapping Up

Why Do You Need to Use Product Tables in WooCommerce?

By default, the WooCommerce store window outputs the goods as tiles 3-4-5 or more (depending on how many items are displayed in the settings) in a row. And on most sites, the developers use this kind of mapping.

WooCommerce product table plugin will be helpful for any site that needs a user-friendly way to display multiple products. Such a product catalog will include tricks that help customers quickly find a specific product using search, filters, and other options.

You can use WooCommerce tables differently, for example:

  • WooCommerce order form — your catalog may include the “Add to Cart” button or tick boxes needed to add multiple items at once. This solution allows you to insert a complete order form into the WooCommerce products list. Or you can hide the “Add to Cart” functionality by creating only a readable catalog.
  • WooCommerce food ordering system — a restaurant business or food delivery service can also benefit from the WooCommerce product table plugin by allowing people to browse menus and order food right in the table.
  • Product directory — a product catalog can also function as a full-fledged WooCommerce directory with many goods displayed in a convenient table format.
  • WooCommerce wholesale catalog — WooCommerce product table plugin is a very popular choice for creating wholesale catalogs. If you put your products in such a convenient index, it will be much easier for your users to find and order what you need.

You can also use this plugin in a coupe with the WooCommerce Password Protected Categories extension, which allows you to create a section that exists separately from the main store.

Best WooCommerce Product Table Plugins

JetEngine Dynamic Tables Builder for WordPress

JetEngine WooCommerce product list builder.

Starting from the 2.9.0 version, Jet Engine obtained Default and External modules. The latter includes Dynamic Tables Builder. Let’s clear the things out: Tables Builder isn’t a separate plugin. You need to activate an in-build module in the JetEngine settings by enabling the toggle.

JetEngine Tables Builder allows building WooCommerce tables of any type, applying different catalog display configurations. For example, you can organize the items in some basic tables and add property columns, or it can be a more complex WooCommerce products list with prices, size and color variations, and an “Add to Cart” button.

Main distinguishing feature

The best thing about JetEngine Tables Builder is that it's a dynamic module. So, the tables you create output the data dynamically. You can display posts, products, users, terms, comments, REST API, CCT, and SQL data. Apart from that, showcase WordPress Custom Fields data and listing templates quickly in the cells.

Key features

  • Variable Query Type to pull data from and create any table type — posts, products, users, terms, comments, and SQL data, REST API, CCT, and WooCommerce product query.
  • Table preview before publishing it on the frontend.
  • Possibility to create templates for the products and insert them in the cells.
  • Available horizontal scroll if your table of products is massive and features many attributes.
  • Styling options to make the table match the website’s design.
  • Advanced filtering and navigation (you need JetSmartFilters to be installed) — filter by data type, search items, and sort in ascending and descending order.


Dynamic Tables Builder is a part of JetEngine, so the price is the same as the plugin. Separately, it costs $26 per year for one website.

All-Inclusive plan ($130/year for one website) features JetEngine and 19 more handy plugins (e.g., JetWooBuilder that has everything for creating a WooCommerce store JetSmartFilters for creating a comprehensive filtering system), in combo with Dynamic Templates, Interactive Popup Library, and Zoom support.

All-Inclusive Unlim ($265/year) offers the same; yet, you can use it for unlimited websites. 

A lifetime license costs $750/year. You pay once and get all the same the previous plan also includes lifetime support and product updates.

Crocoblock also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Displaying data dynamically
  • Building tables both in Gutenberg and Elementor
  • Showcasing ACF, PODs, CPT UI custom post types and meta fields
  • Convenient filtering (if JetSmartFilters is installed)
  • Allows creating dynamic charts


  • No possibility of adding product variations right in the table
  • Issues with responsiveness — hard to make the table scrollable on mobile devices

Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables for WooCommerce products list.

Ninja Tables is one of the most popular table builders for WordPress, with easy-to-use markup and settings and an attractive interface. It allows you to create modern and responsive WooCommerce product tables or others in a visual mode without coding experience, edit, modify and customize them effortlessly.

Main distinguishing feature

Ninja Tables is a highly diverse plugin. It’s probably the one in our list with a plethora of exciting features you never meet in other WooCommerce product table plugins. The range of functions the Pro version proposes is impressive; they are super-intuitive, and, while building, you see almost an exact duplicate of what you’re going to see on the frontend.

Key features

  • Possibility to insert media right in the table cells — you can add images or other visual content to expand your WooCommerce products list with product images.
  • Connecting Google Sheets — transfer the data from Google tables and publish it, using Ninja Tables Pro.
  • Fast CSV export/import is available.
  • Sorting table items by the date added or the dates assigned to the table columns.
  • Custom and easily configurable filtering system (add a checkbox or radio button to make the items selectable).
  • Possibility to use shortcodes in the table cells.


Ninja Tables plans come in two options — annual and lifetime.

Annual license for one website costs $49.00, and for agencies (up to 20 websites), the price is $99.00. A yearly license for unlimited sites costs $199.00.

Similarly, a lifetime license for one website costs $199.00; a lifetime for agencies — $399, and a lifetime license for unlimited websites costs $599.

If the plugin doesn’t meet your requirements, the company will refund your money 14 days after purchase.

The free version of the core plugin is also available.


  • Intuitive drag-n-drop interface
  • Real-time editing on the frontend
  • Conditional formatting is available
  • Custom CSS option
  • A wide variety of customization and styling options


  • Relatively high price tag
  • Limited free version
  • Support might respond faster

WooCommerce Product Table by Barn2 Media

WooCommerce product table plugin by Barn2.

WooCommerce Product Table by Barn2 Media is a flexible and effective solution for effortlessly building a table of products. The plugin contains all the functions necessary to create clear-cut WooCommerce product tables and optimize the client's path from looking for a product to purchasing it. At the same time, it's easy to customize and use, thanks to its intuitive interface and drag-n-drop builder.

Main distinguishing feature

WooCommerce Product Table by Barn2 Media is marked by its fast order forms. It doesn’t matter how many products you might have in the table; the customers can easily sort them and add several items to the cart using the checkbox field. So, one-page multiple ordering is realized to the maximum extent possible within this plugin. 

Key features

  • Responsiveness — the WooCommerce Product Table plugin is 100% adaptive, so your product tables will look okay and work well regardless of the customer's device. Also, you can set the priority columns, which will offer your customers better UI.
  • Adding media content — insert product images and configure lightbox functionality to see the item better. Also, you can embed audio, video, and multimedia playlists. 
  • Add filters to sort by rating, price, or any other attribute. You can also add an instant search window right in the table to find products by keyword.
  • One-page ordering — a nice feature that allows the customer to tick the checkboxes near the multiple items right in the table and add them to the cart with one click.
  • Delayed load function — useful for the large WooCommerce tables. With this option, you can list thousands of items without slowing down the page speed.


Barn2 Media offers you three annual price packages, namely:

  • Starter — perfect for a single site and includes email support and updates. This package costs $99 a year.
  • Business License — suitable for 5 websites and includes priority support and updates. The package costs $149 a year.
  • Agency License — you can use it for up to 25 websites. It includes priority support and updates, as well as free checks and plugin audits. The plan costs $349 a year.

There are also lifetime licenses for each of the plans. Starter Lifetime costs $299, Business and Agency lifetimes cost $449 and $999, respectively.

The 30-day money-back guarantee is also available, so no worries if you feel the plugin doesn’t satisfy your needs.


  • 100% compatibility with WPML and ACF
  • One-page multiple ordering
  • Fast performance and built-in cache
  • Compatibility with any WordPress theme
  • Full support for product variations


  • The price-functionality ratio is unreasonable
  • Limited styling options

WooCommerce Product Table 

Building WooCommerce tables with WC Product Table plugin.

Using WooCommerce Product Table plugin, you can pull out product data (title, images, description, price and reviews) to display them in the form of a WooCommerce products list. The plugin provides a clear view of the items in your store and offers effective and smooth user experience.

Main distinguishing feature

The functionality that distinguishes the WooCommerce Product Table plugin from others in the WooCommerce tables segment is its so-called sticky column/heading. This functionality allows you to freeze any table column or its heading and help the customers to keep track of the column as they scroll through the table. You can freeze both left and right columns. 

Key features

  • Custom columns — the functionality allows displaying any type of product info, including media.
  • One-page adding to cart — add multiple items to the cart right from the table, using a checkbox. 
  • “Remove from Cart” button — remove the products from the cart in one click right from the table, as well, without redirecting to the separate page.
  • Smart variation table — a handy feature, which represents all the product variations in the separate rows one by one in your WooCommerce products list.
  • Sticky columns (left/right) and header to help the customers keep track of the product they are interested in.


WooCommerce Product Table offers two simple and pretty clear options: “One Year” and “Lifetime” license, both for only one domain. So, no unlimited websites options.

  • “One Year” license’s regular price is $59 (at the moment, you can buy this package with a $10 discount). This plan implies updates and priority support for one year.
  • “Lifetime” license costs $149 for one website and guarantees lifetime updates and priority support.

The developers promise that if the WCPT PRO license expires, your tables will work smoothly, in any case.

If you are unsatisfied with the plugin, you can ask for a risk-free refund 30 days after the purchase. 

The free version — WooCommerce Product Table Lite — is also available. 


  • Intuitive drag-n-drop building interface
  • Convenient lightbox to display products in bigger size
  • Adding product table to any page with a shortcode
  • Clear navigation and filtering system
  • Flexible WooCommerce product tables layouts


  • No subscriptions with unlimited websites — one license per domain is required
  • You have to create each table column manually
  • The need to set specific “Phone Columns” to make the table responsive

WooCommerce Product Table plugin by WooBeWoo

WooBeWoo WooCommerce product table plugin.

With WooCommerce Product Table by WooBeWoo, you can create variable WooCommerce products lists, wholesale catalogs, quick order forms, etc. The plugin offers a nice combination of an elaborated interface and a pleasant design. Different control options guarantee a straightforward building process. Using a table shortcode, you can place it on any required page.

Main distinguishing feature

The distinctive feature of this WooCommerce product table plugin is its control options because you retain full control of the table’s content. It is possible to add, remove, or customize any product attribute and aspect in the table. Moreover, adding items to your WooCommerce products list is quite simple — use a specific form and pick up the properties you need to showcase.

Key features

  • Variable products support — the plugin’s functionality allows adding as many product variations as you need. You can place them in the handy dropdowns right in the table.
  • Supports any content — expand the table of products with various columns to provide more details. Add name, thumbnails, tags & categories, sale status, price, SKU, date, rating, link, downloads, Add to Cart button, custom fields, and taxonomies.
  • Possibility to customize different table elements — e.g., you can adjust the header, footer, caption, fixed header, signature, etc. 
  • Elaborated filtering — add dropdown filters to your table with various select options and filter items by tags and category, taxonomies, price, or other attributes.
  • One-page multi-select — the function allows adding the necessary products to the cart by using checkboxes and clicking one button.


The price for separate WooCommerce Product Table plugin is very simple:

  • one website license costs $49 per year;
  • five websites subscription is also billed annually and costs $99;
  • the price for an unlimited sites license is $199.

As you can see, no lifetime option is included.

All licenses imply regular updates and priority support during this year. Also, WooBeWoo offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, note that these prices are for only one plugin building WooCommerce tables. To implement advanced filtering or currency switcher, you’ll need to buy the corresponding plugins — WooCommerce Product Filter and WooCommerce Currency Switcher. 

The company suggests purchasing a bundle and saving up to 60% on all the solutions inside.


  • A variety of control options
  • 100% responsive WooCommerce tables
  • Convenient sorting and table search
  • Clear view of the product properties
  • Can handle thousands of items in one table


  • No lifetime license in subscriptions
  • Requires more plugins to be installed to ensure the full functionality
  • A bit overpriced

Product Variations Table for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Product Variations Table plugin.

Default WooCommerce functionality allows you to place all the product variations in the dropdown menu. But what if you want to display them in the table one by one and make them equally sortable and filterable? Product Variations Table for WooCommerce plugin by FME addons provides this possibility and gives some other perks.

Main distinguishing feature

The plugin offers multiple options for exporting the table with product variations. If the customer lacks time for making a decision right away or simply isn’t ready to order, they can export the table sheet in four formats (CSV, Excel, PDF, or print), or copy the details with one button, and decide on the purchase later.


The developer offers only one pricing option: $49 per year for one domain. The subscription includes one-year updates and customer support.

Also, the company guarantees you can ask for a refund 30 days after purchase if the plugin doesn’t meet your requirements.

Key features

  • Showcasing all the product variations in the sortable and filterable table one by one. 
  • Allowing search by specific parameters, like size, color, and style.
  • Handy AJAX-based filters for the visitors not to reload the page with the items they liked. 
  • Placing an “Add to Cart” button beside each variation to optimize the shopping process. 
  • Various customization tools to make the woocommerce products list match the website’s design.


  • Dynamic tables for product options
  • Export in CSV, Excel, PDF, or print formats 
  • Hiding default variations display
  • Insert the table on any page using shortcode


  • Very limited pricing options
  • Specific functionality — needed only for product variations

Product Variation Table for WooCommerce – PVT

Product Variation Table for WooCommerce — (PVT).

Product Variation Table for WooCommerce (PVT) plugin is priceless when you need to organize all the product variations right before the customer’s eyes. With it, you can build easy-to-follow WooCommerce tables with variations row by row for the users to compare the options simultaneously. Also, you can provide the visitors with sorting and filtering options to ensure the best user experience.

Main distinguishing feature

The nice feature of the PVT plugin is that you can insert the WooCommerce product variations table right in the description of the item, using a special shortcode. It helps avoid any dropdowns — choose the required variation right on the single product page from a nicely-formatted table.

Key features

  • Changing format — displaying product variations as rows or columns is possible.
  • Quick filtering by attributes — you can sort and filter all the options by any parameter, including SKU and Price.
  • One-page ordering — “Add to Cart” button is assigned for each variation to buy from the table directly. 
  • Quantity selector — apply “Plus” and “Minus” buttons to choose the required quantity of each product variation (a nice feature for wholesales).
  • Horizontal scrollbar — displays as many parameters and attributes for any variation as possible.


It’s the only WooCommerce product table plugin in our list that doesn’t have a PRO version and offers almost the same functionality as the previous plugin for free. Download ZIP from WordPress.org, add it to your admin panel, activate, and use instantly.


  • Free plugin with a decent set of features
  • Intuitive drag-n-drop builder
  • In-built AJAX for “Add to Cart” button, sorting and filtering 
  • Additional hooks to add text before and after the table
  • Almost each element is customizable
  • A variety of options to include in the table


  • Small number of active installs (not a real con, actually)
  • Has some issues with responsiveness
  • Specific functionality — needed only for product variations

Wrapping Up

As a store owner, you can increase your website’s profit by providing the customers with structured information in WooCommerce product tables. Shoes, car parts, electronics, food, media and digital content, dishes, wine, etc. — all these can be presented in a more targeted way. Behind the scenes, the developer has convenient and powerful functions with a lot of flexibility.

In the article, we reviewed several plugins, so let’s make some editorial suggestions:

  1. Ninja Tables Pro — for building well-designed tables of products with lots of extra options.
  2. JetEngine Dynamic Tables builder — best for creating dynamic tables and processing hundreds of products.
  3. Product Variation Table for WooCommerce (PVT) — nice free option for adding product variations to your WooCommerce product list.

Have you ever tried the plugins we mentioned? Don’t hesitate to share your experience with us. You’re also welcome to add the alternatives you prefer.

WooCommerce Product Table Plugin FAQs

What is the product table in WooCommerce?

WooCommerce table is a way of organizing your online store items in a dimension of rows and columns. All the products available are visible in the uniform layout.

How do I use the product table in WooCommerce?

Mainly, WooCommerce product tables give a general view of the range of goods and increase conversion. To list products in a table, you need to add them using the specific plugin, select the product attributes you want to display as columns, and add a table on any page via a shortcode.

How do you create a product table in SQL?

To build a product table in SQL, you need the SQL CREATE TABLE Statement. Create an appropriate SQL syntax, specifying the names of the table columns in the column parameters. For the datatype parameter, insert the relevant type of data the column will hold (date, integer, varchar, etc.).

How do I add a table description in Woocommerce?

Use the corresponding Text widget or Text block after inserting your table on the Gutenberg or Elementor page. Place it before or after the table and proceed to the Text settings to insert the description.

How do I add a custom field in WooCommerce?

To add a custom field in WooCommerce, go to the Custom Fields tab in your dashboard. Use the available functionality to create the meta field and enter all the details you need. Don’t forget to assign the custom field to the relevant custom post type.

How do I import a CSV file into WooCommerce?

First, go to WooCommerce > Products. Find the “Import” button and choose the CSV you want to use. Press “Run the Importer” and wait until the process is completed.

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