[Woostroid2 Released] Meet the Biggest Guy in the WooCommerce World!

TemplateMonster inventory has a lot of multipurpose flagship themes that can be used for any possible business niche. Today we’d like to shed some light on the Woostroid WooCommerce theme.

Since the whole WordPress development community moves onto the Elementor builder it was the right time to make this beast play well with this page builder.

Please welcome the Woostroid2 WooCommerce theme.

Previous Woostroid theme was a major hit in our WooCommerce theme category, but since technologies evolve we need to make sure that our customers get products developed using all the latest technologies. This is why Woostroid2 is nothing like Woostroid you knew someday.

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Woostroid2 Installation

Just like the best items in our inventory you’ll be able to install the Woostroid2 theme in a few clicks, the Woostroid Theme Wizard will help you do it without any efforts.

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Mobile-Centric Design

In 2018 the number of mobile users reached its critical mass, this means that you need to make sure that your store renders well on mobile devices. With Elementor builder support you can control every aspect of your mobile version, hiding various sections, or making different margins than on a tablet or desktop versions. This year the way Google sees your mobile version will be of the most important ranking factor.

Elementor Builder VS Power Builder


The previous version of the Woostroid theme was built with the Power builder that was custom built by Zemez team. Now you can make the most of your design using Elementor builder, it allows you to control the looks of the tiniest element of your design.

If you used our Monstroid2 theme, then I guess you’ve met the so-called Magic button. With its help, you could/can access the collection of all blocks, sections, headers, footers, and pages that were used to build all Monstroid2 skins.

Now you can make the most of this button in your Woostroid2 theme.

Why Use the Magic Button?


With the help of the Magic button, you can significantly decrease website development time because you’ll be able to create absolutely unique pages using a set of predesigned blocks and sections.

Just pick the ones you need and add them to your new or a predesigned page, just like that.

What’s more important, the Woostroid2 theme will get regular updates that will deliver new blocks to the Magic button collection.

Please note! Upon the release, Woostroid2 theme will get 15 skins, once a week another skin will be added.


Jet Plugins


No matter how awesome Elementor builder is, you won’t be able to add parallax to your section unless you know how to work with Javascript. If you want to follow some easier path you will have to install additional plugins.

Frankly speaking, Woostroid2 has an amazing set of plugins that complement Elementor builder functionalities. With Woostroid2 you will get:

  1. JetElements
  2. JetMenu
  3. JetBlog
  4. JetTricks
  5. JetTabs
  6. JetPopup
  7. JetParallax
  8. JetBlocks
  9. JetWoobuilder

Here you can find a complete review of all Jet plugins included in the Woostroid2 as well as other items available.

Now let’s have a look at the most powerful items among this set of Jet plugins.



In the dark ages before Elementor builder, one had to modify page template code and CSS in order to create some unique WooCommerce product page. Luckily nowadays we have Elementor + Jetwoobuilder, these guys will help you to create custom product pages, categories pages, product archive and so on.

In my previous article, you can find how this works, or you can watch this short video if you’re short on time.



JetSmartFilters plugin provides you with 9 types of filters that can be displayed by the Elementor builder in any order on product pages.



With JetProductGallery plugin one can add various types of galleries to any product page. These galleries have numerous setting allowing to control the looks and functionalities anyhow you want.



(Coming soon as a standalone product)


The JetCompareWishlist plugin allows you to add any products to the compare list or a wish list. With the help of the Elementor builder, you can build custom Compare and Wishlist pages.

The plugin functionalities include:

  • displaying products in multiple layouts (ready-made presets);
  • displaying categories in multiple layouts (ready-made presets);
  • displaying single templates with different layouts;
  • changing the layout and the view of a single product gallery (ready-made presets);
  • displaying shop layout (archive, categories, tags) in the form of product output layouts;
  • displaying smart filter;
  • displaying multiple pagination types on the store archive page;
  • custom compare and wishlist pages;
  • displaying compare and wishlist buttons.

What’s Going to Happen to the Previous Version of the Woostroid Theme?

Since the Woostroid2 is about to replace the previous version, still you'll be able to get the original one. Just refer to our chat support agents, and they will help you get the download archive.

As always, you will get for free:

  • lifetime updates;
  • 24/7/365 chat support;
  • access to the knowledge base and documentation.

Stay tuned.

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