5 WordPress Plugins to Craft a Coming Soon Page In 2020

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Most pro users think that every website should start with the right “coming soon” page. Site-building is not a one-day process. Recent technologies have made it quite simple and interactive. However, there are certain requirements that a project should meet to be top-rated. As expected, a properly designed coming soon page is one of them. And, as always, WP has everything ready-made for its users.

WordPress Coming Soon Plugins.

How do you improve the site if you don’t have much time? Well, the WordPress coming soon plugin would be a great time-saver. Today, one has a vast add-on variety which makes it difficult to choose only one product. This post will show you five trustworthy WP plugins to look for in 2020.

But, before we get started, let me answer a few popular questions.

Do I Really Need a WordPress Coming Soon (CS) Plugin In 2020?

We live in times of quickly changing technology. It is easy to promote online or notify people via emails. Seeing that, some beginners forget about the CS page creation. Though it looks like a tiny step, crafting a CS page brings a lot of benefits. Here are five reasons why everyone needs a classy CS page.

  1. Search Engine Optimization. No wonder, Google becomes super serious when it comes to ranking and indexing. Would you like Google to notice your project and list its pages? In so, your website requires a worthy CS page. It will make SEO work for you by telling the engines about the future site.
  2. Getting more attention. Making a CS page includes displaying the launch date. There are many ways one can do this but I recommend adding a timer. You can highlight the necessary details by using a countdown. Just make sure it fits your style.
  3. Building trustworthy relations. Here is one thing to remember. Your business project should be high-quality no matter which business niche you cover. Nobody likes young companies simply because of poor service. Let’s imagine you are selling goods online. People won’t understand why they can’t make an order when the needed item is available. Just add a CS page to make things clear.
  4. Cross-promotion. What else can you put on the future CS page? Don’t forget that it should contain links to all your SM profiles. On the first hand, cross-promotion makes people trust you. On the other hand, it would attract prospects from various platforms and increase the project’s audience.
  5. Leading gens. Getting more activity is the first reason why people update their websites. There are some free and affordable ways to lead more visitors, like newsletters and other popups. I advise you to add a subscription form to the CS page design.

These were only a few reasons to name. Adding a CS page is a must-have for any site, and you can get it easy. Here are five supporting WP add-ons to check out.

Coming Soon, Under Construction & Maintenance Mode Plugin

WordPress Coming Soon Page, Under Construction & Maintenance Mode.

Long story short, here is a simple all-in-one WordPress coming soon plugin. It requires no special skills. Users of all ages and experience levels can use the add-on to work on their websites in private. The product is FREE. It comes with a pro version that includes more trendy features and effects.

Back to the original pack, you can download it directly from the WP website. The item has 1+ million active installations. It works with WP 3.5.1 version or higher. So what does the plugin pack include?

  1. One-fits-all design. It does not actually matter what theme you are about to use. The Coming Soon, Under Construction & Maintenance Mode add-on works with all of them. There is no need to buy a new item. One can use the plugin to improve their free and premium WP themes.
  2. Wide customization options. It is easy to change the plugin’s settings to suit the user’s taste.
  3. 100% responsiveness makes the CS page look gorgeous on any screen.
  4. Translation-ready options.
  5. Multipage support.

When it comes to the pro version, it contains many more components. Here are examples, just to name a few.

  1. Your page can be visible to non-logged-in users only.
  2. It is possible to use a secret bypass link for premium clients. They can view the would-be-site without registration.
  3. Customizable meta tags.
  4. Maintenance mode with an automatic screenshot.
  5. Full browser background settings.
  6. Gravity Forms Integration allows collecting data from visitors.
  7. Import and export settings for backup purposes.

Responsive Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin

Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode WordPress plugin.

To start with, this product ideally suits the needs of creative agencies. It would be a nice tool for anyone who wants to promote in a brilliant way. The plugin set includes a catchy Countdown Timer you should use for most important details. All the colors, sizes, typefaces, and other elements are changeable. Built on Bootstrap, the plugin has a responsive design based on the latest HTML5. You can view the live product demo to see how everything works in action. It shows both full-screen and multi-page content slides.

Same as the previous WordPress coming soon plugin, the add-on fits any WP theme. By electing the plugin, one can update logos rapidly. Change settings and upload custom pics directly from the panel. Here are some of the ready-made sections the package includes:

  • Coming Soon Page Tagline
  • Description & Background
  • Custom CSS
  • Contact Info
  • Social Profile

Without a doubt, this WP plugin contains all of today’s must-haves. It is SEO-ready, multilingual, and cross-browser compatible. You can disable the sections you don’t need and perform many other actions easily. The product has 7000+ active installations. The last updates were made four weeks ago. What else does the FREE set include?

  1. 5 Slideshow Backgrounds
  2. CSS3 Animations
  3. Additional Content Pages
  4. 5+ Social Networks Integrated

Among the pro version features, you can find the following:

  • YouTube Video Background
  • 8 Design Templates
  • Auto Launch
  • 7+ Newsletter Styles
  • LP Option Access
  • Contact Forms, etc.

JetElements - All-In-One WordPress Add-on

JetElements WordPress Add-on

Obviously, it is important to choose among WP coming soon plugins properly. Still, don’t forget that it is only the beginning of your work. The site-building process includes many steps. And though not all of them require super skills, you can’t sacrifice the website’s quality. How can you build a well-running project without losing much time? I recommend you look for complete WordPress plugin packs, like JetElements.

To make a long story short, products like JetElements usually include numerous layouts. These are web pages, widgets, and templates for multiple occasions, including site maintenance. Here are some examples of what one gets inside the JetElements set:

  • Post Carousels, Post Sliders, & Banners will help to introduce business online.
  • Advanced Carousel & Countdown Timer are meant to highlight an offer.
  • Recent Products, Featured Products, Best-Sellers & Top-Rated Items
  • Animated Boxes and Sale Products will help one get the customer’s attention.
  • Scroll Navi promises you a marvelous mobile design with scrollable sections.
  • Progress Bars, Dropbars, Tables, & Lists will help you introduce info clearly.
  • Portfolio, Image Comparison, Grids, etc. will help you showcase products.

The best thing about this WP add-on is 100% multi-page design. It contains different homepages to choose from. Also, there is professional eCommerce integration. It means that users also get all the sales-related functions with the add-on. You can easily embed various shop components to the website, including:

  • Services
  • Pricing Tables
  • Wishlist
  • Logo Showcase
  • Team Members
  • Testimonials

Simple Coming Soon WP Plugin

WordPress plugin Coming Soon, Under Construction & Maintenance Mode.

This item would be a quick solution for under-construction projects and offline websites. It has 10,000+ active installations, and not without reason. Being pretty flexible, the add-on is Retina-ready and suits all gadgets. To say more, it comes with lots of customizable settings, including the following:

  • Coming Soon Page Title
  • SEO Title & SEO Description
  • Background Colors & Images
  • Google Analytics Script
  • SM Profiles, etc.

As expected, the plugin has everything to please the visitor. For example, it is critical today to let the would-be-clients contact the business owner directly. That is why the package contains handy contacts and contact form sections.

Talking about the pro add-on version, it includes the following features:

  • Campaign Monitor Newsletter to craft attention-grabbing business campaigns
  • Constant Contact Newsletter to keep people engaged
  • IP & User Access
  • 16+ Social Profile Components
  • Drag-and-Drop
  • GetResponse Newsletter
  • 500+ Typefaces

By choosing the product, one gets numerous features to stand out from the crowd. You can choose from ten templates for a background slideshow. They come with extra versatile settings. Pick up the colors, change shapes, and create content blocks without a hitch. You can fill in the template with custom content or create your unique skins.

Colorlib Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

WordPress plugin Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode.

Would you like to start building with a proven WordPress under construction plugin? You’d better take a closer look at this feature-rich freebie from Colorlib. The item allows creating stylish CS pages right from the WP Live Customizer field. It means that you can view any changes in real-time and avoid making common editing mistakes. This Colorlib add-on allows the site owner to focus on their business. It speeds up your work by collecting prospects’ emails and doing other important tasks.

Who may work with the plugin? It is fully customizable and creator-friendly. Colorlib Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode provides the user with quick control under their pages. As a result, you can change any layout rapidly as soon as you need it. To start editing, simply navigate to Appearance > Customize once the plugin is activated. Another cool thing about the plugin is that it has no premium version. It means that there will be no limited options for you. Here is what users can do with the help of this FREE WordPress coming soon plugin:

  • Select from 15 responsive templates
  • Create subscription forms
  • Add Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. buttons
  • Work in custom CSS area
  • Add plugin to any WP product
  • Customize logos & backgrounds
  • Enable the countdown feature

Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Must-Have WordPress Plugins.

Are you crazy about your business efficiency? Well, Must-Have WordPress Plugins bundle is exactly what you need to be satisfied. We have already chosen the most useful WordPress extensions for your business promotion in one proposal. Let your website be empowered by tons of additional capabilities and skyrocket your business.

Yep ✅

  • Your WP site will be empowered by tons of useful functions
  • You save money on buying these extensions together
  • You save time on their installation and setup

Nope ❌

  • You do need to try a vast number of WP plugins to find stuff, which does exactly what it says
  • You do not need to puzzle over any technical issues
  • No minute is wasted and the work of your website keeps going

The Must-Have WordPress Plugins bundle includes the essential tools for your site. Your web resource can’t get along with search engine crawlers without SEO optimization and Sitemap extensions. The SEO extension will make your content visible for search engines algorithms. However, if your site does not have a sitemap, your updates need a couple of weeks to be indexed by Google. With the help of the Image Optimizer extension you will be able to resize your images without losing their quality. Thereby, your website will be loading in a second and your visitors won’t leave it, as they do this on the other sites, which are loading for ages. With the help of the Google Analytics tool you will analyze your web traffic. That will help you to achieve your business goals and increase the popularity of your content, making it more relevant to the needs of your target audience. The Advanced Site Editor will render your a lot of useful options for your WP blog. You will enjoy your site management after the installation of the Admin panel customization plugin. Moreover, you can forget about brute force attacks, which are very common these days. The Login page URL change plugin will help you to secure your data from cyber crimes.

I’m pretty sure you don’t like to waste your time, so buy Must-Have WordPress Plugins to get all these magnificent functions in one business day.

In Closing

For now, these were just a few WP plugins for review. As you can see, one gets lots of advantages by starting a CS page. First things first, it informs prospects and search engines about your opening or re-opening. It also helps the site owner to collect customer emails. In addition, launching a pro CS page can help one build a good reputation.

You can inform prospects about upcoming sales, attract their attention to a particular item, and more. The best thing is that all of these are possible without special knowledge. All you need to know is how to choose among ready-to-use WP products.

To sum everything up, here are the essentials to place on your coming soon website:

  • CTAs are the must-have for any project
  • ‘About Us’ blurbs - use them to tell a couple of words about the company
  • Site Launch Date is another must-have element for all CS pages
  • SEO-ready + responsive design
  • Drag & Drop editing
  • Real-life preview
  • Multilingual or translation-ready interface
  • Subscription forms
  • Versatile components
  • Scrollable fields for mobiles
  • One-fits-all design that works with all WP products
  • 100% Readability

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