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Unsplash Imagery Collections for WordPress GPL Templates

If you are one of the respected TemplateMonster’s customers, you surely know that we offer WordPress GPL Templates among the majority of other products. All clients are absolutely happy with them.

The only disappointing moment for some users is that stock images are not included into templates package. In this article, we will show you one of the possible simple ways out of this situation.

To my mind, in the case with WordPress GPL templates the devil is not so black as it is painted. The benefit you get buying a GPL theme is not the images it offers or lacks.

The best thing about WordPress GPL templates is that they are available under the GPL license. It allows you to install one and the same theme more than once and tweak it the way you wish.

The opportunity is appreciated by users running multiple sites as they don’t need to pay for each design separately. [Save money!]

If you are a professional web developer, you can earn some cash on the WordPress GPL templates. Just get your GPL WordPress theme, customize it and resell as your own product.

Speaking of the stock photos that are not shipped with the WordPress GPL templates (they serve only for demonstration purposes on, do you really need them?

After purchasing the template, be it a GPL one or a WP theme for single-site use, you can install it on your localhost/ and start the process of customization.

You upload your own content, both text and visual. You thoroughly select each and every element, font, icon, button, image, color palette and so on to make your website unique.

Imagery is utterly important to make your site different, conveying your corporate message, feel, and style. Would you use the default photos if they were included in the pack of your GPL theme? I doubt…

You would sooner post the photos taken at your company by a professional photographer or look for something outstanding on the Internet. Am I right?

Ok, supposing you have chosen the second way. There are so many resources providing decent photos for free on the Internet that you will surely find something spectacular.

WordPress GPL templates

I wanted to be helpful, to free your time and hands, so I decided to browse Unsplash and pick imagery collections that fit for every WordPress GPL themes category available on

Did you use Unsplash before? They have dozens of free high-resolution photos there and add 10 new photos every 10 days. So, it wasn’t difficult to find the collections relevant to education and books, business and services, electronics, entertainment, games and nightlife, fashion and beauty, food and restaurant, medical, sports, outdoors and travel niches of WordPress GPL templates.

All photos published on Unsplash are licensed under Creative Commons Zero which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purposes, without asking permission from or providing attribution to the photographer or Unsplash.

Unsplash is very user-friendly. It provides its visitors with simple, intuitive interface with all functions you might need available at hand. For instance, there is a search bar at the left top corner of the page. Use it if you know exactly what you are looking for and have no time or desire to browse more photos than you need.

You can filter the photos by “featured, new, collections, latest popular and oldest.

You can switch between 2 image viewing modes: one column or grid. Hover over any item and see the additional functionality if offers. You can ‘Like’ the photo, add it to the collection, see all photos of the author and of course download it.

WordPress GPL templates

That was the brief story of an Unsplash. I guess we can move on to its collections.

Below you see the WordPress GPL templates of different categories accompanied by links to the category the theme belongs to, to the template itself and to Unsplash collections of photos you may use at customizing your website.

Collections for Education & Books WordPress GPL Templates

Editorso - Journalist Blog WordPress Theme

WordPress GPL Templates

Demo | More Info

285 books collections

WordPress GPL Templates

10 education collections

WordPress GPL Templates

Collections for Business & Services WordPress GPL Templates

Advisto WordPress Theme

WordPress GPL Templates

Demo | More Info

132 business collections

WordPress GPL Templates

4 services collections

WordPress GPL Templates

Collections for Electronics WordPress GPL Templates

Wilson Smith WooCommerce Theme

WordPress GPL Templates

Demo | More Info

18 electronics collections

WordPress GPL Templates

WordPress GPL Templates

Collections for Entertainment, Games & Nightlife WordPress GPL Templates

Finest Game WordPress Theme

WordPress GPL Templates

Demo | More Info

7 entertainment collections

WordPress GPL Templates

5 games collections

WordPress GPL Templates

2 nightlife collections

WordPress GPL Templates

Collections for Fashion & Beauty WordPress GPL Templates

Waylard WordPress Theme

WordPress GPL Templates

Demo | More Info

142 fashion collections

WordPress GPL Templates

184 beauty collections

WordPress GPL Templates

Collections for Food & Restaurant WordPress GPL Templates

Bettaso WordPress Theme

WordPress GPL Templates

Demo | More Info

614 food collections

WordPress GPL Templates

19 restaurant collections

WordPress GPL Templates

Collections for Medical (Healthcare) WordPress GPL Templates

Samson WordPress Theme

WordPress GPL Templates

Demo | More Info

22 healthcare collections

WordPress GPL Templates

WordPress GPL Templates

Collections for Sports, Outdoors & Travel WordPress GPL Templates

Travelop - Traveling Blog WordPress Theme

WordPress GPL Templates

Demo | More Info

122 sports collections

WordPress GPL Templates

158 outdoors collections

WordPress GPL Templates

169 travel collections

WordPress GPL Templates

It seems like I finished matching WordPress GPL templates categories with the relevant photos.

Do you still consider the absence of the stock photos in the GPL themes packages their drawback? I hope you have changed your mind after browsing all those amazing collections.

Frankly speaking, WordPress GPL templates give you a great opportunity to save on design. They are responsive, highly customizable and multipurpose. The themes support all the latest web standards and correspond to the most popular web design trends. They are affordable. 27/7/365 dedicated support is provided as well.

A WordPress GPL template gives you the freedom to do anything you want with it. You can change it, play with it, study it, modify and share it.

Would you like to know what happens inside the technology you are using? With a WordPress GPL template, you can look through its code. You can change a few bits and pieces if you want to or leave everything as it is. It’s up to you.

Now tell me please if you use WordPress GPL templates and what do you like the most about them? Have any links to your ready-made projects? I would be happy to see them!

Do you consider this blog post worthwhile? Your comments are welcome at the section below. And don’t forget about ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’! Any kind of feedback from you makes the author happy :)!

Thank you and have a nice day!

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