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WordPress Plugins for Selling Digital Products

Lots of bloggers are creating unique content that they will gladly sell. But the idea to create a store for your content is something kinda strange.

If you’re an amateur photographer and you have your online portfolio, you can add just a single button that will help you sell some of your works, in case your visitors like them.

This works as follows: if you are thinking that for this purpose you’ll have to set up fully-functional online store, well, that’s not exactly right. All you need is a bit of a patience and couple of great WordPress plugins.

In this blog post we’ve united most useful and function rich WordPress Plugins for Selling Digital Products that will help you sell online or just get a couple of beerbucks to pay for your hosting.

So What Exactly are These Plugins Doing?

With their help you’ll be able to:

  • Use any payment gateway you find useful, PayPal, SMS, MasterCard, Visa, MoneyBookers or any other else, just pick what you like.
  • Pick as much digital products as you need, you can choose all it you think they are worth to be sold.
  • Finally sell.

Most important thing is that these plugins are targeted to make one single thing unlike any other eCommerce software that wants to make thousands of things at the same time – these guys sell!

TemplateMonster birthday



Tinypass is the best way to charge for access to content on your WordPress site.

* * *



BitWall is a best friend of any blogger who wants to monetize their WordPress sites.

* * *

Cleeng Content monetization


One of the best free plugin to sell articles, videos, images & downloads!

* * *

Easy Digital Downloads

banner-772x250 (1)

On the most advanced plugins for selling digital downloads through WordPress.

* * *

Mobile Content Locker

WP PayMobile is a new monetization method for your website. Get payments by SMS/Phone Call for revealing content.

* * *


banner-772x250 (2)

Share4bucks is a combination of a sharing toolbar with a unique monetization tool.

* * * Monetization

banner-772x250 (3)

The tiniest monetization plugin for your WordPress blog. Being based on ad network that deals with links.

* * *

Website Monetization by Magnet

banner-772x250 (4)

Monetization plugin by MageNet allows you to sell contextual ads from your pages automatically and receive payments with PayPal.

* * *


banner-772x250 (5)

Yepty helps you to monetize about 100% of your blog content. Watch your cashflow increase.

* * *

Sell Media

banner-772x250 (6)

Sell Media allows anyone to sell, license and protect images, videos, audio and pdf's on a self-hosted WordPress site.

* * *

Sell Downloads


Sell Downloads is an WordPress eCommerce for selling downloadable files: audio, video, documents, pictures all that may be published in Internet.

* * *

SMS paid content

Selling content of blog for the SMS message. This plugin lets you hide any content on your blog, that will be visible only after user sends SMS message.

* * *

eXopin Blogging For Money

banner-772x250 (1)

Now you can sell your blog articles direct to customers using eXopin, a free plug-in which collects payment and seamlessly transfers content.

* * *

Ok guys, these were the most impressive examples from the amount of plugins available out there. Feel free to use some of these plugins and all the best with your further monetization.

Alex Bulat

Writing a blog post or building a micro niche WordPress website is something Alex can do bare-handed. You're welcome to contact him via Telegram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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