8 Top WordPress Slideshow Plugins 2020

  1. Why Use WordPress Slideshow Plugins?
  2. Best WordPress Slideshow Plugins
  3. Must-Have WordPress Plugins
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When I open a site with a slider, I cannot leave it until I view all the slides there. I can even watch them again as usually they contain some news, special deals, or discounts. Even if I'm not interested in the service, I'll look through the displayed offerings and news to find out what is there for me.

Top WordPress Slideshow Plugins.

Why do we get captured by the visuals? Social media with images, such as Instagram or Snapchat, are the most popular ones. People are attracted by the visuals, and they are already used to viewing pictures instead of reading the content pieces. The flow of information nowadays is so fast that reading a lot of material is not what most people want. They'll read it if they know it's valuable for them, but what if they don't know it yet?

Many just view the headers and images of the news and data they receive. In this way, people's attention should be grabbed by the bright and engaging visual content to make them interested in knowing more about the project. That's why the slider feature has become so important for websites. In this piece, we'll review the instruments that will assist you in preparing the prominent visual part of your page, namely WordPress slideshow plugins.

Why Use WordPress Slideshow Plugins?

If you still hesitate about whether you need one for your project, let's consider some well-known companies that employ the discussed function on their pages. Good examples of successful sites with slideshow are eBay, CBS, Louvre, Xbox, or Lonely Planet. Try it yourself and reflect on whether it was engaging, catchy, informative, and smartly designed. In my view, these sliders are awesome, and they give us essential information to find out more about the projects.

They give the possibility to include great visuals with the topical information on the main page, which makes them not only look fabulous but also very functional. At the same time, you don't have to make the slideshow on the main page. It may also be present on the inner pages, which depends on the type of business you run. Some types must possess sliders with lots of images, such as:

  • portfolio sites;
  • photography;
  • various media projects;
  • entertainment;
  • prestigious products;
  • fashion sellers.

What's more, sliders help to make the content livelier and more interactive as guests can regulate the display of images. Thus, to conclude, WordPress slideshow plugins will contribute to making your project:

  • lively;
  • dynamic;
  • engaging;
  • focused;
  • interactive.

Following the interest to create a slideshow on your site, we have prepared a list of the most recommended WordPress slideshow plugins of this year.


Best WordPress Slideshow Plugins


This one begins our hit-parade. This plugin, created by the trusted Team Updraft is the best choice among the free WordPress slider plugins. The free version comes with a convenient slider editor where you can change the order of images by dragging and dropping, crop them, adjust SEO settings for images, and apply more familiar settings. The Pro license starts from $39.


  • One of the most functional free tools for sliders.
  • Slideshow templates for beginners.
  • Four different types of sliders with various transition effects and layouts.
  • Compatible with WordPress translation plugins.
  • Search and add free images to slides without leaving the WP toolbar.
  • PRO features extend the slider's capabilities to support background videos, slide scheduling, thumbnail navigation, and more.

Smart Slider 3

This representative of WordPress slideshow plugins has a lot of positive reviews. It has lots of free exclusive features for creating a custom slideshow. It's rich in design solutions and highly customizable. It also provides a pro version. If you are looking for a convenient visual slider at an affordable price, Smart Slider 3 should be the first on your list. Pro version starts from $35.


  • Adapted to Gutenberg as well as to other popular editors, such as Divi and Elementor.
  • An excellent slider library to speed up the editing process.
  • Background animation effects.
  • Adaptive font sizes.
  • The paid version includes numerous professionally designed templates, more animation effects, and layer types, priority support, and more.
Smart Slider 3
Smart Slider 3
Developer: Nextend
Price: Free

Responsive WordPress Slider by Motopress

This great tool enhances the attractiveness of your site. It has all in bulk for devising beautiful slideshows, transitions, and animations. It is a premium option and offers extensive functionalities and is very convenient. The subscription starts from $19.


  • Easy navigation, intuitive design of the interface, very comfortable for all users.
  • Possibility to add animated layers, YouTube, Vimeo, and HTML5 self-hosted videos.
  • Responsive design makes it easily adjusted to all screen types and resolutions.
  • It provides a visual style builder, which is beginner-friendly and highly professional at the same time.
  • Smart auto-embed of your regular posts into the slider.
  • Animation preview option, and more.

Slider by 10Web

This is a free responsive image slider that promises to simplify the creation of sliders. Creating and editing sliders with layers is quite simple here. To get more advanced layers, access to more layer and transition effects, parallax and carousel effects, and the ability to create post slides, you need to pay $20+ for the premium version.


  • The ability to quickly and easily build the entire slider from one screen.
  • Slides are full of animated effects, quick and easy.
  • Compatible with Gutenberg.

Responsive Slider Gallery WordPress Plugin

This is a responsive tool; one of the best WordPress slideshow plugins. It will help you build a professional and beautiful slideshow without developers' assistance. It is simple for exploitation with the drag-and-drop functionality and has advanced features. It can be added both as a widget and a plugin. The license can be obtained for $25.


  • It has a responsive design and thus can be adjusted to various screen types.
  • Compatibility with all major browsers.
  • Highly customizable, including width and height.
  • It has three slider navigation styles, three slide transition effects, four slide text options, and two full-screen options.

GS Logo Slider

This representative of WordPress slideshow plugins is a stylish, custom-made tool to showcase partners, companies, and brands. You can create it from scratch using the set of necessary tools in the free version or go further by switching to the pro version, in which you can choose from more layouts, add source sliders from logo categories, and much more.


  • Resizable logos.
  • Controlled speed and animation.
  • Gutenberg's dedicated block.

WordPress Gallery Plugin

This is also among the most highly reviewed tools. It has been active since 2007, which proves its high demand. It will suit both simple image galleries and expert visual artists.


  • Three gallery styles including slideshow, image browser, and thumbnail; two album styles, compact and extended.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Pro version has additional gallery displays, eCommerce, lightboxes, proofing, and more.

Slideshow Gallery

This tool allows you to display the gallery in a fast and neat JavaScript-powered slideshow. The tool allows for easy customization and is very flexible.


  • You can use shortcodes for all slides, featured posts, gallery slides, images of a post/page, and latest/featured products.
Slideshow Gallery LITE
Slideshow Gallery LITE
Developer: Tribulant
Price: Free

Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Must-Have WordPress Plugins.

The Must-Have WordPress Plugins bundle is some sort of magic wand for your website. It’s really good to get the best extensions without reviewing enormous quantities of information on the internet. Our technical team has already chosen the most necessary WP plugins for your website on the basis of many years of experience. Keep in mind, that a vast amount of new websites are created every minute and competition is dramatically strong. Therefore, you need to do your best to get more traffic and catch the attention of the audience. Our Must-Have WordPress Plugins bundle solves a lot of issues in one shot.

First of all, you receive the perfect SEO tool. It is made in the best traditions of the WordPress philosophy and, therefore it is very easy to use and extremely effective. Besides, you will get a site map, which will help you to optimize the search engine crawlers algorithms, as they like sitemaps as we like real maps for navigation. Therefore, the pages, which are indicated in a sitemap have the priority for crawlers. The useful Google analytics extension is also included in this package. This plugin is an irreplaceable solution in working out of the effective marketing strategy. Moreover, it will give you significant financial stats if you develop an eCommerce project. The advanced website editor and the image resizer will give you tons of options to edit your text and visual content without overloading the web resource. By the way, you will get the WP plugin, which will ensure your data security and protect your site against the brute force attacks. Admin panel customization plugin will make your website management even more enjoyable, than you are used to.

Do you want to take your site to the next level, adding all the above mentioned functions, as easy as a piece of cake? The good news is that you do not need to fool around any technical issues of installation and setup. Our professional team will do all these work for you and you can take these things off your mind to focus on business or sales. Buying the Must-Have WordPress Plugins bundle you will be thrilled about your site functionality. Thus, follow the link to know more about the package.


The growth, importance, and effectiveness of the use of visual content in promotion activities is due to the fact that this type of information transfer is better perceived and allows you to quickly convey a communicative message to the target audience. Visual content on your site will make its perception easier and will provide an inviting effect on visitors.

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