Episode 9: Writing the Perfect Proposal Podcast

This time Joe Leech is the guest at the Boagworld Web Show studio and he came to give some proposal writing tips. Joe has been a User Experience Consultant for twelve years, and for the last four months he has been working for himself. Joe worked previously for a UX Consultancy in Bristol called CX Partners.

Here is a list of questions covered in this 'writing the perfect proposal podcast'. We are sure that it will give you a kind of guidance on how do you write a proposal, hopefully a good one that will attract lots of customers.

It’s obvious that the guys hit a nerve with proposals because people really struggle with them. So here comes the first question.

Can you get away without responding to these invitations to tender? They are a pain in the butt. Producing a proposal is also a pain in the butt – can it be avoided?

Paul, Marcus and Joe give loads of useful information on the topic. Then they move on to the next point, which sounds like ‘How long should a proposal be?’
The next question is ‘How do you deal with the fact that you don’t always have the facts that you need in order to write a proposal’?

Then the pals stop dancing around and get to the heart of things answering the question ‘What should go into a good proposal?’ Here they actually dwell on the structure of an awesome proposal and supply each point on the list with solid arguments.

The last and the toughest question of this podcast is ‘How to stand out. How do you get your proposals to stand out?’ Should a proposal contain some sense of the personality of the organization? Is it about flash design and making it look good? What is it?

However, Paul, Marcus and Joe are real professionals and know what to say even when matters become complicated.

Finally, the guys thank their listeners and say goodbye to them, looking forward to next week’s meeting to talk about Winning Pitches.

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