X Theme VS Monstroid 2. : Epic Multipurpose Battle

Folks, let’s admit: we all got used to the multi-purpose themes and there are so many of those out there. More and more people prefer getting a theme that can be easily customized and used for more than one project. To those who are in a search of such thing, we have something new to be excited about.

Behold the new Monstroid 2! We have successfully launched the second version of our beloved Monstroid and as David said, it’s more like Monstroid ² since we doubled our efforts and did our best to reveal a truly multi-purpose theme with the top quality skins and amazing functionalities.

Yesterday our new product finally went live and as of today, you can buy Monstroid 2 for $75.

Make sure you check out the detailed Monstroid 2 review from Nick and then it’s up to you to decide if you want to create cool websites on your own. On our end, we are more than happy to give you all the needed functionalities to do that and to achieve the new level of website development!


Face to Face

Alright, guys, I can talk about our new Monstroid 2 for hours, but I decided to do something really interesting and actually useful - compare our new products with some of the best multi-purpose themes on the market. Today, I’m going to compare the X Theme by Themeco with Monstroid2.monstroid-vs-xtheme-3

X Theme is one of the most popular and fast-selling themes on the market right now and l think it’s great. Why? Because being one of the best means competing with the coolest and greatest products on the market. This is what gives birth to the really valuable and quality products. That’s what inspires us to make a better product with each new release.

How many skins do I get?

Yeah, I know. That’s the question that everyone keeps in mind while making a choice between these two themes. Here are the line-ups as of today:

Monstroid 2 has 10 skins available out of the box (1 original theme that you see on the main demo page and 9 more skins).


These 9 skins cover all the most important industry niches: Restaurant, Business, Furniture, Construction, Fitness, Hotel, Investment, Fashion Magazine, and Law.

This time our main task was to set the quality bar as high as possible. If you check out these templates in details, you will notice that these are super-impressive! They are not only eye-catching, they are breath-taking!

X Theme offers you 4 main stacks and each stack, except the Ethos one, include 10 demo units. But only 3 Ethos demos released as of today and 7 more are coming soon.


How many websites can I use each theme on?

I am sure that this is the second question that you should keep in mind prior to purchasing any multi-purpose theme. If a theme is truly multi-purpose, shouldn’t you be able to deploy as many websites as you want based on this theme?

Monstroid 2 offers you to taste the true freedom with the help of the GPL 3.0 License. Once you purchased this theme, you will be able to create as many websites as you want.

This type of license comes handy considering the fact that we will bring you more and more of new skins with the future updates, so owning Monstroid 2 provides you with the access to the newly released skins and any other updates. So it’s like a lifetime subscription, but you only pay once!

X Theme is sold with the regular license that provides you with the rights to use this theme for one of your projects, so if you decide to launch more websites, you will have to pay more.

How easy is the installation process?

Right after the activation of the Monstroid 2, you will be provided with an option to install and use TM Wizard plugin.


This is a remarkable tool that will walk you through the installation process like you are 2-years old. Remember these times when you didn’t have to worry about difficulties and your parents took care of everything? That’s TM Wizard.


Just select the skin, start the installation and all the necessary plugins will be installed, everything will be tuned in as needed along with the demo content.


X Theme also has a pretty easy installation process. An average WordPress user will not have any issues with demo content installation.


Do they have the necessary documentation?


Yes, both Monstroid and X Theme come with all the necessary documentation to help you to interact with these themes correctly and tune everything in as needed.

I want to talk to customer service, will they help?

Sure thing! Monstroid 2 customers are backed with the 24/7 lifetime customer service and you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us and sort the things out. Even the most difficult cases won’t scare us, cause helping our clients is the essential part of our business.monstroid-vs-xtheme-11

X Theme provides you only with 6-month support and then you’ll have to pay in order to extend that period 🙁


What about the plugins? What’s under the hood?

We’ve got you covered! Monstroid 2 comes with all the necessary plugins to build a powerful website for any business. It includes all the Cherry Framework plugins and is compatible with top third-party plugins.


Price: Free
Price: Free
Developer: Automattic
Price: Free
Restaurant Menu and Food Ordering
Restaurant Menu and Food Ordering
Developer: Cherry Team
Price: Free
Developer: Jetimpex
Price: Free
Developer: Zemez
Price: Free
Developer: JetImpex
Price: Free
  • MotoPress Hotel Booking

Designed to help hotel owners promote their businesses online, MotoPress Hotel Booking Plugin provides them with unique functionality and allows building a full-featured travel portal.

  • Cherry Social

This tool will help you make your social media optimization more streamlined. It allows you to manage easily your social links and it supports a variety of social networks.

  • Cherry Megamenu

Allowing you to build flexible modern mega menus, it's a great addition to any website, be it a blog, a news portal, or an online store.

  • Booked Appointment

Another variation of an interactive calendar designed to improve your time management.

  • The Events Calendar

This is an extensible plugin, which allows you to share your events with the visitors.

X Theme provides you with over 20+ premium plugins along with your theme to get you started.


What’s up with the customization? Any Visual Builders here? Halloo?


Monstroid 2 can be easily customized via the Live Customizer and TM Style Switcher. The first one helps you to tune in anything from the logo, typography, and colors to widgets, navigation, and social links. The second one helps you to select the style you want to use without importing the actual content. So you will be able to give your website a different look without changing your original content.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Monstroid 2 includes the Power Builder - it’s our clients’ favorite!

monstroid-vs-xtheme-18 monstroid-vs-xtheme-17

Power builder is easy-in-use and helps you to build a website just by working with the columns, widgets, and modules. Everything is simple. What? You don’t believe me! Check out my article on Power Builder, you’ll see what I’m saying!

X Theme customers can choose from two page-builders: Cornerstone front-end page builder or Visual Composer for use within X. Both plugins are included with each verified purchase.

So What Should I Choose?!

Let's look at the numbers and see what we have here:

Monstroid2 X Theme
Price $75 🙂 $60 🙂
Installation Wizard Yes 🙂 No 🙁
Child Themes No 🙁 30+ 🙂
Skins 10 🙂 No 🙁
Plugins 15 🙂 20+ 🙂
License GPL 3.0 🙂 Regular License 🙁
24/7 Support Lifetime 🙂 6 months are free 🙁

In this article, I reviewed the key points, the key questions that should every customer ask before the purchase. And personally, I believe that these questions will help you to understand which one truly suits your needs. The only thing that I am completely sure about and I’m proud about is that our Monstroid 2 has been designed and developed by the people who truly admire the good design and mind-blowing user experience. And I am not just saying that just try it out, take a look at the wizard, check out this amazingly simple installation process, just see Monstroid 2 yourself!

In case you are not looking for a multi-purpose theme and you know exactly what kind of business you need a template for, check out our full store with ready-made solutions and enjoy your website building experience with TemplateMonster!

Buy Monstroid 2

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