Yellow-Blue Colors in Designs of Modern Websites

Today, dear readers, I will touch on a rather unusual topic - yellow-blue colors in designs of modern websites. Why exactly these colors? The answer is pretty simple - they are the colors of the sky and the earth, sea and sand...and of course, these are national colors of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Sweden, European Union and other countries.

Nowadays lots of brands use this color combination. Everyone knows that yellow belongs to a group of warm shades and it's associated with summer sun and different things and memories, enjoyable for all humans. Though, blue color refers to a group of colder shades. Psychologists consider that it’s a symbol of nobility, loyalty and sensibility. There are many opinions, so let's look at specific examples of use of this very combination of colors in website designs.

The Great Forest Park Balloon Race in St. Louis, MO


This page is dedicated to the 42nd anniversary celebration of “The oldest and most well-attended FREE Hot-Air Balloon Event in the World”. Beautiful and cute website design brings more attention to this event. There you may see history of this event, photos, famous names. Check back next year for new products in 2014!



This page belongs to the French web developers. Company differs by quality and speed of developing and launching the projects. The site looks minimalistic and fun, in the trend of the season. Using text minimally, it does not suppress. Animation reveals the theme. Beautiful gradient is very fashionable and on the background looks really great.

Ryan Keiser


This is a portfolio of web designer Ryan Keiser. If you are looking for website design and development, you've hit the right spot. Here you can see a big cheerful font that will easily grab your attention, especially to the text and every single section that can be useful to the readers. Bright blue color on yellow background actually looks dazzling. Generally it’s a modern and bright portfolio. He definitely has a chance!

Grand One 14


Finnish project is devoted to the annual contest of designers and marketers. This site has all the required information - from the names of organizers, to places where the prize-giving is being held. The design of the site is quite convenient, all nformation is divided into sections – what is really comfortable. Merging yellow, blue and crimson colors, authors give readers an accent on the main information.

Corona Capital


Corona Capital is a music Festival judging by the reviews it's grandiose. This website is an advertising application for smartphones. What we have here - an interesting design, a little bit of information and unusual animation. Slideshow is also very comfortable for using this mobile application.

Alex Araujo


Alex is a web portfolio of a UI/UX designer from San Francisco. Minimalistic design of the site contains information you need and nothing more. Here are News, Contacts, “About” and even the resume. And of course I want to mention combination of colors - warm and possessing. Advise everyone, who loves minimalism, take a look at this site!

Moving Things Design Company


Opening the site, it becomes already clear who's the owner. The team of creators engaged in a number branches of web industry. Fancy animation, slider and color combination add brightness to the general context. I suggest you to appreciate all the beauty and design capabilities of this site.

Seah Doyle


Here is a portfolio of a designer, Art director and developer from Shangai. Website is made very extraordinary. Clicking small interactive icons, we can open works of this designer and see all the details. Perhaps, it’s the most exceptional website in today's selection. By the way, blue and yellow icons look very cool on the white background. Do not waste your time and visit this site right now!

Packing battle


Packing battle is a game, where authors practice in advertising. This game was made by talented creators team from Czech Republic, using Flare 3D. There's nothing to say - you need to play! A man named Ludwig going to guide you though each level. The task is to collect as many things as you can. Animators have tried and made the game very realistic and colors played a major role.

Just Analyse


It's a Dutch company website where professionals can help you transform the information. The necessary context is presented in a form of a scheme. The combination of orange and blue colors almost perfectly fits into the overall look of the site. Everyone knows that orange color is one of the most striking and attention-grabbing colors. Therefore, I advise you to stop your attention on this page.

Plug and Play


This website is dedicated to a British web design team. Here we have space, quaint animations and lots of information. Dominant color is blue, but there are also shades of yellow and orange. You can go to the top of the page sections. Scroll down the page, or anywhere else, you will find useful information, even in the drawings. So go fot it, and play with this site.

La Roche-Posay


Site of this brand - advertising of products with reference to the answer the question: "Why? How? Why exactly this company?" By the way information about ultraviolet rays may come in handy! The makes use of parallax scrolling just turn the scroll wheel to reveal more content. Here blue and yellow colors denote sky & the sun. Website is enough convenient to use, so I advise you to visit it.

Behold the power of E2


Here you can see advertisement of an aircraft. Fly and fly! The site displays all the characteristics of aircraft types, including the power of engines. Small amount of information and wise division into paragraphs will simplify your work with this site. Want to fly? Come here!



“Life is relax” this is the slogan of this store. Here we can see a gallery of products, without any information, only the thumbnails. Website was created for women in a chick style. So, deat women, don’t miss it!

Less than You Think


This website was created to notify people in the whole world that there is a problem of water shortage. The design of this site is really well done. The authors have used blue and yellow colors in meaning of water and earth. Browsing thorugh the site you will find about the problem of lacking water and a call to action. This site in my collection occupies the most important place!

* * *

Nowadays different design companies suffer in order to create something original. Yellow-blue color combimation is always in trend because it’s a classy combination and is never boring. Think about original beauty, take your inspiration from beginnings and you will be always appreciated for your creative vision, or you can create a website with a similar color scheme using a websitebuilder.

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Vlada Vishnepolskaya

Hello! I'm a designer and sometimes I write about the tools and methods I use in my work. Enjoy!

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