20+ Graphic Design Podcasts To Listen To In 2020

Inspiring Design Resource To Choose This Spring

At some time or other, all creative people feel like they run out of ideas and remain on the same page with their projects. In this case, nothing but a mild reboot can help. Podcasts devoted to the design industry can be a great solution. They are specifically created to inspire you and deliver something new to learn. Besides, they will help you start thinking outside the box and leave your design comfort zone.

We clearly understand that you have no time to surf the internet searching for design podcasts, thus, we’ve picked the best and gathered them into a single list. Consider these as a starting point on your way to level up in design or other related projects. When beginning to listen to the episodes, you will definitely feel like your creativity gets a new awakening.


Review Of Design Podcast

TemplateMonster Podcast

It's official! We've launched the new TemplateMonster Podcast for creatives. The topic selection is vast - design trends, tricks of the trade, motivational talk spiced up with real-life experiences. If you're a designer, developer, or marketer - tune in for the fresh episodes!

The podcast co-hosts are two of TemplateMonster’s employees Alexandra Payne (video content producer) and Irene Adler (YouTube marketer).

The Deeply Graphic DesignCast

Graphic Design Podcasts

The Deeply Graphic DesignCast refers to design-related podcasts led by several hosts, e.g. Wes MacDowell, Mikelle Morrison, and Nick Longo. Every single podcast is devoted to one topic and answers the listeners’ questions along the way.

While suggesting effective tips on how to become a successful designer, the podcasts will be useful for both freelance and in-house design experts. If you are looking for a reliable resource with authoritative information, the Deeply Graphic DesignCast is right for you. With no doubt, you will get fresh details each time you listen to podcasts.

Obsessed Show

Graphic Design Podcasts

Previously known as Obsessed With Design, this podcast is now called Obsessed Show. Hosted by graphic designer Josh miles, it is a unique source of inspiration. The show offers personal stories from prominent architects, illustrators, industrial designers, photographers, and other creatives who are enthusiastic about what they do.

Among the episodes, you will also find in-depth interviews with well-known experts, like Seth Godin, David Carson, Debbie Millman, and more. All of them are highly inspiring. Therefore, if you are also obsessed with design-related things, you will definitely be eager to add this podcast series to a bookmark.

Parlons Design

Parlons Design

Parlons Design is hosted by a digital creator by Romain Penchenat. He is extremely interested in product design and IOS development. However, he shares lots of exciting information not only about these topics. The podcast will inspire you with many engaging facts about everything connected with web-design. These include various tools, methods, and educational tips. It is perfect for beginners who want to enter the world of web-design.

In general, there are 98 episodes you can listen to. A friendly and warm atmosphere will make you become interested in the presented topics even more. As an example, you will discover how to make your UI/UX design better, design eye-catching notifications, work with SEO, and others. Get ready to listen to professional interviews and find out more.

Resourceful Designer

Graphic Design Podcasts

Hosted by professional graphic designer Mark Des Cotes, Resourceful Designer podcast will be perfect for designers of all kinds. Here, you will find useful tips, tricks, and resources that would help you arrange your business and get back to what you are good at. You will discover how to deal with deadlines, arrange a comfortable home office, and other details useful for both beginners and expert designers.

Listening to more than 150 episodes in the podcast you will definitely be able to adopt concrete advice for your project. Besides, Mark runs a blog where he delivers similar content, but in written form. It will be useful for visual-people who find it difficult to acquire the information by ear.

Adventures in Design

Graphic Design Podcasts

Aid Network (or Adventures in Design) podcast is hosted by Mark Brickey and offers everyday talk shows. It differs from any other design podcasts by its versatile content. Be the show educational or off-topic, it is always entertaining and enjoyable for listeners. Browsing the episodes you will find interviews with well-known designers and other creatives, advice for freelancers, queries from newbies, etc.

Keep in mind that you will have to pay a subscription fee monthly or yearly, depending on your preferences, to access the entire library of shows.

The Logo Geek Podcast

Graphic Design Podcasts

In the case of this podcast, the name speaks for itself. Yes, at Logo Geek, you will find most of the episodes related to designing a logo. Ian Paget, a host of the podcast, interviews highly professional graphic designers and businessmen from the whole world to find out what it takes to design a logo. Ian lets you look behind the scenes of their careers and helps to understand what makes them big. Listening to most of the interviews you have a chance to get insight on what it’s like to be both an expert designer and entrepreneur.

Considering handy transcripts and show notes under each podcast you will be able to dive deeper into a specific subject you find important for your project.

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Design Matters with Debbie Millman

Graphic Design Podcasts

This is the oldest podcast among all related to design. Except for design, Debbie Millman, host of Design Matters, also focuses on other creative cultures through conversations with artists, writers, curators, musicians, and others. Debbie has interviewed such leading names as Dani Shapiro, Christoph Niemann, Albert Watson, Christina Tosi, Paula Scher, and Tim Ferriss.

Being the most beloved series of interviews among creative people this show doubtlessly inspires everyone. Starting from newbies who’ve just decided to get into the industry to professionals who are looking for takeaways to move up the ladder. If you want to know what it takes to become the leading expert in design or enterprise, this podcast is just for you.


Graphic Design Podcasts

99% Invisible podcast, hosted by a founding member of the podcast collective Radiotopia Roman Mars, shows the things we don’t usually notice in daily life, although they shape our world. The show covers different design forms including logo, flag, branding, and even sound design. With more than 250 million downloads, this podcast has become one of the most popular among listeners.

A brand new episode is released weekly, lasts about half an hour, and delivers quality content allowing you to get all the needed design information in the most comfortable way ever.

The Honest Designers Show

Graphic Design Podcasts

You’ll be impressed to find out that The Honest Designers Show started as a regular chat between the CEO of the future podcast, Tom Ross and his fellow designers Ian Barnard, Lisa Glanz, and Dustin Lee. Acting as a weekly call, The Honest Designers Show had soon become known worldwide as a podcast with tips on how to become a graphic designer. Also, the group of hosts shares their experiences running a design-related business.

This show is found to be unique among other similar podcasts. It delivers tested and true advice about reaching new clients, exploring your own style as a designer, advertising your brand on the market, and feeling confident in what you do. Thus, if you are looking for an inspirational and informative resource where you can feel like home, you’ve come to the right place.

Design Recharge

Graphic Design Podcasts

Design Recharge is considered to be the whole community where designers discuss design-related topics and business every week without leaving their offices. The main goal of the podcast is to inspire, connect, and educate designers, illustrators, typographers, and other creatives. The host Diane Gibbs believes that the more designers share the more successful they become.

If you want to keep your design battery always charged this podcast is just what you need. Here, you will come together with other people like you, learn, get specific techniques that would help you improve your skills, discuss existing issues in design, share experiences, and get motivated to move further. Design Recharge is definitely worth mentioning and exploring deeper.

The Design of Business, the Business of Design

Graphic Design Podcasts

The Design of Business, the Business of Design is hosted by Design Observer’s Jessica Helfand and Pentagram’s Michael Bierut. In their show, they bring up questions about how design works in the corporate space. Guests include leading names such as Cindy Chastain, Billie Tsien, Errol Morris, Eddie Opara, Manuel Lima, and others. They discuss the role that design plays in complex organizations to shape concepts, decisions, products, etc.

Etch Podcast

Graphic Design Podcasts

The Etch Podcast will be a perfect solution for those respecting innovations in product design. The topics covered in the episodes include the significance of design research, content design, design sprints, and even remote work and how to arrange it the right way. Additionally, each of the episodes delivers brain food covering current events in design, digital products, marketing, and other topics.

The Accidental Creative and The Daily Creative Graphic Design Podcasts

Graphic Design Podcasts

Hosted by Todd Henry, the Accidental Creative can boast with over a decade of existence and about one million downloads. Except for graphic designers, this podcast appeals to other creatives as well making the content way extended. Released twice a week, the episodes offer multiple tips and interviews with thinkers, leaders, and artists from the whole world. Listening to them you will clearly understand how to stay healthy as a graphic designer and not run out of ideas.

In addition to the above-mentioned podcast, Todd Henry also hosts a shorter version called the Daily Creative. In this podcast, Todd shares the hacks that designers can promptly apply to the projects and working process. Here, you’ll find short tips on how to stay confident in what you do, work on improving your productivity, and even achieve your goals by leaving your comfort zone.

Creative Web Design Podcasts For Your Motivation

  1. Things You Should Pay Attention To When Choosing a Great Podcast
  2. Web Design Podcasts For Your Inspiration
    1. Adventures In Design
    2. Design Matters with Debbie Millman
    3. 99% Invisible
    4. Motion And Meaning
    5. Shop Talk Show
    6. JavaScript Jabber
    7. The Design of Business | The Business of Design

They have already proved that listening to music during work increases the listener’s overall performance. Yet more and more web templates designers and other creative pros are eager to listen to something more useful and informative like a design podcast which mentions the latest tendencies in web development and inspires simultaneously.

Podcasts are best suited for those who want to learn and stay in motion.

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Things You Should Pay Attention To When Choosing a Great Podcast

Before choosing any podcasts theme, you should know the things to pay attention to, so you will be able to get the best options. Here are some tips for you:

  • Minimum rambling. A top-notch podcast should not include jokes or stories which are not appropriate to the topic.
  • Interesting and educative themes. It should cause the feeling like you are in discussion.
  • Unique and frank stories about other design masters you will not be able to find elsewhere.
  • It is not about hype and pushy self-sale yet about the story of success or exposing of shortcomings.
  • A broadcast’s high quality indicates its meaningful intention.
  • Relevant tempo and music efficiently used to keep the broadcast cheerful.
  • Systematic episodes release and consecutively relevant content.
  • The helpful conversation about the appropriate theme may be long.

If the podcast corresponds to the features mentioned above, it is worth getting some inspiration. Yet to save your time, we have gathered fascinating podcasts for developers.

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Web Design Podcasts For Your Inspiration

Adventures In Design


This show concentrates on design and illustrations, projects process and inspirations of individual creatives thus highlighting the human in design. You will also find so-called ‘Shop Talk’ interviews with Brickey’s friends in design. This segment is full of mockery for entertaining purposes yet is still very informative. This podcast is right for you if you want valuable insights from your successful colleagues or some inspiration from some branches if you communicate with different clients.

Design Matters with Debbie Millman


This is a challenging world’s first podcast devoted to designing. Near 280 talks are already available. You will be pleased with the feature that lets you choose the talk by subject, which ranges from singers to innovative designers and depends on your concern. The talks are usually hearty and hospitable which encourages you to listen to Design Matters either you are working, traveling or relaxing at home. 50,000+ downloads per month on iTunes prove that it is one of the most popular podcasts all over the world and a must for those who keep on developing and are interested in interactions between design and business.

99% Invisible


This is a radio show focusing on design and those invisible things that build up the environment. Each episode lasts 15-20 minutes and is perfect for a little walk. You will be pleasantly surprised with the quality of broadcasts and detailed talks. We highly recommend this podcast to all designers, creators, and innovators.

Motion And Meaning


Motion and Meaning is a listening talk show debating about constantly-growing motion and animation in web development. The podcast explains why modern designers should be more attentive to these tools. What you will find listening to Motion and Meaning are ten episodes of the first season, each of them lasting no more than 30 minutes. Each episode is offered with a complete transcript so that you may read it in spare time. Talks you will get at this podcast cover fundamental principles of the animation to progressive software and strategies. Motion and Meaning will become your reference if you want to add some motion to your project.

Shop Talk Show


If you are looking for detailed information about front-end development and UX and want to stay updated with the most recent web technologies, make your choice in favor of Shop Talk Show. It has more than 280 episodes, and the new one is added every week. Dave and Chris invite expert guests who cover the essential details of code, content, and design.

JavaScript Jabber

JavaScript Jabber

If you are a fan of JavaScript, then this podcast is the perfect option for you. Every week a new discussion, lightning front-end web design, JavaScript, communities, and frameworks, is issued.

The Design of Business | The Business of Design


This podcast is recorded at the Yale School of Management and is run by Design Observer's Jessica Helfand and Pentagram's Michael Bierut. The program hosts invite guests from different businesses and designers in various fields who are discussing how design cooperates with integrated institutions to determine goals, decisions, production and many other things.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you are a newbie or expert designer this inspiring list of podcasts will help you spark your creativity. While receiving up-to-date information, you will be able to dive deeper into what it takes to become a top designer and run a design business. Being a resource of powerful insights, these podcasts will also deliver relevant data about graphic design and let you keep up with the latest trends. Listening to them you will have no chance of running out of ideas again.

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