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10 Ways to Market and Promote Your Mobile App

If you are not new to the app marketplace, you know countless mobile apps that in recent times achieved tremendous success in terms of the acquisition, revenue growth, and audience reach. There are many apps who in recent years have literally become fast growing app without spending havoc on their marketing budget. Many of these apps practically gained marketing success without spending a penny on promotions and marketing channels.

Obviously, at this point, you are bound to ponder over the secrets of success with low-budget marketing and promotional activities. To be honest, there is no rocket science about it. A highly commendable app coupled up with a focused and varied marketing approach ultimately will ensure your steady audience engagement, revenue, and growth.

Let us introduce here 10 time-tested and result driven ways to market and promote your mobile app.

1. Influencer marketing


Influence is not just about the visual effect of an interface or self-glorifying lines of text that make users think and reconsider. Influence is more about what industry stalwarts, professionals, and experts say about your app. Influence is more about what people with a huge number of followers or audience says about your app. If you want to promote your app, this second type of indirect influence will prove vital to your app presence.

Where do you get in touch with these influencers who are ready to talk about and review your app to spread the word and influence audience? Well, the best way to connect influencers in your industry is through social media, particularly groups, profiles and pages of your niche. You can also connect your influencers through relevant forums where they frequent and offer their valuable input. You can also approach influencers by sending direct emails to them with the app screenshots, short videos, images and published contents about your app.

2. Rigorous social media presence


Any mobile app cannot do away with social media promotion and marketing. But though social presence and promotions come as practically free, you need to measure your steps to obtain maximum results and output. The key to making social media presence effective is to limit your presence to a few effective channels for your niche. Social media is time-consuming and so you cannot afford to be everywhere. Follow the following tips.

  • Make a social media business page and make a brand presence with frequent and relevant posts.
  • Publish a mixed bag of contents including text, images, small video, GIFs, infographics, illustrations, etc. Maintain a coherence to establish your brand.
  • Engage with your audience with frequent comments, shares, and reactions.
  • Make your voice human in all interactions.
  • Connect social influencers and approach them to review your app.
  • Make use of quality tools to post on social platforms automatically.

3. Create a website for your new app


When unleashing a new app, you should also take care of cross-channel digital promotions. It is best done with a mobile website for your new app. A website can prove to be a great asset to promote your app and spread the word out about your app. By publishing contents with deep links to your app page and also by publishing banner ads and small video with links to your app page, you can leverage the SEO advantages for your mobile app. With a dedicated website for your app, you can boost the discoverability of your app to a great extent.

4. App Store Optimization (ASO)


You need to promote your app with the tools offered within your app store as well. This is what is commonly known as App Store Optimization or ASO. Here are the basic and invincible tips that you need to look after.

  • First of all, the app should have unique, relevant and easy to remember a name.
  • There should be an app description with the relevant keywords that are used to search similar apps in the app stores. The description should be relevant, value-driven and engaging to read.
  • Following the description, there should be screenshots and short introductory video of the app to explain the USP of the app visually.
  • Finally, you should offer customer ratings and if possible few customer testimonials about the app.

5. Powerful public relations

Finally, to make the word out about your new app you should also take help of the traditional media publications and coverage. The press release is one such invincible measure. Apart from that, you can also strengthen your public relations by organizing media events, publishing interviews with local tech or industry experts with active mention of your app. Guest blog posting is another way to reach the wider audience through reputed channels.

6. Market your app within your loyal customer base

loyal customer base
If you are a business and just launched a new mobile app for your business, you should first market the app among your existing business customers, affiliates and all people who have a long relation with your business. By marketing your app within this audience you can easily start with a loyal audience who will cling to your app in all times. You can market the app offline among your customers through in-store ads, local newspaper publications, local promotions, etc.

7. Create videos on your app and market it

Create videos
These days video content generate more traction than text contents. This is not only true in respect of driving social media engagement but also in regard to the popularity of channels like YouTube and Vimeo among app marketers. Obviously, not all types of apps can equally be benefited with video marketing but for some niches, videos can really work wonder in generation traffic and pushing acquisition.

8. Utilize user generated contents

User generated contents have become the new fad for content marketers. User generated contents bring a fresh and free spirited feel to a website. Moreover, certain types of user-generated contents like reviews also help to boost the credibility of a business and its digital presence. Client testimonials, images and videos featuring customers with the product in real life situations are other types of user generated contents.

9. Run promotional campaign

Various types of promotional activities like running contests, take away gifts, promotional messaging, free buys, etc can prove to be highly effective if you can unleash such campaigns targeting your audience in the right platform. You can run such campaigns across social media platforms, company website or also locally in your stores.

10. Look for industry recognition through events

industry recognition through events
Another highly effective way to promote and market your mobile app is to promote through important industry events. For example, if you have a travel business, you can always attend major travel events to showcase your app and engage with the attendees of those events. Such events will not only help you to reach a lot of target audience but will also help to introduce your app to the industry experts and influencers.

Ending note

To conclude, promotion and marketing for a mobile app require always a cross-channel and multifaceted approach than just sticking to a few digital avenues. But at the same time, you should limit your presence to a few channels only to ensure that you can utilize each channel to the fullest potential.

Juned Ghanchi

Founder of IndianAppDevelopers company leading mobile application development company, sharing his experience through publications on MonsterPost. Reach him on LinkedIn

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