11 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Website Templates

Every small to big business seeks profit maximisation, which is why the wise business owner picks a web design that is reasonably cheap and well-suited to their needs at the same time. Most modern-day business interactions happen online, making your website an important lead generating tool.

When designing your office interior or promotional brochure, you want it to look great and professional. The business website shouldn’t be any different since it helps increase your company’s credibility. Whether it is a new website or an existing one, you have to consider the design, cost, and more fundamentally, purpose.

What is a web template?

website template

It’s a predesigned website domain that is easy for anyone to use in order to display relevant images, texts, and videos. Formatting content, style, and fonts are all included in these templates. They also come with graphics, tables and other features commonly found on web pages. You can easily edit a template according to your needs by using a web authoring programme.

Even though web templates are built using HTML codes and CSS, you don’t necessarily need to be a technical expert to use it. To use a template all you have to do is select a theme, download the template add your text and images. Coding is usually involved in editing a template’s layout and requires the services of a professional web designer.

Why you should invest

The internet is a vast platform with websites hosted on popular frameworks such as WordPress and Joomla. Many popular companies such as the Fashion Spot and The Ink Tank have built their sites on these domains. Others also use pre-built, websites offered by hosting providers. There are good reasons for this.


  1. What you see is what you get
    With a ready-to-use website template, you don’t have to think about the end-product. The template can be easily edited to your needs by changing the colors, texts, and pictures so that it ends up looking distinctive than the original.

  2. Abundance of choice
    Thanks to the increasing competition on the World Wide Web, you can pick and choose from a variety of designs and packages to suit your requirements. Think about it – a custom-made website would only give you a handful options to choose from. On the other hand, when it comes to website templates, you are spoilt for choice online.

  3. Lowered cost
    One of the main reasons why businesses choose web templates is the budget. While building from scratch requires the service of a professional web designer, with a template, you can easily build your domain without expert assistance. There is a good chance of finding open source or free templates that suits your needs, but if you do decide to buy one, it is more likely to be considered less costly compared to hiring a web developer.

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  4. Time saving
    In addition to saving a significant amount of money, you will save a lot of time. Even if the templates require minor tweaking in order to meet your needs, your site will be ready to use more quickly than it would be if you were having a custom-made site built. This is mainly because the templates are ready to go, right from the start. Having a website built from scratch can take months to be completed, but with a template, you can get it up and running within a few days.

  5. Attractive looks
    Undoubtedly, the look of your site attracts visitors. Through readymade website templates, you have access to A1 design quality without having to pay for customized blueprints. However, you will come across providers that offer high-quality templates than others. Don’t get carried away by the aggressive sales pitch on some platforms and use your discretion when choosing a design that will say a lot about your business.
    website templates
    The Greenwich Library, a public service website, has an unconventional record of being beautiful and easy to use. The platform is the latest to adopt a modern new look.

  6. Set-up is easy
    While creating a template, developers need to keep in mind that it will be used to perform a great range of functions, and used by people with all levels of expertise. As a result, your template will usually come with large amounts of options and widgets, making your job of setting up much easier.In case you’re a beginner, templates provide you with a framework into which you can fit in all your sites content easily; those with more development experience can use templates as a start-off point for a minutely more complex adjustment.

  7. Built-in functionality
    From SEO features to WYSIWYG editing options, and website audit checklist, site templates typically come with an abundance of built-in functionalities, which will not only help you save time and money but will enable hassle-free management in all areas of website development.

    ready website

  8. Reliable updates
    When you purchase a website template, you often receive future updates which will potentially minimize hindrances and keep your website running smoothly along the way. Updates to CMS platforms such as WordPress can often cause problems, and having access to support from the theme developers in such situations can be extremely beneficial.

  9. Uniqueness
    A business owner can reject using specify templates if they think it has been used over and over and their websites will look the same as others. Modern site templates can now deal effectively with this problem.
    website templates
    For example, Joomla has tons of shortcodes. They deliver the codes you need in spades, allowing you to put together great content and sharp layouts easily. If you wish, you could also upload background images on per section bases instead of concrete background color.

  10. Responsive web design
    It is no secret that many internet users are accessing websites through portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. With the world going mobile, responsive websites are becoming the future of the internet. Many website templates now use responsive web design; meaning they automatically adapt its layout to fit almost any screen resolution and looks fantastic on mobile devices. So, there is no need to build websites that would specifically fit a phone screen.

  11. Easy navigation
    How your website template looks is only half of the story. What you really want to know is how it works. How easy is it for your customer to find the content he or she is looking for? Does your visitor know where he or she has to go and how to get back to where they started from? Website templates give you a feel for the simple navigation of your online domain.
    website templates
    Big Apple Hotdogs, for instance, is a quirky site for a hot dog business in London. While using a modern interface that showcases the content and product, it allows minimalistic navigation to create a clean, simple interface for visitors to check through.

All in all

Using a web template can greatly simplify the process of building a website. Even though you won’t have full customizability that comes from creating a domain from scratch, it is still an efficient way to get your site up and running quickly.

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