14 Architecture Website Templates of 2017: Build A Great Online Portfolio for Your Project

Portfolios rule. They gain customers for us, they are a tribute to the vanity of our business, they are the face of our project online. Basically, they are everything. Just a hundred years ago, back in 1917, you needed to print banners - which was a problem in itself, or spread ideas through word of mouth, because, at that time, you couldn’t buy an advertisement, even on a radio - just because there was no publicly available radio yet, and you could barely disseminate the fame of your business beyond the town limits. Nowadays, everything has changed. If you have a proper website, you can boost sales to and from different countries, make other countries’ citizens be your regular customers and become a world-famous brand.

However, for this you need to have a website. A modern looking website which would meet the requirements of web design, namely to:

  • Tell your customers about your business
  • Tell your customers exactly how you can help them
  • Show your work.

Showcasing your work is a factor of trustworthiness. This is all still applicable whether you are going to buy a ready-made template and set up everything by yourself, or you are going to code a website. It is only by having the right design, after investing some time and effort that you will produce a great result.

There is a way we could help you - by inspiring you with some recently released architecture website templates. All of them follow web design trends, and, most importantly, they are all about architecture.

Be the architect of your project, create a brilliant website with these 13 modern designs!

1. Constructo


Demo | Download | Hosting

Architecture portfolio design templates which have social media buttons on the left, will make your project stand out from the hundreds of others. A solid-looking design which is based on square shapes in everything - starting from a back-to-top button to the banners and the logo.

2. ArchiArch


Demo | Download | Hosting

Are you looking for a website template which you would prefer looked like an architecture portfolio template? Pay attention to this design where you may use full-width images. With the help of an image slider, you will be able to showcase the best projects of which the business owner is especially proud (and the ones which would perform best).

3. ArchexO


Demo | Download | Hosting

Flat design can never be overrated, at least in more recent times, until the next major web design trend hits the web world. The construction website template, which is fully focused on imagery, is one of the best options for architecture projects. In addition there’s a list option which lets you put the content in order.

4. Archex

Archex Yellow

Demo | Download | Hosting

If you’d like to create an effect on the website of an evening city with lights, you may choose this design. The yellow way in which the business motto is presented makes it look shiny and reminds you of festive evenings.

5. Arche


Demo | Download | Hosting

For those who believe that overlapping images could help their project and are planning to create some architecture design websites with this particular feature, have a look at this design. You can be assured that the CTA buttons which are placed repeatedly throughout the design, will raise your conversion rate and make the project profitable.

6. ArchExpo


Demo | Download | Hosting

Some impressive design is used in this template. It may be a perfect fit not only for an architectural website, but also for a big event website. Any large public or social occasion could be advertised through a template like this. It’s one of those website templates for architects and for professionals in other niches.

7. Clerk of Works

Clerk of Works

Demo | Download | Hosting

For a classical look of an architectural project, you may use a traditional design chosen from a hundred construction company website templates, which have a white and blue color combination and non-traditional hover effects. Which have a white and blue color combination and non-traditional hover effects, all of which definitely grab the attention of a viewer by the effect that they produce.

8. Project


Demo | Download | Hosting

If you or your customer described a desired project as “Bourne-like”, look no further. This website template is just like that. Check out the live demo and see how you could present the visual data on it. Sometimes, responsive construction website templates need to have an original design in order to be perceived as different from others.

9. Architex


Demo | More Info | Hosting

Speaking of templates with a traditional design, this one is a great option. It looks familiar to the customers by its layout, but it’s different in details. For example, the social media buttons which are placed right on the hero image, appeal to the visitors, inviting them to check out your social media channels.

10. Arcitex


Demo | More Info | Hosting

With a template like this, you could create a worthy online presence. Structure the content, use the best images and let the website visitors click on the numerous CTA buttons which are used in this architecture website design!

11. Construction


Demo | More Info | Hosting

Are you looking for building construction website templates with a Parallax effect? Consider using this one. The color yellow performs well, creating a bright “stripe” with the data, and the yellow widgets make it look upbeat and neat.

12. Construction Materials

Demo | More Info | Hosting

This design will be a windfall for those who like things arranged in order. A bright mix of contrasting colors make this template look alive, and the way the banners are organized, make the content easy for assimilation. Website templates for any construction company can look bright and memorable. Actually, this could become the main factor which could influence future business success.

13. Exterior Design

Enterior Design

Demo | More Info | Hosting

If you’ve been in search of landscaping website templates, consider using this design. It looks airy and perfect for showcasing the images, where landscaping projects would be depicted.

14. Cleano


Demo | More Info | Hosting

If you are a fan of diagonal lines which create the effect of movement and lead the visitor’s eye to the content, which is situated under the hero image, this template may meet your requirements.

Architecture projects may get most of their customers from the Web. They are not limited to location, as there are many great architecture agencies that work with their customers remotely. In those cases, a proper website is all that they have to capture their potential customers’ attention. They may have a great team, they may do perfect work, but if they don’t have a neat website, they will lose a significant part of their audience. Besides, having a SEO-optimized website helps them show up in Google which could bring some direct traffic.

If first impressions matter, in a web design world it’s the website that establishes that. Overall, creating a website which could help them attract their potential audience - and for you, gain loyal web design customers - is a great thing. Use the clean code and the neat design of these 15 website templates and enjoy the process of ‘architecturing’ a website. If you happen to create an eCommerce project in the near future, you may check out a list of recently released best selling WooCommerce themes. By the way, there are many more great templates and themes for various projects that may inspire you. Enjoy your designing and create successful projects!

Template Installation

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