15 Premium & Free Affiliate Marketing Tools

So, you've started your affiliate marketing website, where you are promoting products or services from your partners. You keep on placing banners, affiliate links and content that is supposed to bring you a huge volume of sales. And what about free affiliate marketing tools?

However, did you take proper care about one predefining factor that should bring you loads of targeted traffic? Yes, you got it right. Today we will talk about SEO and the tools that every affiliate marketer should have at his/her disposal.

When you browse the web, you will come across a variety of free affiliate marketing tools and extensions that bloggers recommend using in your online marketing strategy. But which ones will fit affiliate marketers particularly? How can those tools help them succeed at getting their websites in front of the target audience? Our new compilation will be all about the tools that will help you run proper SEO research.

Free Affiliate Marketing Tools

Google Analytics


This is a powerful and one of the most popular tools to learn about the sources from where your traffic comes, the people that visit your page, their preferences, etc. In addition to some basic reports, it allows you to dig deeper and make an advanced analysis of your data. Just in case you are new to this tool and do not know how to use it, there are several video guides that will help you understand better how it works.

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Google Keyword Planner


Though the tool requires you to create an AdWords account before you start using it, it is still worth the effort. This is an online tool that is very simple in its management. With its help, you can narrow down the search by location, the city, language, and some other smart filters with which the Keyword Planner has been pre-loaded.

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Google Search Console


Here is one more useful free tool that lets you better understand how Google sees your site. The tool gives you data on your domain. To use it, you need to verify your website while linking your Google Analytics account to it. In that way, you will unlock lots of useful free data from Google, like sitemaps, disavow links, international targeting, etc.

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Portent SERP Preview Tool


If you want to see how your content will perform in search results, then this SERP preview tool from Portent will be your best choice. Just enter the title, meta description, URL, and keywords, with which your post or page was optimized, and see the results right away.

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YOAST SEO plugin


This is one of the most popular free plugins installed on WordPress sites. Alongside with the proper technical optimization, the primary goal of the plugin is to help you write better content, which will be correctly positioned in the search results. For example, it will check if the images in your posts contain the focus keyword; whether your post's URL address, title, meta description, and the text itself were optimized for a particular keyword or set of keywords, etc. Since SEO and social media are very closely related to each other, the plugin is implemented with Facebook OpenGraph.

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This free online tool will help you explore the most typed in keywords on all the major search engines based on the search request that you type into the corresponding field. The tool can also be used as a great brainstormer, which shows you a list of suggested keywords as you type enter your ideas.

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UberSuggest online tool works pretty much the same way as Soovle. By simply entering a keyword into the corresponding field you will receive some suggested phrases that people are looking for based on that specific keyword. A great thing about this free tool is that you can also filter the search results by location and the specific type of content in which you are most interested (like web, images, news, YouTube, etc.).

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Premium SEO Tools for Affiliate Marketers

Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider

SEO tool for Affiliate marketers

The user-friendly desktop tool that crawls websites’ URLs and analyzes the essential issues of your website from the SEO perspective. The tool has a free trial period so that you can use it for 14 days for free. Among standard features such as finding duplicate pages, analyzing page titles and metadata, generating XML sitemaps, reviewing meta robots and directives, finding broken links, errors, and redirects, the tool also allows you to create white label reports of auditing, switch on \off crawling parameters while working, custom extraction, Google Analytics integration and more on.

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Keyword Spy


Do you want to know how your competitors manage their online strategy? I bet you do! Here is a tool that will provide you with a deeper insight into what keywords your competitors use, how much they spend on AdWords, discover their PPC and Organic campaign strategies, etc. The tool will provide you with daily updates containing accurate data so that your web project can stay one step ahead of the competition. Market reports will show you lists of sites and the top keywords in the industry, while advanced metrics will show you the effectiveness of keywords based on Search Volume, Position, CPA, and other statistics.

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Majestic SEO


If you are planning to do in-depth keyword research and analyze your competitors' backlink profiles, here is a tool that will help you achieve this quickly and effortlessly. Majestic has one of the largest, publicly available databases that is updated on a regular basis. Including well-structured data, the tool will show you the status of your site regarding backlinks. In particular, you will know your website's backlink history, learn from where the links are coming, what type of content is getting links on your site, and a whole lot of other data that will help you better understand your site's link profile.

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ScreamingFrog SEO Spider Tool


Unlike most of the tools on this list that can be reached on-line, this one is desktop software that will help you crawl websites’ URLs and analyze the key elements of your website from the SEO perspective. The tool is available in both free and premium versions. If the standard set of features (500 URLs crawl limit, discovering duplicate pages, analyzing page titles and meta data, generating XML sitemaps, reviewing meta robots and directives, finding broken links, errors, and redirects) is enough for you, then you can opt for a freemium option. If you need more advanced functionality (e.g. free tech support, crawl configuration, custom extraction, Google Analytics integration, etc.), then a premium plan would be the best choice for you.

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The tool is intended for running in-depth backlink analysis. With its help, you will be able to find out what sites link to your web page, what anchors they use, how strong the backlinks are, etc. On top of that, you will be able to analyze your competitors’ search traffic, find out what content is working in your business field, track your keyword rankings, etc.

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Raven Tools


This is an all-in-one tool that will show you how well your website performs and what areas need to be enhanced, as well as provide you with automated, mobile-friendly reports, which will save loads of your time on gathering together all statistics manually. With Raven Tools, you can track not only SEO performance of any website but also keep a close eye on social media efforts of small businesses. Thanks to its smart auditing feature, even non-SEOs will be better able to understand and apply the necessary changes.

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Authority Labs


This is a rank tracking tool that is best suited for large enterprises. The features that the tool provides are limitless. For example, you can track results by country or city, track mobile and desktop rankings separately, track your competitors, manage reports, etc.

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The tool comes pre-loaded with some extensive SEO metrics that you can use to your benefit. Monthly searches data will show you the estimated traffic, QSR is intended to help you find out your exact competition, whereas KQI stands for keyword quality index. With Jaaxy you can also obtain a deeper insight into what your competitors are doing in order to gain higher rankings. Quality of backlinks, PageRank and a host of other options can be tried for free or while opting for any of their premium plans.

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Do you know any other SEO tool that is worthy of being added to the list? What do you enjoy about it the most? What kind of businesses do you think it will fit the best? Please comment below.

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