15 Jaw-Dropping GIF Artists That Will Leave You Breathless

Previously, we published a set of psychedelic gifs on the blog. But trust me, it was nothing compared to this set of animation artists’ works. These GIF-artists are a blend of graphic artist, photographer and probably some narcotic. Definitely some narcotic. Even if they don’t take any, when looking at some of their pictures you just can’t get rid of a feeling that they do.

And the result is absolutely marvellous. Let’s thank these guys for their art, because the images that their limitless minds create leave us bewildered, confused and… impressed.

Right from the core of the subconscious, a dolphin in a medical uniform performing a surgery on the cloud is a common, normal thing to see; right from there, from the place with no limits, from the Kingdom of Crazy Fantasy, from the Bottom of the Very Mind, from the very center of You - these images come alive. And they are turned into these GIFs.

If you are not a big fan of trippy gifs, there’s something for you, too. Cute, cartoony, nice gifs which would be appropriate for those who are under 18. There are artists who create mildly psychedelic and non-psychedelic-at-all gifs on the list. Some of them resemble paintings, some of them capture amazing living shots of food and culinary items. But the result is still the same - you find yourself mesmerized and bewitched. Here is how you may look in couple minutes if you stay with us.


Prepare yourself for a flood of jaw-dropping animated art. These gifs are the gifts to our famished minds.

Creepy, Trippy art.



This artist creates amazing images on the walls of streets and lanes. Pray you don’t see something like this for real because that would mean you’re of sound mind and body any more.

But this is brilliant. Have a look.

Alastair Gray

The works of Alastair Gray are the smoothest, the sleekest and glassiest I’ve seen lately. You open his first GIF and before long you realize that it’s been 7 minutes since you opened it. You’ve been staring this whole time. He uses textures that connect into an endless loop , and that is mesmerizing.

Aishwarya Sadasivan

Her style is adorable and perfectly cute.

Reuben Sutherland

Bright, abstract, detailed, hypnotizing - these words describe the animation style of the London artist. After looking at a gif for several seconds, you get dizzy and solid-colored walls around you start acquiring new colors.

Mighty Oak

Amazing images which seem to be created of plasticine. If you look at their website, you’ll see other great works. One thing is certain: the images they produce are full of wonder.

Brandon Ray

In these animated gifs you will find a collection of well-animated people with nicely animated emotions on their faces.


ANY graphic designer has an unusual vision of things. Just have a look at this half-chicken half-... I don’t even know, I suggest you have to work that out for yourself.


Rasalo uses some great basics for his work - vintage style. If you are a fan of psychedelic elegance - check him out.

Blobby Barack

An artist’s mind has no limits, and that is a result of this limitless mind. He’s creating loops of moving textures and items which hypnotize you.

Animation Block Party

These guys are my favorite. The styles in their portfolio differ, they probably belong to different artists. It’s a great set of gifs anyway. They generate emotions.


Pay a special attention to the works of this guy. He has a superb vision on things, both real and unreal.

Rodrigo Tello

Those who like drawn and positive works, will appreciate a designer named Rodrigo Trello. I won’t even describe them, just have a look at them yourself.

Samuel Davis

“Washington-based Illustrator and Animator, and content contributor for YouTube channel ScreenGeek.” - this is what the author of these gifs tells us about himself. His works will make you smile. Check them out for yourself!


This 24-year old Finnish artist is great at creating things in her specific style. And it is charming.

Karo Rigaud

An illustrator from Berlin creates amazing, and, in a way, heartfelt illustrations. They are imbued with kindness and playfulness.

I know that you still have an untapped part of your imagination left. Amaze it with a bunch of gifs for photographers, or just build a portfolio using any of these templates for photographers.

Be careful not to drown in the ocean of aesthetic emotions.

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