30 Jaw-Dropping Microsoft Word CV Templates Free And Premium

Creating a resume can be a challenging task. There is an opinion that the only thing that a CV should contain is good content.

Sure, it is essential to underline the years of experience you've got, certifications and college degrees but it is also important to pay attention to the resume layout.

A famous phrase from an old advertisement says: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” And this is not a cliche when speaking about a job application. Luckily, you can create an eye-catching CV easily as there are several options to build your resume within a few minutes.

What are the Ways to Obtain a Resume Design?

  • Create a resume from scratch
  • Use a resume builder
  • Download free resume templates

Previously we've told you about the ready-made WordPress CV themes, and today we will share with you the top 15 free creative resume templates for Microsoft Word. By using any of these Curriculum Vitae templates, you can showcase your experience and skills most appealingly. But first of all, let's talk about the difference between a curriculum vitae and a resume, and between the several types of CV/resume.

What are the Resume Formats?

1. Chronological resume

The perfect fit for those who need to highlight their experience, companies, titles, etc. Displays the work history from the most recent job at the beginning and finishes with the earliest one.

2. Functional resume

Allows you to focus on your essential skills and experience. This type de-emphasizes the dates because the employment history is relegated to second place.

3. Combination

Connects the list of your skills with the chronological employment history.

4. Targeted

Everything, from the title to the educational experience is described to meet particular job requirements.

Now you know all the nuances, so make sure which type and format you need. And it's time to choose the Microsoft Word resume that fits your purpose.

15 Free Microsoft Word Resume Templates

Classic Resume

Microsoft Word CV Templates

This template can serve as a great basis for the resume of any niche. Provide your potential employer with a clean resume in chronological order.

Polished Microsoft Resume Template

This template is a perfect tool with which to build a modern resume. Due to the colorful elements of this layout, your CV will be noticeable. However, if you don't like the red color, you can easily replace it with another one.

Microsoft Word CV Templates


Traditional Resume

Traditional resume

Consider downloading this theme, if you need a minimalist resume. The sharp lines and clean header sections won't distract the potential employer from the necessary content.

Pantheon Resume Templates

If you follow the link below, you will see that this template comes in 5 different color scheme variations. You can try each of them and choose the one that will fit your needs. This template is an example of the combination resume type. As you can see, the ‘Work History' section is located under the ‘Additional Skills' one.

Microsoft Word CV Templates


Black-Tie Design Resume

The following template allows you to create a top-notch CV. The elegant header section and the classic black-and-white color scheme will make your resume memorable. If there is a contest for a position, your CV will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Microsoft Word CV Templates


Executive Resume Templates

As it is stated in the name, the Executive theme is suitable as a resume for the high-level positions. The ‘Key accomplishments' area allows you to show the appropriate achievements. This theme also has 5 different color variations.

Microsoft Word CV Templates


Violet Resume Template

Violet resume Template

The Violet theme allows you to edit the content without downloading a template. It means that you can add the info right from your Internet browser. With the help of the Violet theme, you can create a clean resume for any business niche.

Professional Microsoft Word Resume

Professional Microsoft Word resume

Make a good impression with a resume based on this theme. An unusual structure divides the resume into two columns. The first lets you insert your photo, describe your objective, skills and contact info. While info about the work history, accomplishments and references is located in the second column.

Mr. Mint Word Resume

The Mr. Mint is a professionally-developed template. Actually, it is really hard to believe that this one is for Microsoft Word. Click the Download link and take advantage of this stylish ready-to-go solution.

Microsoft Word CV Templates


Emerald Fancy Word Resume

An emerald green color scheme adds bright accents to the layout of this template. If you aim to create a new CV or to refresh an existing one, take a look at the Fancy template. Two contrasting sections will help you to build a clean structure for your resume.

Emerald Fancy Word resume


Artistic Jobseeker Free Resume Template

The layout of this template reminds one of the flat style design trends. An unusual structure easily catches the viewer's attention. Use this resume template to create a powerful tool for self-marketing.

Artistic Jobseeker Free resume Template


The Modern-Day Candidate CV Template

Impress the prospective employers with a truly stylish resume, built with this template. The mega-header section allows the inclusion of your name, position and contact info. The bulleted ‘Expertise' section allows you to display the level of your skills.

Microsoft Word CV Templates


Blue Side Resume Template

Enjoy the simple layout of this professionally-formatted resume template. This well-structured theme is an example of the chronological CV, so if you aim to share your working history and job responsibilities, you should consider choosing this tool.

The Modern-Day Candidate CV Template


Creative Resume, Designed By MOO

Get an attention-grabbing resume in a few minutes. Designed by the MOO company, this template has a geometric pattern in both header and footer sections. Created in a neutral color scheme, these elements won't distract the viewers from the other elements. By the way, the template offers line icons, to underline your contact info.

Creative resume, Designed By MOO


Technical Special Template

Technical Special Template

The Technical Special is a great example of how to focus the attention on the skills and objectives. Use this type of resume if you have a vacant period in your work history. This trick may even help you to change your current industry or professional field.

By the by, recently we have started a new subscription system which is called ONE. Joining this, you can download all templates, graphics, themes, etc. for only $19 a month! Isn’t it awesome? ONE Subscription allows you to download all items from ONE package without any restrictions for just $19 per month! If you are interested in templates related to resume, just follow the link Resume Templates and check out what ONE items are available! Also, if you are a reader of the TemplateMonster blog, you can get 5% off with the help of the promo code BecomeThe1.

Premium Resume Templates

Kate Shafer

It’s a cozy resume with warm grey and dark purple color scheme. You can easily place your photo here, add working experience and make a clear job chronology. Due to a stylish modern layout, it suits anyone who wants to express his creativity. 

Kate Shafer CV Template Word

David Anderson

Pink and deep purple colors are in trend, so with such a template, you can be sure your future management will not pass through it. With the help of informative graphic charts, you can represent your previous working experience originally.

David Anderson CV Template Word

Martien Smith

This resume is creative and unusual. It looks fresh and fancy, so you can boldly use it for art vacancies as a videographer, photographer, event organizer.

Marten Smith CV Template Word

Inverness McKenzie

Noir is one of the most relevant fashion tendencies. Therefore, the Inverness design is a perfect match for art studios, models, and actors. It will express your professional approach, show that you are keeping up with the times.

Inverness McKenzie CV Template Word


Watercolor always adds freshness to any layout. With the BellaBlue resume, you get a well-structured, fully customizable asset that will help you succeed.

BellaBlue CV Template Word

Karen Xackson

A Black & White color scheme is the universal combination, as it gives you creative freedom. If you prefer not to risk with bright shades, this model is a perfect choice for a stylish but no-regret resume solution.

Karen Xackson CV Template Word


MALINA has a tender, smooth layout. It will perfectly suit beauty industry workers, as hairdressers, nail masters, make-up artists, etc. Besides, you receive several color options for the CV, 5+ seamless patterns that you can apply to make your ideas come true.

MALINA CV Template Word

Lana Munro

Lana is a wonderful option for an artist’s resume. It’s vivid, with trendy colors, gradients, harmoniously located blocks. As a bonus, you get a business card that you can use for your business. 

Lana Munro CV Template Word

Martin Davids CV Design Resume Template

This CV highlights the most important details with the contrasting colors. The headings of the paragraphs are painted in some bright color to attract attention. There are three colors to choose from, so you can change that any moment you would like to.


Christian Resume Template

An accurate, ready-to-use 2-page resume template that goes in 4 formats: MS Word, Pages, PSD, and EPS. All the elements are fully customizable; you can edit them no matter what device do you use – PC or Mac. The files are in A4 size and are 100% print ready.


Marketer Resume Template

This resume is very elegant and stylish – a perfect match for a high-level specialist. The solid grey color scheme will show every employer you are a real professional with the eye for details. The template package includes the resume itself and a cover letter, all in four most popular formats.


Henderson Resume Template

The strict color scheme makes this CV template look very professional. It shows that its owner prefers to have complete control over the way he is treated by others. Template package includes all the necessary pages and a link to the free font that was used in CV design.


Alex Samuals Resume Template

Black & white combination will never fail you. The classiest and the most elegant of all – it will definitely bring you success. Besides that, all colors, texts, and fonts are completely editable, so after a little customization, this resume template could look any way you would like it to look.


Manon Resume Template

This great resume template has a very soft and natural color scheme. It will be a perfect variant for a specialist in almost any existing profession. The template is easy to edit, but in case of questions, the FAQ document is included in the package.


Emma Resume Template

Very sophisticated and delicate resume template that will be a great choice for any woman. It doesn’t mean it will look bad for man – the template is quite versatile. All elements are made in vector format and are resizable. The CV template is fully layered and print ready.


Laria Resume Template

This resume template emphasizes the most important details of your professional capabilities in the special block on the top of the CV. The color scheme is strict and doesn’t annoy the viewer. Grey, white and black is definitely a win-win combination, that could bring you real success.


Abernathy Resume Template

Do you want to add a nice background picture and a personal logo to your resume? This template will allow you to do it. This CV template is one of the best variants for a designer, photographer or artist – it could show all your creativity to the employer.


Daniela Resume Template

Some resume templates look more than very elegant and well-thought-out business cards. And this is one of them – just look at those accurately combined colors. The file goes in the most popular formats: MS Word, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and Apple Pages.


Modern Resume Template

Adding some interesting forms, not only colors is good for attracting attention. If you want the employer to notice you immediately – use this CV template. The color scheme is rather common for such templates, but an interesting background could help you to gain a few additional points.


William Resume Template

And here we have a rather non-typical color scheme, pink and gray look very nice together, but are used really rare in CV templates. Such kind of resume will be perfect for a fashion industry specialist, designer or artist. In general, it is very accurate and beautiful.


Jhon Doe – Creative Resume Template

Colors, used for this resume template are highly contrasting. Black and white scheme is combined with bright and colorful details. The template has three color variants – orange, blue and green. The only disadvantage is that printed on the monochrome printer it won’t look so cool.


Orpha Resume Template

This CV template is just what any woman would like to use for a CV. The colors are calm, the design is elegant and the fonts are accurate. The template is fully layered, you will be able to resize and customize it any way you would like.


Evans Blick Resume Template

A perfect resume template for an office worker – content manager, recruiter, office manager. It is simple, laconic and uses a neutral color scheme. It includes two pages of the resume and one page of the cover letter, all of which in four main formats.


Which one of these resume templates for Microsoft Word do you like the most? Don't hesitate to leave your feedback in our comment section. In the event you didn't find the template that you need, feel free to take a look at the resume templates section on our website.

There you will see a perfect theme for your CV.

Free & Premium Resume Templates FAQ

What is a CV Template?

A college Curriculum Vitae (CV) template is a document containing pre-defined fields that are intended to be filled with personal details of students that are applying for internships or people looking for a place to be hired.

How to Obtain a Microsoft Word Resume Template?

You can create a resume from scratch, use a resume builder or download 15 Free Microsoft Word Resume Templates.

What are Microsoft Word Resume Template Formats?

- Chronological resume
- Functional resume
- Combination
- Targeted

What makes premium resume templates better than freebies?

Unlike freebies, Premium Resume Templates feature more versatile designs and premium support. They also feature fully customizable and resizable vector elements and several resume layout variations that you can choose from.

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