20 Excellent jQuery Plugins for WordPress

Since recently, jQuery plugins have become extremely popular on the web, but it turns out much harder now to trace all the new releases and updates of the former versions. What’s obvious here is that the internet has made apparent that jQuery is a very convenient and truly efficient money-saving technology. There’s simply flood of useful jQuery tools, though the best ones should be certainly sorted out to fit each particular online project. For web developers and regular bloggers the options of time and resources are not the least of the factors to consider, so it is better not to underrate the importance of such plugins, but see them in proper perspective.

WordPress as the most popular blog service and CMS platform is one of the foremost software to have such plugins implemented. It is currently inconceivable to imagine any modern WordPress blog without such excellent jQuery plugins as accordions, slide and toggle stuff, various jQuery image viewers, tabs and menus that you might be already familiar with. Apart from the all that, jQuery plugins are highly essential for the embedding of social networks, contact forms, moreover they allow the moderating and validating of comments for submit and also offer the access to heaps of web resources. With jQuery plugins it has virtually become possible to provide the top blog functionality as well as spectacular media content presentation, which are in fact the main objectives for each self-respecting blogger. Right now we’ll list down the best jQuery plugins found out there. They will guide you to obtain the results that you have always wanted online!

1. Showtime

showtime - wp plugin

While talking about presentating your content in a spectacular way we must never forget about good old slideshows. This is not new but still an effective method of representing your images using this simple plugin. Showtime offers several useful options that will make your gallery more user- and media-friendly.

* * *

2. Easing Slider

easingslider - jQuery Wp plugin

Display your media content easily with comfortable jQuery plugin for more user-friendly navigation.

* * *

3. Coin Slider

coin slider - jQuery WP plugin

This is an excellent light-weight plugin with cool transition effects, flexible configuration and auto slide. Don't forget that you can customize this plugin with the help of CSS.

* * *

4. 3D Carousel Menu FX

3dcarousel - jQuery Wp plugin

Impressive plugin that will add some spice to your website. 3D Carousel Menu FX has all possible rotations behaviors & speeds, roll over effects, tooltip and many more superb features.

* * *

5. Accordion FX

accordion fx - jQuery Wp plugin

This is another classic jQuery plugin that creates beatiful accordion menu. Among its noble features we must mark out customizable width & height, advanced text effects, zoom image effects.

* * *

6. Accordion Image Menu

Accordion Image Menu - WP jQuery plugin

Our next light-weight plugin allows you to choose between horizontal and vertical position for the menus.Also you may like a new title background option.

* * *

7. Fancy Box

fancy-box - WP jQuery plugin

With installing Fancy Box to your blog you can change such options as border, margin width and color, zoom speed, animation type, close button position, overlay color and opacity.

* * *

8. Lightbox 2

Lightbox is a simple jQuery plugin that overlays images on the current page. It is very easy to setup and supports all modern browsers.

* * *

9. Multimedia jQuery Plugin

multimedia - WP jQuery plugin

Add music, podcasts, videos and slideshow to your blog withour any problems due to excellent functionality provided by Multimedia jQuery Plugin.

* * *

10. Slider WordPress Plugin

slidedeck - WP jQuery plugin

Save your precious time with Slider plugin from SlideDeck. The plugin works really simple and allows you to post a slider live in minutes

* * *

11. Flipping Book

flippinggallery - WP jQuery plugin

Present your blog gallery via Flipping Book WordPress jQuery plugin that allows you to create original gallery with page flip effect directly from the administrator panel.

* * *

12. Pagebar

pagebar - jQuery WP plugin

jQuery-Pagebar replaces next and prev links with original and modern pagebar. So it's easy to navigate through many pages.

* * *

13. Colorbox

colorbox - WP jQUery plugin

jQuery Colorbox is a superb plugin that offers you ten different design themes for your images and galleries.

* * *

14. Tweet Blender

Tweet Blender is a twitter widget which can be added to any WordPress blog. It supports multiple sources as inputs, advanced filtering and it has a unique caching system that works around Twitter's API connection limits.

* * *

15. Polaroid Gallery

Overlay images as polaroid pictures on the current page or post with the help of Polaroid Gallery WordPress jQuery plugin.

* * *

16. Transitions WordPress Plugin

Transition Effects are extremely popular nowadays and this plugin will add them to your blog. It is very easy to use and install, also this script is compatible with the most of major browsers.

* * *

17. Insights

insights - jQuery WP plugin

Writing posts has never been this much easy - with Insights plugin you can search your blog for posts, edit them or insert links, insert Flickr Images, Youtube videos, search Google, insert a Google Map and so on.

* * *

18. Comment Preview

comment-preview jQuery WordPress plugin

This script allows the live comment preview without page reboot. It is really useful and light-weight plugin.

* * *

19. Simple Modal Contact Form

simple modal contact form - WP jQuery plugin

This is an Ajax-powered contact form plugin for WordPress.

* * *

20. Infinite Scroll

infinite scroll - WP jQuery plugin

We are sure that you've heard about autopagerizers - frankly speaking this is plugin that creates one endless scroll page neglecting usage the next and prev buttons.

* * *

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