Excited with Trendy Color of 2014. Showcase of Purple Websites

Expressive, creative, embracing – it’s all about Radiant Orchid, color of the year 2014. Pantone Color Institute announced it as the most popular due to its creative and original look, that is of the previous importance in the modern society. Named after a wonderful flower, it has the same charming nature that draws viewers in.

Previous week we’ve published the freebie colored in this enigmatic purple color, and now we want to share with you a bunch of inspirational designs - purple websites. These captivating purple designs are examples of recently created sites that will be hyper trendy this year. Check them out to see how purple color works in these designs, what other colors match it the best way, and decide on how it can work for your business.

Color Psychology

Radiant Orchid is a harmonious unity of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, an artificial color that is associated with the following notions:

  • Royalty
  • Nobility
  • Fantasy
  • Spirituality
  • Mystery
  • Dignity
  • Luxury

If you want your website communicate points mentioned above, choose purple color scheme for the design. It also has a calming effect and encourages creativity, the latter one makes it a perfect fit for presenting a variety of design portfolios.

What Sites Choose it?

It's known as a contrasting color that is good for attracting attention to the key points of your site. This color as any other has a number of variations. Blue-purple, for example, is visually cool, a red-purple is a bit more warm. Deep purple looks so calming that is widely used in religious sites. The cheerful tone of the brightest shades of purple make it ideal for kids websites.

It’s a wrong assumption that purple is a color only for women websites like spa salons, fashion stores and everything that deals with beauty industry. It goes without saying that purple color in design of women fashion stores uplifts their conversion, but a number of business web presences also make use of it. It’s vibrant, strong and easily attracts attention. You can also find it in a variety of logos that became more eye-catching with this particular choice of color.

Now it’s time to see how purple behaves in website designs. Check out the sites below to see how they make use of this brandish color.

* * *New Company Name

Bold color palette where purple plays the key role and other colors are used as bright accents easily attracts attention of the audience.

Purple Websites

* * *FlatGuitars

Light purple like on the image below is widely used in flat website designs, bringing them a cool look.

Purple Websites

* * *Web & Mobile UX-UI Design

Purple design doesn’t mean that the whole layout is colored in it. Red-purple gradient applied to the full-size picture in the top creates the same effect of nice coloration.

Purple Websites

* * *Voodoo Monkeys

This example illustrates how purple encourages creativity. Its bright hue works great for setting the effective tone and pushing the content placed against it in the focus of attention.

Purple Websites

* * *TriplAgent

Purple behaves harmoniously with other colors of this website. Though, it plays a dominant role here.

Purple Websites

* * *M-Go

If you need to choose the best accompanying color for purple, have a look at this website. There you will find best color combinations where purple plays the main role.

Purple Websites

* * *Hopskoch

If someone says that purple is not a good choice for a website - don't believe in it. Hopskoch website is professionally tailored giving an ideal housing for the subj color. Number of illustrations are implemented into this design making it look really amazing.

Purple Websites

* * *Rokivo

Paired with natural green, purple creates a stunning visual effect. The following design looks clean and clear, thus appealing to the audience.

Purple Websites

* * *Pic & Mix Pictures

Color palette of this site is a contrasting one with light purple, white and bright green that is applied on key points to accentuate them.

Purple Websites

* * *Baboom

Video intro in purple color adds a vibe to the look of this site which design becomes eye-catching.

Purple Websites

* * *Awesomewall

If you're fond of illustrations, you will find this website quite amazing. Lots of animation mixed with illustrations make a welcoming effect on any visitor. As for the colors used, you'll find couple dozens here.

Purple Websites

* * *Appear

Some web design bloggers define vertical division of content (like it's created in this website) into a separate trend. Click the screenshot to see what this site can offer.

Purple Websites

* * *Activate Media

Purple always draws attention, that’s why its choice for the fixed header is a wise one. As you see, such header will always be in the focus of attention.

Purple Websites

* * *Abdul Samad

Awwwards nominates this website not without a reason. Heavily animated cite looks really amazing combined with a purple color in the header.

Purple Websites

* * *The Purple Bunny

If I were Alisa, I would definitely follow this purple bunny. If you look at something else besides this fluffy guy, you will notice a cloth texture at the background that reminds a blanket. As for me, this makes quite a warming effect.

Purple Websites

* * *The 519 Church Street Community Center

Generally this design is quite simple from the view point of a trend hunter, yet it's in this round up. Having such a great number of colors used it looks really awesome.

Purple Websites

* * *Thameem

Vibrant purple is extremely good for layout of web design studio. It matches the creative mood of such a web presence.

Purple Websites

* * *Synergia Agencja

Creative ideas require creative presentation like in this example. Bright purple plus cool cartoon characters make this design distinct and effective.

Purple Websites

* * *As you see, purple adds a creative, joyful, royal and beautiful touch to designs, it looks undoubtedly effective and appealing to the viewers. No wonder, it was announced as the color of the year. And are you ready to color your designs in elegant purple?

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