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30 Free Joomla Extensions and Modules Excellent for New and Growing Businesses

When you decide to build your site with Joomla, you will definitely need more functionality than the starter package includes. With so many Joomla extensions available on the web, it’s always a challenge to find the ones that can bring the useful functionality of your site to a new level. In this blog post you can review more than 20 trusted providers of free Joomla extensions and download 30 free Joomla extensions and modules.

Developed by DigitalPeak, DPCalendar is a responsive Joomla calendar and event manager that allows users smooth browsing of your events without the need to refresh the page. Thus, your visitors will be able to switch between month, week or day view without page load delays. The extension is available by subscription. Overall, there are four subscription packages available – free, standard, professional and premium. We’ll focus your attention on the functionality that you can get for free.

  • Compatibility – Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3
  • Unlimited duration
  • Unlimited domains
  • Component
  • Upcoming module
  • Counter module
  • Mini module
  • Content plugin
  • Search plugin

Ready Bytes focus on developing smart solutions for improving your online business. Here you can find both free and premium Joomla modules. They provide a money back guarantee in case you do not like the way any product works. We have chosen two cool extensions from their gallery. Both of them are free and useful.

Welcome Message is a free Joomla extension that will show first-time visitors to you site a welcome message. You can customize it the way you wish. For instance, instead of a more common pop-up you can send a personal message to a user or show a message on a user’s home page when he or she signs up for the first time. The free pack:

  • Is compatible with the latest versions of Joomla, JomSocial and JomSocial Profile Types.
  • Will automatically find out a user’s profile type
  • Allows you to decide on how to display welcome notes
  • Enables you to set different messages for different types of users

It’s impossible to keep in mind all of the passwords you have ever created. In order to facilitate users’ browsing experience and make your site more user-friendly, Bye-Bye Password Joomla extension was developed. This is a combined login/registration system that doesn’t require a password.

  • Users don’t need to enter a password during registration or login.
  • To authenticate a user, a login link is sent to his/her email inbox. A login link expires after a life session lifetime.

With Two Factor Authentication you can forget about security threats. With this free Joomla extension you can protect your site from Key loggers, Password cracking, Password hacking, etc. The free package includes:

  • 2-step authentication setup with Google Authenticator
  • Key generation from Google Authenticator
  • Backup codes
  • User-specific configuration for authentication

JEmail Config Verifier is an open-source free Joomla utility plugin with the help of which you can verify email configuration settings.

  • After installation, JCV will be available in the backend of Joomla.
  • All you need to do is enter the configurations and click “test” button. All the rest will be done for you.
  • The extension will check the email settings and notify you about the status.

TemPlaza produce templates, extensions and other useful stuff for Joomla and WordPress. Their products are frequently updated in order to provide end users with only quality and up-to-date stuff. What’s more, they offer a number of free solutions in order to help users on a limited budget build a competitive web resource without additional fees.

TZ Multi Slideshow is a free Joomla extension that integrates three famous slideshows into one, namely flexslider, zoomslider and nivoslider.

  • Flexslider features thumbnails, which can be moved up or down.
  • Instead of thumbnails, Nivoslider features a number of other effects like Fade, Fold, Box Rain GrowReserve, etc.
  • In Zoomslider images will move in a manner of being close to you and then moving further away.

TZ Pinboard is a free Joomla extension that emulates Pinterest design. This freebie includes all features of this popular social networking platform like Add pin, Upload pin, Board Manager, Like, Follow, Comment, and more. In addition, the free package includes the following characteristics:

  • The extension was made fully responsive in order to display content on any screen size in a clear and intuitive manner.
  • Users will be able to discuss products, thanks to Comment system.
  • In the backend, you can turn Lightbox on or off . Thus, users will be able to view pins in detail.
  • Users can pin images either from a website or their own gadgets.
  • Notification module will keep you updated on all activities of a user whom you follow.

TZ Portfolio is a portfolio component that can help users manage content in an easy way. Working on com_content database, it inherits all functions of the latter. For instance, you can develop Portfolio and Timeline data interfaces.

  • The extension supports Group extra field, which allows the creation of a multi-portfolio system on your site.
  • Video/gallery/image display functions are supported.
  • Tag and authority management function as well and crop and resize functionality are available.

With TZ Google Map you can display location information on your site. This free Joomla extension supports many features of Google map, like:

  • Displaying list address
  • Configurable map color and height
  • Users can navigate the map by dragging and dropping
  • Input location image

Blog Factory is a free Joomla extension developed by The PHP Factory, a child company of SKEPSIS Consult SRL, that deals with developing extensions and apps for Joomla. Coming packed full of awesome functionality, Blog Factory can be a perfect alternative to WordPress blogging. Here are some of its key features:

  • Each user will get his or her own blog front page
  • Social bookmarking
  • Commenting system
  • Email notifications
  • RSS feed and synchronization
  • Thumbs up/down rating system
  • Simple blog search on listings
  • Avatars
  • User dashboard with panes that can be dragged and all-in-reach controls, etc.

Function90 is a group of developers and designers who specialize in Joomla, PHP and JavaScript. Keeping pace with the latest web standards, they deliver quality products designed with valid code. Content Filter is one of them. This is a free Joomla extension that filters content of an article as per users’ Joomla usergroup.

  • The extension allow you to show or hide a particular part of article from some groups of Joomla usergroups.
  • There is a possibility of creating your own group called token. Thus, you won’t need to change the article content while updating usergroups.

StackIdeas develop powerful Joomla extensions and apps for multiple purposes. EasySocial, EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss are among their premium offers. If you are looking for free modules developed by these guys, please have a look at the extensions listed below.

Komento is a powerful Joomla commenting system that you can grab for free. By installing it, you will have full control of managing user activities.

  • You can accentuate the comments you like the most and grant them extra viewership.
  • Profile pages will give you access to the activity of one particular user gathered together on one page. Thus, you can view his or her comments, replies, likes, and more.
  • Social sharing, ratings and location services were added to improve interaction onsite.
  • Anti spam, advanced control and comment reporting and advanced control were provided to maintain order on your Joomla-powered site.

All RasyBlog Modules is a collection of free modules for EasyBlog. The package includes 24 archives with modules, including:

  • EasyBlog Bio
  • EasyBlog Calendar
  • EasyBlog List
  • EasyBlog New Post
  • EasyBlog Popular Post
  • EasyBlog Categories, etc.

As Eric Ries, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and pioneer of the lean startup movement said: “You have to think big, but start small. And then scale fast. People think about trying to build the next Facebook as trying to start where Facebook is today.” So spending a lot of money early on will stop you from scaling rapidly when your company starts getting positive metrics.

With this in mind, for now you might be looking for free solutions as a substitute for paid ones, and to help you get a head start we can offer you some insight into free Joomla! extensions that possibly contain as much quality as paid ones.

RSContact! is a simple Joomla!contact form builder. It powers your website on the idea that every legitimate company with a professional website has to have one. The contact form is your door to the client’s mind; you gather information, feedback and ideas to help you grow your business while keeping the line of communication open between your company and your target market. This is a free Joomla! extension worth having because:

  • you can create professional looking forms in just a few minutes.
  • a series of pre-defined forms are set, that contain all the fields that are regularly found in a contact form. You can enable, disable or mark them as required with a simple click.
  • the data submitted through the form is sent to the administrator through email (if selected, to the submitter as well).
  • and you can customize your form through various placeholders and even through a CSS and Javascript section.


In order to succeed you need to generate awareness and interest regarding your company products and services. This social media module is used for effectively putting the links or share buttons to your social networks in one spot on the frontend of your website and easily manage them in the backend. This free Joomla! extension is a very flexible one:

  • it has a highly customizable look and feel;
  • it can be displayed in multiple types of template positions;
  • links and share buttons can be configured for a large number of networks;
  • website viewers can share a link to the website with a friend through email;
  • and you can choose to display icons for each social network link or show their share buttons and counters.


The way your products and services are presented on your website influence the purchase and that’s where this versatile image gallery module comes in:

  • it can be populated with images from Flickr, Pinterest and theRSMediaGallery!
  • you can set athumbnail size and an images limit;
  • and it is a great choice for today’s websites that have visitors from all types of platforms (tablets, smartphones and so on) because it adapts its images' layout and numbers based on the available space.

You can use these free Joomla! extensions for your company website, personal website or blog.To get the most out of your experience feel free to check out the video tutorials, talk to experts in the forum section of the RSJoomla! website or read the documentation and FAQ.


JoomForest is a team of professional designers developing Joomla templates and extensions for this CMS. There are many reasons why users prefer their services to many others. Their themes are easy to use and install, feature responsive designs, are well-documented, and are coded according to the latest web standards. Along with premium products, they treat customers with cool freebies. Here are some of them.

JF Mobile Menu Module is a free Joomla multi-level menu that will run on multiple devices. By downloading this extension you will get:

  • Simple Joomla parent and sub-menu items
  • Unlimited font and color options
  • FontAwesome Icons
  • Custom Image Icons

JF SideButtons Module is free as well. The module is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x versions. As the name implies, it shows sidebar buttons that you can customize the way you wish by attaching any link, FontAwesome icons or your own images.


Minitek produce high-quality templates and extensions for Joomla. Intuitive and powerful, responsive and coded with valid web standards, their products and services will make your Joomla-powered project better. The gallery includes both free and premium options, so every customer will be able to find something to his/her liking here. Traditionally, below you can find a cool freebie developed by this company.

Kunena Social Share is a free plugin that integrated Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons inside Kunena posts. The freebie is easy-to-configure and allows the optional inclusion of external javascript files.

  • You can manage the size and language of social buttons
  • Buttons can be enabled separately
  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x

VinaGecko, like many other companies on this list, develop free and premium themes and extensions for Joomla. Currently, there are many powerful Joomla extensions available for download. We will focus your attention on one that will add usability to your site.

Vina Article Accordion is a free Joomla 3 Accordion module with a responsive layout and unlimited background and text color variations. As an administrator you can choose to display featured articles or not, organize content with accordion effect, run multiple modules on a single page, etc. Main features include:

  • Free documentation and forum support
  • Ability to sort order by recently added/recently modified/title/ordering
  • Possibility to manage how articles will be displayed (with into text, image, author, category, date, etc)
  • Manage text and background color
  • Multi-language support
  • Support for caching, and more

GAVICKPRO is a trusted theme provider that, together with quality WP and Joomla templates, develops useful extensions for both CMS. The latter help to expand the functionality of your blog, portfolio or business website with advanced features. Here is an example of one of their free Joomla extensions.

Weather GK4 is a free weather module for Joomla that can display updated weather information on your site, with elegant icons and a range of other information.

  • Compatibility – Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x
  • Displays regularly-updated predictions and current conditions
  • By setting the preferred location, the module will show precise weather forecast
  • You have the power to decide on how the data will be displayed
  • Auto backup option regularly stores the data
  • Tabbed pages provide for better navigation

OmegaTheme is a team of frontend and backend web developers that create Joomla, Prestashop and Magento themes for multiple purposes as well as powerful extensions for them. OT Testimonials Slider is one of those handy free modules that will make your site more usable. User testimonials play a significant role on the web. So, why not make them more interactive? With the help of this freebie powered by Bootstrap Carousel you can display unlimited testimonials in a 1 or 2 column list or with thumbnail/list/grid layout.

  • Responsive design support
  • Choose the place where you’d like to display testimonials
  • Create your own slider style
  • Select avatar image
  • Get support via OmegaTheme Support Forum

JCE was listed among the top 10 free Joomla extensions, according to V2interactive. This is a free, extendable and customizable Joomla module that makes creating and editing Joomla content much easier. Thanks to a clean and simple interface, you can edit the content even without any HTML, XHTML or CSs knowledge. Here is what the free package includes:

  • Functions and interface similar to Office
  • Integrated Spellchecking
  • Advanced code editor
  • Link Browser for creating links to other pages of your site
  • Ability to upload, cut, copy, paste or delete images

Developed by TemplatePlaza (a Joomla extensions and themes provider), Fonticons is a free module that allow you to insert font-based icons into your posts or designs. Font icons have a number of advantages over traditional icons. For instance, these are easy to use and modify. You can change an icon color without the need to open image editor software. To insert a font icon all you need to do is click the corresponding button in the Joomla HTML editor and select the desired icon.

  • Font icons are easy to use and modify
  • 2 additional font icons support
  • Zoom in/out function support

A free Joomla extension by Themexpert is next on the list. Together with developing extensions and themes for Joomla, these guys produce many handy modules and themes for WP. The gallery includes both free and premium options, so you may be sure of finding the desired product there. Each theme or module comes with expert support and extensive documentation, which means that you’ll get a plethora of useful resources helping you with the installation and management of the selected product.

Xpert Timeline is a free module with the help of which you’ll be able to display Google's Timeline project Spreadsheet. The freebie is based on Timeline.JS that is considered to be a perfect option for Event, Biography, Product pages, etc. What’s more, with its help you can create your own unique timeline.

  • Easy to install and configure
  • Intuitive admin
  • Google Spreadsheet sample included
  • Well-documented
  • Can be used for Event, Biography, Product pages, etc.

Smartaddons have developed a free Joomla module that is an ideal option for events and special news websites. It will make your events or announcements even catchier. SJ Topbar is compatible with Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 3.x. Thanks to its responsive layout, it will fit any screen size. Based on your settings, the module can be placed either on top or at the bottom of the page. The main features of this free module are:

  • Responsivity
  • Crossbrowser compatibility
  • Hidden button support
  • Show/hide countdown support
  • Allows choice of timezone
  • Allows inserting links to display
  • Allows taking control of the panel options, etc.

With the next free Joomla module by NoNumber (a company specializing in developing quality Joomla extensions) you can forget about frustrating cache cleaning. Cache Cleaner will help you clean cache quickly and easily via a link in your Joomla Administrator.

  • With its help you can purge expired cache
  • Do a global check-in
  • Empty the temp folder
  • Empty user-defined folders and database tables

DJ Extensions is all about developing quality extensions for Joomla. DJ Menu is one of them. This is a free Joomla module that allows you to manage your site menu in so many ways. For instance, you can make it animated or just dropdown.

  • Fully responsive
  • Use default CSS or your own
  • Choose transition effect
  • Enable vertical/horizontal transition at first level
  • Enable fade effect at first level
  • Vertical/horizontal transition at other levels
  • Set effect duration
  • Set delay time for submenu close

The last, but not the least, on our chart of the best free Joomla extensions today is Instant Paypal by Joomla Extensions Store. This is a free module to integrate Joomla and PayPal, which allows you to take your website to a new level by transforming it into a powerful e-Commerce platform. The extension is available in free and paid versions. By selecting the former you’ll get the ability to build a Joomla e-Commerce site using the Joomla plugin syntax for embedding PayPal buttons inside articles and modules, including

  • Currency settings
  • PayPal cart usage
  • Basic form for products
  • No orders history
  • Plugin syntax only

If you think that some useful and free Joomla extensions and modules are missing in this blog post, please give us your feedback in the comments section. You are also welcome to share your favorite free Joomla components and modules below. We cherish your opinion!

Multilanguage Pack

We will install the multilanguage package within your Joomla template with all required languages.
The service includes:

  1. Installation of all required language packs.
  2. Installation of language switcher on the website.
  3. Installation of multilanguage plugin with user-friendly admin-panel for translation (without duplicating articles, menus, categories, settings etc).

Multilanguage will be provided by our Service Center.

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