Outstanding 404 Pages You’ll Be Happy to Stumble Upon

Any kind of error is psychologically associated with negative emotions because something allegedly went wrong. We think that even though an error itself is not a good thing, the way it's being presented must be beautiful and charged with positive emotions. Nice and user-friendly 404 pages may help convince a visitor to stay on the website and finally find what he or she was looking for.

I'm sure that you have seen many various blog posts collecting examples of 404 pages but today we are happy to present you a new portion of these pages that we think you haven't seen before. If you don't have any custom design for the 404 page at your website then you should hurry up and do that immediately because it is very fun and extremely useful. We sincerely hope that our picks of original 404 pages will inspire you to create your own original 404 page that will make your visitors smile.

Funny 404 page examples




Dan Wooger


Comedy Central

The New Yorker



Free 404 page not found pictures

Halloween 404

Error 404

Error - page not found

Broken wire 404

Angry cat 404

Sad box 404

Something wrong 404

Free code for animated 404 pages

404 Error Page Smoke From Toaster

Pickle-Rick Sliced 404

Yeti 404 Page

User Error Page

404 page and a long walk

404 Crying Baby

404 page

404 Error page

Premium 404 page templates

Cute 404 Error Specialty Page

Electric 404 Specialty Page

404 - Animated Page Mega Pack Website Template

Smart - Page Not Found 404 HTML5 Specialty Page

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