13 Free & Inexpensive WordPress Classes to Try in 2020

  1. Why Take an Online WordPress Course?
  2. 6 WordPress Lessons for Beginners
  3. 7 WordPress Courses for Developers
  4. Top 5 WordPress Themes [Bestsellers in 2019]
  5. 5 Useful WordPress Training Video-Channels
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WordPress is not just a CMS - it’s a large community with the greatest number of users and clients. This means we end up with hundreds of online WordPress courses and training topics to choose from.

At first glance, the availability of resources should impress. From a second view, the huge world of WordPress seems to scare and be confusing, in particular, for the newbies of web development. Just Google something like “best WordPress training courses” and you’ll see ten pages of resources with both free and paid tutorials to opt for.

How are you supposed to make a choice?

Fortunately, before making that important choice, you can read my overview of the 13 best WordPress classes and courses. Each of them is focused on deep learning of either WordPress basics or its more advanced opportunities.

That is why the first thing you’ve got to do is rate your current WP knowledge. If all you know about WordPress is its name, check out these 6 WordPress lessons for beginners.

If you consider yourself a developer with intermediate to advanced level skills, go straight to 7 WordPress courses for developers.

Finally, we’ve collected 5 useful WordPress training video-channels covering most WordPress-related topics from different levels.

Why Take an Online WordPress Course?

Let’s be honest–good online courses are a godsend. No matter what kind of builder courses you’re looking for, it’s a) convenient, b) easy to work on, and c) requires only having a digital device and an internet connection.

WordPress training will help you learn about the most popular content management system from scratch. The classes aren’t boring because, along with text information, they provide you with video and audio accompaniment. After the course, you have an opportunity to download and save all the documentation for later use.

Advanced WordPress developer training may even offer you a premium WP product for free that you can later put on your own site. Or, they might give you a universal code that will help you modify elements for your future website and more.

It does not matter if you choose between paid/free or beginner/developer options, you will get a chance to learn a little more of what you already know about the WordPress platform.

So, getting to the point...

6 WordPress Lessons for Beginners

WP Apprentice: WordPress Quick Start Course

Cost: Free (lifetime access to WordPress Essentials for $47 or all courses for $147)

WP Apprentice QuickStart Course is an online WordPress training program that will teach you all the basics. The course includes the following:

  • Finding a web hosting provider
  • WordPress installation
  • Working with a toolbar
  • Getting started with content

The course goes over WP major web products, such as themes, plugins, and widgets. As soon as the course is finished, you will be able to create your first WP website.

Pros of WordPress Quick Start Course:

  • The course is short and free. Trying this course will cost you nothing.
  • It’s a perfect starter guide for users who have NEVER worked with the system.
  • You will get a general overview of all the main WP features.


  • Because this free WordPress training is concise, it doesn’t go into too much detail.

Joy of WP: WordPress Training

Cost: Free

WordPress training from Joy of WP will help you start this long journey into the world of WordPress. This easy-to-follow guideline includes information on getting started, links, topics, plugins, blogs, hosting, Gutenberg, and some other add-ons. Upon completion of the course, you will become much better at understanding the basics of WordPress.

Pros of Joy of WP:

  • The course is free, although you’ll have to register to watch some videos.
  • Each video describes one concrete issue. This means you won’t have to search for specific to-do steps within one large video, but rather find a specific lesson you need.


  • There might a few ‘specific’ videos that you might not necessarily need to watch in the first level (mostly videos from the plugins section).

Udemy: WordPress for Beginners

Cost: $19.99

The Udemy WordPress Starter Course costs less than $20 and is fairly comprehensive. Like any good WordPress course, Udemy tutorials give you a chance to learn WordPress online and cover its basics. They also explain the general structure of the CMS and its basic principles of operation. The last topic of the course covers SEO and how to improve website visibility and ranking.

Pros of WordPress Starter Course:

  • You’ll be able to cover all the WP basics in just a few hours.
  • The course includes a step-by-step guide on how to set up and operate your site.
  • The course takes a conceptual approach to WordPress. You’ll not only see the instructions but also get explanations for how and why it all works.
  • Lessons are taught in straightforward and easy-to-understand language for beginners.


  • New course materials are rather complex and designed more toward professionals.
  • The course was developed a long time ago, so some information is already outdated.

WP101: WordPress 101 Course

Cost: $19/year (first 7 videos are free)

Sometimes a free course does not provide everything that you are looking for, and you are willing to pay for more professional information. This WordPress 101 course provides more support and viewing options than its previous versions. The course covers all the basics - themes, plugins, site customization, and more complex materials. There are 20 videos in the course that contain many useful tips for novice WordPress users.

Pros of the WordPress 101 Course:

  • Video classes are available with subtitles in several languages.
  • After purchasing the course, you get access to the forum so that you can ask questions and get support.
  • If you bought a beginner course, an intermediate course is provided free of charge.


  • The course does not provide information on how to place and install the platform. It is assumed that the user has already installed the software.

BitDegree: Create a Website in 1 Day

Cost: $58.33 ($4.99 discounted)

Want to learn WordPress development and how to make money from having a website? Create a Website in 1 Day from BitDegree consists of 17 short tutorials. Bit Degree did a great job creating a quick and easy-to-understand guide explaining all the basics of running your own website using WordPress. In addition, the course covers key tips and skills to improve your business and do some marketing activities. All you need is internet access.

Pros of BitDegree course:

  • This fast 75-minute course fits easily into any schedule.
  • Useful lessons cover key points of website development so that you can create a website in a day.
  • The given recommendations and guidelines are useful for beginners in any industry.


  • After course completion, you can continue with other lessons from BitDegree for an additional fee.
  • This course is a just review, not a single topic is disclosed in great detail.

WordPress Classes from Lynda.com

Cost: One month free, then $24.99/mo for a subscription

You may already be a little bit familiar with WordPress or building a website as a whole, and you may feel that some of the above courses will be ideal for your needs. Or maybe you just like to study at your own pace, instead of going through a structured set of lessons. WordPress Classes from Lynda.com contains a number of uploaded WordPress courses. You can find courses on customizing WordPress, the basics of creating a website, customizing themes and plugins, as well as specific tips and tricks, and more complex tasks.

Pros of WordPress Classes from Lynda.com:

  • You get access to a lot of content at a fairly low price.
  • You can find courses on any topic you are currently studying.
  • Lynda.com is an independent platform, so you can switch from course to course if necessary.


  • It’s not a holistic course - you have to decide upon the sequence of videos on your own.
  • The quality of different courses varies from one developer to another.

7 WordPress Courses for Developers

At a time when you believe you know everything about WordPress, stop and think. There are dozens of WordPress tutorials for developers that can boost your current skills.

I offer you seven great opportunities to bring your WP knowledge to a more advanced level. Also, you may reread our earlier list of free and paid courses for WordPress developers as a reminder of all your opportunities.

Udemy: WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap

Cost: $174.99 ($19.99 discounted)

This advanced WordPress training requires basic HTML, CSS, and PHP skills, which help you create an efficient and custom website using Bootstrap. The Udemy course consists of both fundamental knowledge and advanced concepts that you’ll need for upgrading your WP skills.

Pros of WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap:

  • Full lifetime access of all 83 lectures, 2 articles, and 4 downloadable resources
  • A possibility to update your website using a user account
  • A possibility to convert any static HTML/CSS website into a custom theme


  • Some of the content goes a bit quickly - you have to be ready to pause.

Up and Running WordPress Development Course

Cost: $197

Created by David Hayes and Fred Meyer, the Up and Running WordPress Development Course gives you a coherent picture of how everything works. Apart from providing information and going into advanced details, the class will be an ultimate one-stop-shop for learning to code for WordPress.

The list of lecture topics includes WordPress structure, the basics of WordPress development, and the advanced concepts. You can review free WordPress educational content before purchasing a course to get an idea of what to expect.

Pros of Up and Running WordPress Development Course:

  • Each chapter is supplemented with a video tutorial explaining its core concepts.

WP Apprentice: Business Website Blueprint 

Cost: $47

The Business Website Blueprint course will teach you to plan and create a WordPress website on your own: from designing the structure, selecting materials, choosing and customizing the theme, to implementing additional functions using plugins.

Pros of Business Website Blueprint:

  • Blueprint includes full access to the starter course covering core WordPress skills and concepts.
  • Gain access to a forum where you may get downloadable worksheets and planning resources.

 WP Sessions: Your First WordPress Plugin

Cost: $299/year

The WP Sessions course implies creating a test plugin and learning all its stages of creation and development on practice. This includes the plugin file structure, interaction with the WordPress API Plugin, creating an options page and testing.

The author of the course Pippin Williamson is an active member of the WordPress community, and a plugin developer, including the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

 WP Sessions: How to Optimize WordPress Performance

Cost: $299/year

This is another WP Sessions course called How to Optimize WordPress Performance consists of six blocks and is devoted to a specific aspect of optimization - measuring website performance using various types of caching and increasing front-end productivity.

The author of the course is Zack Tollman, one of the Wired developers, a contributor to WordPress core development, and an active member of the WordPress community.

 Level Up Tutorials: Customizing WordPress

Cost: Free

This is one of the few free WordPress classes online that consists of fifteen lessons. Each of the lessons discloses how one particular aspect of the finished design theme can be changed depending on the needs of a particular site. Also, you’ll be taught to use child themes, customize interactive elements using JavaScript, modify widgets, etc.

The author of the course is Scott Tolinski - a lead developer of the Team Detroit digital agency.

 EnvatoTUTS+: Designing for WordPress

Cost: $15/month or a single payment of $15

The course covers all stages of the theme design of WordPress development, taking into account the system of templates, and organizing menus and widgets. You will get detailed tutorials on choosing the right color scheme, selecting the right font, creating layouts for the various types of templates that are a part of the theme, etc.

The author of the course is Adi Purdila, specializing in developing theme design for popular CMS.

If none of the last three courses caught your eye, we’ve got 25+ more tutorials for building a WordPress theme.

Those whose WordPress knowledge and coding skills are far from being advanced can also purchase a ready-made WP theme to make things even easier.

Purchasing a theme doesn’t mean that you’ll get a low-quality website with non-flexible design and customizing options. We guarantee that for the following WordPress themes from our TemplateMonster collection:

Top 5 WordPress Themes [Bestsellers in 2019]










P.S. If you choose a template based on Elementor page builder, check out our useful free guide on how to build & maintain an Elementor WordPress website.

P.P.S. Perhaps, you are thinking of your own online course. Then, you better learn more about WordPress LNS LearnPress and how to create a WP online course website. A detailed step-by-step guide is written in simple language and comes with images.

5 Useful WordPress Training Video-Channels

In addition to online WordPress classes, you can address educational video channels on different platforms. There, you’ll find tips dedicated to a specific issue, find video reviews of WP new features, or listen to practical recommendations from developers and website owners.

We’ve collected five channels that we believe to be useful and interesting:


WordPress.tv is the official WordPress video channel with regular video content from all WordCamp conferences around the world, including keynote developers and WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg.

Author: WordPress.org

Number of videos: an archive collected throughout the recent five years

Level: beginner/intermediate/advanced


How to Make a Website with a WordPress Theme: 8 Steps Guide

If you had no idea that we have a YouTube channel with a complete set of WordPress video tutorials, it’s time to watch them right now. We have an outstanding collection of WordPress tutorials for both newbies and pro users. The WordPress Tutorials playlist currently consists of 558 editorial videos!

Well, 558 might look too scary for a person who wants to start learning WordPress from scratch and doesn’t know where to start. Some of the most essential ones are on our list of 101 WordPress tutorials from TemplateMonster.

Author: TemplateMonster.com

Number of videos: 558

Level: beginner/intermediate/advanced


WordPress Tutorial for Beginners (No Coding Required)

WPBeginner contains video tutorials and guides on using WordPress and its various plugins. Every day you’ll see at least one new video, which is a nice addition to regular publications on the wpbeginner.com blog.

Author: Syed Balkhi / WPbeginner.com

Number of videos: an archive collected throughout the recent six years

Level: beginner/advanced


WordPress Theme Tutorial (Part 1)

Like all of the YouTube channels from my list, LearnWebCode is a selection of video tutorials on different topics related to web development. In a separate playlist inside the channel, you can discover twenty-three WordPress-related videos. Seventeen of them will teach you how to develop a WP theme for WordPress, in particular:

  • Principles of organizing templates
  • Working with menus, widgets, record formats
  • Working with the Customizer API
  • And more

Author: LearnWebCode.com

Number of videos: 17 lessons

Level: developer/advanced

Let’s Build WordPress

How to Build a WordPress Website from Scratch (2019)

Here’s a series of DIY video lessons on creating a WordPress site without writing code. Tutorials contain practical techniques and tips from choosing a strong password to creating site maps for search engines.

Author: LetsBuildWP.com

Number of videos: 50 lessons

Level: beginner/advanced

End of the line...

WordPress training guides - either free or paid - will help you get started with your first WP website or jump your current knowledge to the next level.

have we missed a good WordPress training course you might have seen or tried? If you know some good resources for learning WordPress, please share them in the comments section.

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