101 WordPress Tutorials: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About WordPress, but Didn’t Know How to Ask

The era of visual communication contributed much to the different aspects of human life. In order to gain some new skills, there is no need to visit professional courses or to hire a tutor – nowadays most learning has roamed to online media, ensuring an immense area for self-improvement. A sphere of web technologies isn’t the exception. A world of professional and amateur tutorials is rushing to rescue anyone who is to take the time and trouble to create his own website by himself. But are all these online lessons equally useful? And how do you choose the ones which can really provide you with the comprehensive and full algorithm of website creation, some useful tips, and relevant advice? Keep reading to learn more.

So here it is – the detailed guide on 101 WordPress tutorial articles and videos, which are going to make your life much easier than it was before you started reading this article. But in anticipation of proceeding to online lessons, let’s make sure you know where to find the best WordPress templates for an amazingly good-looking website. The majority of highly-responsive and easy-to-deal-with templates can be found through this link. It will lead you to the world of numerous eye-caching, carefully built themes for all occasions, staffed with useful elements and widgets.

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Now, when you have a significant pile of 1st class WordPress themes, it is high time to proceed to the WordPress tutorials themselves. In our humble opinion, it would be unfair if we start with the lessons for those who have at least a passing knowledge in crafting internet pages using the given platform. So, let’s take care of the tech newbies, as they need our help the most.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are glad to present to you an outstanding collection of WordPress tutorials for beginners. With their detailed step-by-step instructions on WordPress for beginners, website crafting becomes a child’s game.

WordPress Tutorials for Beginners or How to Stop Being a WordPress Newbie

1. How to Create a WordPress Custom Page Template: Gaining Ultimate Control

This is the most basic tutorial, elucidating the notion of WordPress and its role for website crafting. Written in a very accessible cheerful language, this article is a successful combo of theory and practice, which gives you no chance to fail in your own WordPress website crafting. Discover the phenomenon of template hierarchy, its importance for the customization process, and hurry up to try making it by yourself, following the brilliantly completed guidelines. Gain an immense power to make your webpage so creative and complicated as you have ever dreamt of using the handy tips on almost every single element of the template.

As a little icing on the cake, make your website reach its assigned goals by learning the purpose of each page the WordPress template usually contains, and have the honor to be trusted with the big secret of how to easily customize your page without diving into code with the help of JetEngine Elementor Plugin.

This tutorial is definitely what you need to plunge into the WordPress world and to discover every nook and cranny of it.

The remaining WordPress beginner tutorials are designed to provide you with some useful tips while dealing with WordPress templates. Check them all to get over your status of WP frosh.

2. How to Make a Website with a WordPress Theme: 8 Steps Guide

Save this magnificent guide on WordPress for beginners, as you will definitely need to come back to it again while creating your first professional WP site. No need to design everything from scratch – just check a huge quantity of available themes and select the one, which will represent your business in the best way possible.

Grab the quickest and simplest tool for brilliant online page – you will love it, we promise!

3. How to Add a Back-to-Top Button to Your WordPress Website?

This is a simple, but important tutorial on how to make your website even more convenient for users by adding a Back-to-Top button. The article offers extremely fast and easy ways which will let you perform all the procedure in a few simple steps. Want to know them? Check the tutorial.

In addition to the Back-to-Top button guidelines, which are spiced up with pictures and print screens for better understanding, the article features a WordPress tutorial YouTube video on How to build a WordPress website for free – a nice reason to refresh your general knowledge on WP website building.

4. How to Add More Navigation Menus to Your WordPress Theme

Increase the usability of your WordPress website by filling it up with the extra menus, aimed at improving page navigation by focusing on some important content blocks or links. The given WordPress beginner tutorial is staffed with handy guidelines of how to do it easily and quickly. Here are a few essential steps:
Step 1 Make your complete web page back up to be on the safe side in case something goes wrong
Step 2 With the help of File Manager or ftp client access your server
Step 3 To do editing, open 'functions.php' file and add a special code on the new line at the bottom of the file
Step 4 To create a menu in Dashboard, head for Appearance > Menus section. All that is left to do is to create a new menu or add the existing one.
To learn what code should be inserted and how to add menu locations to the page, please, check the full version of this amazing WordPress beginner guide.

5. How to Send Push Notifications?

The necessity of push notifications is usually a subject of controversy. Being a tool to promote a website by making a visitor come back to it again, push notifications cannot be insured against being annoying and causing the opposite effect from the one expected. Of course, everything depends on the marketer’s competence and the results of A/B testing.

To add push notifications to your web page, read the given tutorial, which offers doing it with the help of SendPulse platform. It’s as easy as pie.

6. So WordPress, Much Static: Generate Static HTML from Your WP Site in Minutes

One of numerous WordPress tutorials for beginners, which will help you generate your WP website into a static HTML version with the help of Simply Static plugin. There are at least two reasons to convert your online page into static ones:
  • If website security is your top priority, an HTML site cannot be hacked.
  • If everything you need is a fast loading online resource, an HTML version increases the loading time immensely.
Learn how the Simply Static plugin works and achieve your goal using step-by-step detailed instructions, kindly provided by the author of the given tutorial.

7. How to Add PayPal Shopping Cart to WordPress?

Want to know how to sell your products online without using an e-commerce platform? Just add a special free WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart to your website! With the professionally mastered guidelines you will easily insert the necessary shopping cart widget to your WP website, as well as place the Add to Cart button inside content blocks. The instructions the given tutorial contains are so comprehensive, it is impossible to fail while working with the WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart.

The article won’t leave you alone in the face of difficulties that might arise while adding the commercial option to your online page – you will be guided until the successful results of plugin test drive.

Amazing step-by-step tutorial, which would make your life much easier!

8. How to List Future Upcoming Scheduled Posts in WordPress

Give your readers a sneak peak about the upcoming publications for your WP blog. It is a wonderful option to make your followers intrigued. First, what you have to do is to download and install Show Off Upcoming Posts plugin and leave the rest to this truly magical WordPress beginner guide, which will definitely amaze you with the clear description of customization process, supported by handy print screens. Take your website promotion to the next level!

9. How to Create a Mobile App from Your WordPress Website?

In 2018, more than 50% of global website traffic was induced via cell phones. To make the access to the mobile version of your WP website easy and fast, it is highly recommended to create your own mobile app.

Generating such an app cannot be suggested a simple task, as there is no automatic technology to create it with the stroke of a magic wand. However, there is a great plugin which will assist you brilliantly in this challenging mission. Download and install WordApp – one of the most cost-effective and efficient solutions for mobile app construction.

The detailed guide on how to deal with the given WordPress plugin is provided in this tutorial for WordPress beginners.

10. How to Create a Multisite?

If you are using WordPress for more than one website, you may be interested in Multisite mode, which enables you to use one WordPress installation and one database for an unlimited number of web pages. The given option is irreplaceable if:
  • you are running more than one WordPress site
  • your company has several departments and each department has its own website
  • you need to have one account to log in to two or more sites
  • there is a need to exchange data between two websites
  • you need a multilingual WP site
  • you need additional environment for testing
Check this amazing tutorial on WordPress multi-sites for a detailed explanation to making your professionally constructed and easy-to-navigate multi web page.

11. WordPress Site Backend Doesn’t Need to Be Ugly

Learning WordPress for beginners not always entails improving the outer look of the website. It also refers to the convenience and aesthetic enjoyment you may reach while administrating your online resource.

Flatty plugin has been created specially to help you completely re-stylize your admin panel, change its color palette, modernize the sidebar, add corporate support box, increase padding and margins for better viewing, hide WP top bar – this is by no means an exhaustive list of the basic functions Flatty owns.

Find yourself guided by this amazing WP tutorial to reach the immense beauty and efficiency of your admin panel, which may serve not only as a feast for your eyes, but also a qualitative product for your clients to deal with.

12. How to Protect Site Content from Copying?

We know how hard it may be to create unique and catching content for your website and how bitter is seems when someone copies it without your permission. If you are in a need of WordPress help for beginners on how to prevent your site content from copying, this tutorial is a real catch. All you have to do is to download WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click plugin and follow the tutorial instructions.

Check out how simple it is to keep your content completely secure.

13. How to Change Login Logo with Yours?

Here’s another WordPress beginners tutorial which will help you build a good-looking WP admin login logo and login page. Change images, background colors, font size, and add social media icons to create a design to your liking by downloading Admin Custom Login plugin. After installing it to Upload Plugin section of your WP admin panel, activate it and manage the settings of the plugin. Once all these actions have been completed, enable the status of your plugin and try to open your WordPress login page in another browser...

If you want to learn the next steps, visit the full version of this handy WP tutorial and don’t forget to put your knowledge in practice right away.

14. How to Add Favicon to Your WordPress Website?

Personalize your WP website with the help of favicon. If you are not really sure about how to do it, use the given bulletproof wordpress.com tutorial, which elucidates the concept of favicon, its main functions, and bonuses it provides your website with.

Free to use hacks will leave nobody indifferent, so just in a blink of an eye you will be able to set the favicon to your web page without any plugin inserted.

15. How to Create Custom 404 Page?

Hardly any website can exist without a 404 error page. Being a part of the theme, it is strongly required to be constructed in the same manner as your WP page. The best solution to create your own stylish and good-looking 404 error page is to use 404page plugin.

Fully customizable and easy to deal with, this plugin has to be treated as a regular page. All you have to do is to download and activate it under the Upload Plugin section of your site. Before editing its appearance, check this WordPress basic tutorial, which won’t leave you indifferent in any way.

16. How to Create Countdown Timer?

Tiny WP plugins should not be underestimated, as they may add an extreme functionality and charm to your website. The given WordPress tutorial will teach you how to add a countdown timer to your site using T(-) Countdown plugin.

The article contains the detailed guide on how to deal with the plugin. However, we will give you a hint as to the place, where T(-) Countdown can be downloaded – please, use this link to get it on your computer.

Customize the plugin and experiment with it in your own way to receive a nice-looking widget, which will increase the functionality of your online page.

17. How to See Who’s Online on Your WordPress Website?

A function of real time online statistics of your website visitors is crucial in case you care about traffic and attendance. The best workaround to complete everything fast and with no special efforts, is to download WP-UserOnline plugin.

The algorithm is familiar for you – activation and customization to your own needs and preferences. This WordPress com tutorial has been created to increase your website conversion – just try it and be updated on the number of the online site users easily and fast.

18. How to Fight That Nasty ‘Session Expired’ Error?

Here’s a life-saving hack, which will eliminate the annoying “session expired” error for good.

This time no plugin is used – all the actions should be performed via editing of Theme function file. The time you will spend for this process will be less than 5 minutes.

Want to know more about the steps to never see the “session expired” error again? Learn how to do it with No. 18 from our WordPress basic tutorial list!

19. How to Add Custom Button to the WP Editor?

Even though WP Editor can boast of a wide range of text editing functions, it never hurts to have one more button added. Despite the numerous ways of doing it, the author of this WordPress tutorial will generously share the fastest and easiest way with you.

The first thing you have to do is to access wordpress.org to download Visual Editor Custom Buttons plugin. Try to install it – if everything is properly done, you will be able to find new menu item on your dashboard. Now it’s high time to create a new button – just follow the clear instructions supported with print screens and you will definitely succeed!

20. How to Cloak Affiliate Links?

Commitment to excellence is always encouraged, so don’t miss an opportunity to make a single tiny piece of your website look great. With this tutorial on WordPress for beginners you will learn how to mask the ugly affiliate links making them good-looking and branded.
The author suggests doing it in two different ways:

  1. With the help of the corresponding ThirstyAffiliates plugin
  2. Through .htaccess file editing
Find equally detailed information on these two methods and apply whichever seems to be the best for you.

21. How to Save 40 Minutes on Average Creating Screenshots?

How often do you feel like you are done making these screenshots? Especially when you are a blog author, posting an article with a compilation of thematic websites, which requires visual demonstration. Thanks to Alex Bulat’s good graces, you will be able to do up to fifty screenshots at a time by using WP Screenshot plugin.
The plan of actions is quite simple:
  1. Enter your WP admin panel.
  2. Install the mentioned plugin.
  3. Apply a shortcode, specified in the given timesaving WordPress beginner tutorial.
  4. Enjoy the results and don’t forget to reward yourself for your efforts.
Detailed instructions with the demonstration of the whole process are given in the tutorial. Learn and practice.

22. How to Allow SVG format in WordPress Media Uploader

Bad news: WordPress Media Library does not accept .svg - format images to be added because of some “security reasons.” Good news: thanks to these WordPress tutorial for beginners step-by-step instructions, you will upload the given type of files into WP library in a blink of an eye.

Download and install WP Extra File Types plugin - it will help you extend the range of file formats, which can be added to your media storage. So, it is not only about .svg, but also a lot more non-standard file types. Try this magnificent tutorial to push the frontiers of your activity!

23. How to Add jQuery Script to WordPress Properly

Out of plenty of ways of adding jQuery Script to your WP site, the author of No. 23 step-by-step tutorial shows you the fastest and the easiest one. This time is no exception, so you will also be dealing with the ready-made plugins from wordpress.org. Go there and find CSS & JavaScript Toolbox plugin (the quick access is here).

The process is quite familiar to you: download – installation - activation.

The specificity of dealing with CSS & JavaScript Toolbox plugin is brilliantly described in the given WordPress CMS tutorial, posted by Alex Bulat. Be ready for experiments!

24. How to Hide ‘Author Bio’ Box in WordPress?

If your WP site looks gorgeous, and the only thing which ruins everything is the author bio block, this tutorial is definitely what you have been searching for. Follow Jeremy Blackwood’s step-by-step instructions on how to remove an unnecessary author bio with the help of Show Hide Author plugin, downloaded from wordpress.org.

All the information is supported with print screens and visual instructions, so you will definitely face no difficulties learning how to eliminate useless blocks from your website.

25. WordPress Copyright Hacks. How to Prevent Image, Video & Copy Theft

Protect your content from being rudely snatched by using hacks of this step-by-step tutorial. The author provides handy tips of how to prevent image, content and video thefts by using a number of outstanding WP plugins. Use Envira Gallery Lite to secure the images, choose any of the top three of the most effective video copy protection plugins and several highly effective and easy to use text protection plugins. Learn how to use each of them to secure your ideas.

26. How to Add Custom Login URL in WordPress?

The author of this masterfully created WordPress tutorial dispels a myth about changing the login URL as an important security measure, but, at the same time, emphasizes the necessity of changing it due to promotional and aesthetic issues.

People, who like doing things the hard way can try to add a custom login manually, but this article is exactly for those always short in time, so be ready to do everything with the help of the free-to-use WordPress plugins. Find extremely handy information on the top three plugins to change your login page and make things happen in the blink of an eye.

27. The Easiest Way to Add Shortcodes to a WordPress Sidebar?

In case you would like to learn how to add shortcodes to your WP sidebar, there is nothing better than this tutorial. Check out how the author does this using the example of contact form, which has been displayed on the sidebar. Following the same principle, you can display anything - starting with product list and ending with follow us widget.

In our view, this is one of the best WordPress tutorials we have ever seen – brief, efficient, and handy. Form your opinion.

28. How to Improve Performance of WP Site on a Cheap Host

If you are only launching your business now and have a lot of expenditures, it may seem unnecessary for you to buy an expensive host. Despite the fact that with a less expensive host you can face a lot of restrictions and limits, there is one way to improve the performance of your website no matter what kind of host you are using.

All you have to do is open your root folder and add a special code into one of the files. Find out what kind of code it is and what type of file you should search for by reading this marvelous tutorial on WordPress for beginners.

29. How to Enable SSL in WordPress and Protect Your Clients?

You can never be too careful when it comes to your own website. Especially, when your website deals with sensitive data such as social security numbers, passwords, credit card numbers, etc. To protect your clients’ information, use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. Perfect for online stores, banks, social networks, SaaS business, this type of security, however, is not free. So, check the nature of your website before making a purchase of an SSL certificate.

In case you are sure SSL protection is what you need, learn how to apply it by reading this wordpress.com tutorial.

30. How to Reduce Post Revisions in WordPress Website?

Just because something is yet to be found by you, doesn’t mean it does not exist. Learn everything possible about posts revision, influence it has on the size of WordPress database, and, accordingly, on your website speed and optimization.

Read the given WordPress beginner guide and get invaluable knowledge on how to reduce the post revisions – everything is even easier than you think!

31. How to Change the WordPress Admin Logo?

Make your brand even more recognizable by placing your corporate logo on the admin panel instead of the default WordPress one. A few simple steps include:
  • making your own custom style sheet under “style.css” name
  • opening the section of Appearance - Editor to see the Theme functions file
  • copy the code, specified in the step-by-step tutorial, and press the Update file button
Now, when all the preparation procedures are completed, proceed to the adding your logo process. Follow the detailed instructions of the tutorial and you will definitely succeed.

32. 18 Best WordPress Migration Tutorials

This is actually a pack of astonishing WordPress CMS tutorials, which aimed to solve the problems with moving your WP site from one server or host to another. Preserving your domain name or not, enjoy a valuable collection of WordPress migration tutorials, the author of which provides you with the great tips on how to perform it safely and quickly.

From the narrative wordpress.com tutorials to WordPress tutorials YouTube! The results of numerous researches have shown that video content is better perceived and is more memorable than text. We couldn’t ignore this statement, so feel free to enjoy the best samples of practical instructions from the WordPress guru.

Video WordPress Tutorials or Better Once to See than Hundred Times to Hear

33. Top 5 must have WordPress plugins

Great WordPress com tutorial for beginners to not get lost in the vast sea of WordPress plugins. This Top-5 collection of the most functional and easy-to-use plugins for WordPress includes:
  1. Elementor – the best visual page builder
  2. Updraft Plus – to ensure website security
  3. Yoast – if you care about SEO and readability of your page
  4. WP Rocket - to improve a loading speed of the page
  5. AMP - to rank higher on Google, instant load and high responsiveness
That is pretty much it. Check each of these stunning plugins to build a really impressive WordPress website for your successful business.

34. How to Create Advanced MegaMenus with Elementor Page Builder

Beautifully created video WordPress tutorial, which will help you make your website menu more functional and informative by adding multiple add-ons such as Blog Posts, Maps, Contact Forms, etc. Step-by-step instructions of using JetMenu plugin and JetElements plugin for Elementor Page Builder to reach the highest level of customization and freedom will let you craft a highly efficient MegaMenu. The users of your website will definitely love it.

Choose the appearance of MegaMenu, the level of complexity, add a gallery in there or the news block – with the above plugins everything becomes possible!

WordPress tutorials

35. How to Make Your Website Look Like WordPress Theme Demo

In case you have installed a template on your WordPress site but it is empty and doesn’t have any demo, watch this step-by-step tutorial. Learn how to install demo content on your web page in the blink of an eye. It is easier that you think – just see how it works in practice with the video demonstration on the basis of free WordPress theme.

36. Protect your WordPress Website | Free and Easy steps w/ Joe Howard

Nowadays, it is not enough just to create a stunning website and then to go rest on your laurels, as the importance of web security is hard to overestimate. Enjoy an outstanding WordPress tutorial YouTube, performed by Joe Howard, a founder of WPBuffs, a leading WordPress website maintenance service.

Learn what website maintenance service is, how to protect your website for free, how to choose a secure WP theme, and even more handy tips. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from WordPress guru!

37. Build a Successful Online Business. How Mistakes Help You Grow w/ Joe Howard, WPBuffs

Build your successful online business following the pieces of advice of Joe Howard, founder of WPBuffs. Starting with a small start-up, he managed to grow his company by trying to meet the requirement of each and every client.

Overcome difficulties, learn from your mistakes, and boost the popularity of your business receiving invaluable hacks from this great professional. Hurry up to watch this amazing tutorial on WordPress.

38. Make Any Element Sticky with Elementor

Another WordPress tutorial YouTube of our collection is hardly possible without Elementor. This time the author will teach you how to make almost any element of your website sticky, while the user is scrolling the page. This great option allows you to draw special attention to the content block which has been stuck. As a rule, it can be some promo image, subscription form, contact us form – anything which may push the user to make an order.

Wonderful step-by-step tutorial, which won’t leave you any chance to fail in making any element of your WP site sticky. Check it out and practice!

39. How do I create a WordPress photo gallery tutorial

You can never have enough wordpress.com tutorials on photo gallery creation. Experience a full 2-minute process of WP gallery crafting from scratch. Have no doubts you will be able to perform everything by yourself. After watching this video, you will definitely know what buttons to press and what manipulations to carry out.

Showcase your projects in the best way possible – create a perfect frame for them!

40. Create a Wedding Website with Ease

No matter who you are – newlyweds, who would like to share their happiness with the whole world, or a wedding professional, searching for a way to present its services online, there is no better way to complete both actions than to create a stunning WordPress website.

No need to spend your money for developers – craft your dreamlike website by yourself after watching this outstanding step-by-step tutorial. It is as easy as pie.

41. How to Make a Travel Blog in 3 Steps

Here’s another WordPress for beginners video tutorial, which will help you build a thematic website. This time we have plenty of good tips for those who are passionate about travels or own a travel business.

Learn about the easiest and most effective way to create your travel passion online with the help of WordPress. Follow the simple instructions, pack your page with high-resolution photos and share your unforgettable emotions with people!

42. Installing WordPress on your hosting account

Having hosting but still not having a highly effective and picture-perfect website on it? Come on! It’s high time to create the right one and install it to your hosting. Watch this amazingly done WordPress CMS tutorial to learn how to perform everything via cPanel. As easy as ABC!

43. WordPress vs. Medium

WordPress or Medium? What is better for you as a blogger? Check this video WordPress tutorial to learn all the pros and cons of both platforms. Choose the one basing on the character of your blog, your target audience, and design requirements.

44. How You Can Use WordPress for E-Commerce

Use the most convenient and user-friendly CMS to sell products online! All you need to do is to install a WooCommerce plugin and to watch this WordPress tutorial YouTube. WooCommerce is absolutely free, easy to set up, and has an immensely rich pack of features.

Follow the tutorial instructions to learn how to install a plugin and to deal with it in order to obtain a visually appealing WordPress online shop!

45. How to Upload PDF to WordPress Page

Learn how to embed one of the most popular file types, PDF, to your WordPress website. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as you think, so you have to download a special plugin called PDF Embedded. Of course, there are plenty of other plugins to use in order to add PDF to your site. However, in this tutorial on WordPress for beginners we decided to demonstrate the whole integration process on the basis of PDF Embedded, as it is extremely easy to use.

Experience the step-by-step process of installation and customization of the mentioned plugin and upload PDF files in the blink of an eye!

46. How to create Horizontal and Vertical Timeline with Elementor Page Builder Tutorial

Showcase the most important dates of your business via horizontal and vertical menus placed on your website. This becomes possible through usage of JetElements plugin – a special add-on to Elementor Page Builder. Owning hundreds of new widgets and handy options for your website, it can be downloaded in the blink of an eye!

See the examples of magnificent timelines, which can be built up and follow the highly comprehensive instruction of the tutor of the WordPress tutorial YouTube. You will love this video, we promise!

47. Change Default Theme Colors and Typography in ANY WordPress Theme

A very basic tutorial on WordPress for beginners, aimed to teach you how to change the default colors and fonts of your WP theme. By the way, to get one, use our outstanding collection of WordPress themes available altogether on one page - you will definitely choose something to your taste.

Now, returning to the issue of customization: if you follow the tutor’s advice, the process of replacing the fonts and palette with your own will take you only half a second! In case you need a deeper level of website design changes, check the selection of splendid WordPress tutorial for designers – it really rocks!

48. How to Create an Astonishing Portfolio? Elementor Page Builder Tutorial

Another great reason to download JetElements Plugin for Elementor! Create a wonderful portfolio for your WP site, benefiting from this amazing add-on. In just a few simple actions your page will receive a good-looking portfolio, which is so important for any business.

Learn which Elementor widgets should be used to create a decent portfolio. Style and customize it without any issues and get a highly functional website, which will definitely contribute to your profit.

49. Blog Headers and Footers with Elementor - Master Blogging on WordPress

Customize the most important elements of your website – header and footer. You might ask what is so important about them. Here is the answer – the header should contain the most essential information you would like the visitors to consume. The footer repeats this information and reflects the additional one, creating a perfect frame for your WP website.

All you need to do to adjust the header and footer to your needs is to download a highly useful JetBlocks Plugin, available here with a bunch of handy widgets such as shopping cart, hamburger menu, search, logo, social links, and many others. Enhance the convenience and improve the navigation of your page with the best video WordPress tutorial ever!

50. Play Videos in Brand New Elementor Video Player

Design your own video player with Elementor Page Builder and enrich it with different videos from YouTube, Vimeo and your media library! From the given WordPress beginner tutorial you will learn how to complete this simple process with the help of JetElements plugin, the complete procedure of downloading, installing, and handling which is described here.

At the beginning of the video tutorial you will see the example of the player the author predesigned earlier. Try to recreate it together with the author and then practice completing everything from scratch by yourself! Hope you will enjoy the results.

Best Plugins For A New WordPress Site [Free Ebook]

By clicking the button you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

51. Play MP3 Tracks from Media Library in Elementor Audio Player

Welcome to the WordPress tutorial YouTube from which you will learn how to create an audio player with the help of the well-known Elementor. You will again need JetElements plugin. First, focus on viewing the variety of audio player designs, which can be crafted with the help of Elementor and then proceed to recreating the player, offered by the tutor.

Adjust the player background, size, color, length, buttons, style and placement to make it fully correspond to your needs and desires. Everything becomes possible with Elementor.

52. How to Add Animated Text via Elementor Page Builder?

If you have always dreamed of having one of those beautifully designed websites with the animated headlines, appearing from nowhere and being so witty you could hardly imagine, then this step-by-step tutorial is definitely for you.

Elementor Page Builder will turn all the process into a child’s game, so be ready to spend just a few minutes making an outstanding animation! Grab JetElements plugin to perform everything in the blink of an eye – with its intuitively understandable interface you will create an extremely vivid animation anyone will be jealous for.

If you are searching for even more tips on how to make your website design extremely eye-catching and posh, don’t hesitate to check this amazing collection of tutorials, created especially for designers.

53. How to Display the Forecast with Elementor Weather Widget?

Own a tourist or hotel website? Then the option of weather forecast is a must to be placed on your landing page. There are several ways to add it on a page, but with Elementor it is as easy as pie. Use JetElements plugin with its super functional and handy weather widget. Highly customizable and convenient to deal with, it will surprise you with its features and color palette.

Check this WordPress for beginners video tutorial to learn everything about weather forecast widget settings.

54. How to design the Justified Gallery of Images with Elementor?

Successful web promotion is hardly possible without decent image gallery. So, do not hesitate to create one, owning several extremely beautiful and functional ready-made layout blocks. All you need to do first is to check whether you have JetElements plugin for Elementor Page Builder downloaded and installed. If no, find it here.

Then follow the tutor’s step-by-step tutorial instructions and enrich your website with the actual-sized astonishing gallery, which won’t leave anyone indifferent!

55. Elementor Masonry Gallery Tutorial

Style your website with masonry grid image gallery. Truly amazing, it looks like two image columns with fixed width and proportionally scaled height, which gives it a unique, modern look. It is no wonder that many website owners use the masonry gallery as a frame for visual demonstration.

As is the case with the previous WordPress tutorial YouTube, you would need JetElements plugin for Elementor Page Builder. Follow the highly comprehensive instructions and in just a few steps you will have a stylish gallery – perfect for promo images!

56. How to Create Tables with Elementor Table Widget. JetElements Tutorial

Yet another beneficial application of JetElements plugin for Elementor Page Builder. Organize your website content with the tables, created with the help of the above-mentioned plugin. Tables contribute to the neat appearance of the page, make it more visually pleasant, and easy to perceive.

Check the given WordPress CMS tutorial to learn how to use the Elementor table widget and get a few tricky moments explained as a bonus. Create brilliant tables, which will provide your site with that beautiful zest; intangible, but so important for the general mood of the web page.

57. How to Add to Your Website an Image Slider Using Elementor?

It is hard to imagine a modern website without a big and sharp looking image slider, which would serve as a marvelous frame for your promo photos. It is the first thing the website visitor sees when accessing a page. A big slider always draws attention and highlights the key points. Taking into account its essential promotional role, we couldn’t let ourselves leave you without a detailed WordPress tutorial on how to add a beautifully designed slider to your website.

Use JetElements plugin for Elementor Page Builder – among tons of handy tools, choose the one with image slider. Check the tutorial to learn how to manage it to get an amazing slider in just a couple of minutes.

58. Creating Animation Effects with Elementor. Flip Box

Does your website lack dynamics? Try to fix it by making some of its elements animated. For example, use a flip box. If you are not aware what a flip box is - here is an answer: it is one of the website blocks, which has an ability to somehow change when you place a pointer on it. The author of this masterfully crafted WordPress tutorial YouTube will teach you how to create flip box with the help of Elementor Page Builder and its special flip box widget.

Draw the attention of your web visitors to the special info you would like to share – use Elementor.

59. How to Decorate Your Website with One Page Scroll? Elementor Tutorial

Another animation WordPress basic tutorial, which will improve immensely the navigation properties of your website. Now we are talking about full page scroll, allowing the visitor to easily and quickly move from one section to another. It can be either automated or manual – depends on your preferences.

The easiest way to add the one page scroll animation to your site is to use JetElements Elementor Page Builder plugin. The whole tutorial is displayed on the example of Monstroid 2 template – the most universal template which you can find here. Enjoy the tutorial and don’t forget to share your comments with us.

60. How to Add Brands Module to Your Website Using Elementor Page Builder?

The Brand section of the website could mean a lot more than all the other ones, as in the modern world business liaisons cost much. Boast of status, reputation, and quantity of your customers and business partners by creating an immensely beautiful brand module. JetElements Elementor Page Builder plugin will help you make this block in a blink of an eye, but not at the expense of the quality and design.

Find yourself guided by this amazing WordPress beginner tutorial and do not hesitate to apply your knowledge in practice.

61. 10 Famous Brands Using WordPress

An extremely inspirational video about the titans of world business, who are using WordPress for their online promotions. The Walt Disney Company, BBC America, The White House... Quite impressive, right? And now you have all the chances to become one of these successful WordPress users!

Watch the breathtaking WordPress for beginners video motivation to get an immense impulse to create and to impress. Be among those who make this world move!

62. How to Start a Website | 4 Basic Steps

Here’s a very basic step-by-step tutorial for those who take their first attempts in web development. No coding skills are needed – rest assured you will be able to perform everything by yourself even without hiring a web professional.

Four simple steps and a pinch of patience – these are the main ingredients for a truly “delicious” website! Enjoy!

63. Where to Find Royalty Free High-Quality Photos for Your WordPress Blog Posts

One of the most valuable WordPress tutorials, which reveals the secrets of the online resources, where you can find high-resolution images for your top-notch WordPress blog. Make your page a real jam thanks to the qualitative content you can get absolutely for free! Experiment with styles to make your page truly atmospheric and memorable.

From the above WordPress tutorials YouTube you already know what magnificent properties Elementor Page Builder owns. Now, it’s high time to completely plunge into the magic world of Elementor to unravel all its secrets.

Get ready for the amazing trip and let’s move on to another portion of the extremely interesting WordPress CMS tutorials. Here you can find only some of them, as the entire list of all Elementor tutorials we have would be quite impressive. Check the following link in case you need even more Elementor in your life.

Elementor WordPress Tutorials or How It Feels to Be Almighty?

64. How to Elementor WordPress Template

Perfect WordPress help for beginners in case you are an Elementor newbie. Learn where to download and how to install Elementor, as well as how to start dealing with it using WP template.

With Elementor Page Builder you get maximum results with minimum efforts. Create an impeccable website in the blink of an eye – the first step can already be done with the help of this marvelous tutorial. Need more information? Just check the link!

65. How to Create Websites with Elementor Page Builder

What can be more exciting than to take a full and absolutely free web design online course on Elementor? Watch amazingly shot videos and enjoy easy-to-remember text posts, helping you become a true Elementor guru.

No matter who you are – web newbie or qualified developer – these step-by-step tutorial videos will make you use the full potential of this outstanding web building tool!

66. How to Create a Stunning Blog Painlessly

Increase conversion of your website by creating a wonderful blog. All you need is JetBlog plugin for Elementor. Learn how to publish posts, adjust their settings, and make the lists. The author of this WordPress tutorial uses the Huffington Post blog as an example – watch how it is all done and try to repeat the steps with your own template.

Create a blog layout which will completely meet your taste – change colors, placement, structure, etc. With Elementor everything becomes possible! For more information follow the link.

67. How to Add to Your Website a Mega Menu?

Enrich your website with highly customizable and perfectly functioning Mega Menu. Showcase properly the categories of your webpage with this wonderful tool to take the navigation of your page to the next level.

This brilliant WordPress beginner guide will provide you with basic tips on how to organize your web content and make it as convenient for visitors to browse as possible. For those who always want more - another useful link with Mega Menus building instructions.

68. How to Create a Sticky Menu

Sticky menus are a new 2019 web development. Hurry up to download a special MyStickyMenu plugin for Elementor Page Builder to add this extremely handy feature to your website. No need to scroll up or down the whole page to reach the main menu – now your website visitors will always have it at hand! All you need to do is follow the instructions kindly provided in the given WordPress tutorial YouTube and to try your best to perform everything by yourself using your own WP template.

In case you need a detailed description of the whole process, feel free to follow the link.

69. How to Add Accordions and Tabs

The level of navigation your website owns shows how much you care about the convenience and time of your visitors, so be sure your website can boast of top-notch and logical navigation to be as attractive as possible. With JetTabs add-on to Elementor Page Building you will ensure a perfect structure for your page content, making it easy to perceive and convenient to browse.

Check this outstanding Elementor tutorial WordPress and don’t forget to learn even more about the Tabs and Accordions here.

70. How to Create Testimonials

Approve the credibility of our business by adding blocks of testimonials to your website. One of the ways to make them look inspiring and trustworthy is to create an outstanding content block where you would place them.

In case you don’t know how to do it properly, check this amazing WordPress beginner guide on adding testimonials with the help of JetElements Elementor Plugin. Collect and showcase the reviews of your customers in a fabulous manner by adjusting background, color palette, fonts, titles and icons of your testimonial section. For the nosy parkers we have prepared even more useful information – just follow the link.

71. How to Create Pricing Tables

The first information any potential customer is searching for upon accessing any commercial website is pricing. In addition to being visible, make the pricing tables of your page as attractive as possible. JetElements add-on is here to help you.

Using a corresponding widget, you will represent the pricing policies exquisitely and creatively, as JetElements plugin allows you to adjust almost every element of the given module: experiment with background, fonts, features, etc. To make your website even smarter, check the additional info on pricing here.

72. How to Style and Customize Contact Form

Make the visitor of your website contact your company at once by making your website contact form truly amazing. This can be reached through using already well-known JetElements plugin to Elementor Page Builder.

The process of creating stylish and up-to-date contact form is described in detail by brilliantly crafted Elementor WordPress tutorial – all you have to do is to watch it and follow the simple instructions. In case you need some extra tips on how to create an outstanding contact form for your WordPress website, find them here:

73. How to Create a Responsive Parallax Scrolling Effect

Leave the static websites in the past – now it is time for highly dynamic online pages. Nothing can ensure more dynamics for your website except the parallax effect, which is so easy to apply to your online platform by using Elementor Page Builder.

The WordPress tutorial YouTube we offer you to watch is aimed to make your website spacious and soaked with a design depth in order to push your visitors to come back again and again to experience this beauty. More information on parallax effect can be found here.

74. How to Create Double Exposure Effect on Website Background

In case you don’t know what double exposure effect is, here is a tip: a double exposure effect is two different pictures combined in a very extraordinary and creative way, so as to create one, absolutely unique and new image which preserves the images of both pictures. Nowadays, such an effect is quite popular among website developers, so, why not add it to your website? You don’t need to have some special designer skills to do it – all you need is Elementor Page Builder with its amazing tools and widgets, enabling you to make your website a true piece of art.

Take your time to watch this WordPress beginner guide video tutorial – everything is explained with the help of examples, illustrations, and print screens, for you to add a double exposure effect to your page in no time. For more information on this stunning visual effect click here.

75. How to Add Background Video to Sections

There is no better way to present your business online via video. It always steals the show, attracts attention, and makes the visitors stay on your webpage longer to consume more content. Fortunately, modern technologies allow you to add your promotional video to the background of your online page almost in no time. To decorate your web page with a background video, follow step-by-step instructions of this simple WordPress tutorial YouTube – learn what plugin is recommended to use, what widget to choose, and how to adjust your video block to perfectly suit the overall appearance of your site.

After watching this video guide, don’t forget to read an exciting article about the purpose of background video. Hit this link to check it out.

76. How to Create Gradient Overlay

Gradients are back and again set the tone for web design. No need to use Photoshop to make your website look trendy. All you need is Elementor Page Builder, which will let you create a color blended background with special easy-to-use tools.

This step-by-step tutorial will teach you not only how to create such an amazing background, but also will define the ways to experiment with textures and colors to reach a stunning effect! Learn and practice with Elementor! The text tutorial can be found here.

77. How to Add Gradient to Circle Progress

There is no better way to increase the conversion of your website than to stuff it with creative graphic elements. These WordPress tutorial for beginners step-by-step instructions have been crafted with the idea to help you make a gradient circle progress in order to showcase the company processes, which still are in progress. In such a way, visitors can participate in the activities you carry out and be a part of one huge business process.

Dealing with Elementor Page Builder provides you with a unique possibility to add gradient to your progress circle using a specially designed JetElements plugin. Check the tutorial and apply your knowledge to get a truly amazing website.

More to know to pimp up your skills:

78. How to Add Gradient to Progress Bar

Another gradient-based step-by-step tutorial on Elementor with the same principle as No. 77 of our list. Create stylish progress bar in the correspondent section of your website. Adjust its color palette, radius, angles, borders, etc.

With Elementor Page Builder, or more specifically, Elementor JetElements plugin, your scope for action is almost limitless. Just give it a try!

79. Display Posts in Lists, Tiles, Grid, Slider, Carousel, and More

Navigation matters. Become a real website navigation pro by organizing your blog posts in the most convenient way possible. Elementor Page Builder provides you with the vast opportunities to showcase the post titles in several different manners: lists, tiles, grid, slider, carousel, and more. Choose your perfect way for post presentation and implement your idea with the plain, however, extremely useful WordPress beginner guide.

Download JetBlog plugin for Elementor and here we go!

80. How to Create Image inside Text

Create outstanding combinations of text and images to craft a truly top-notch website, which would leave nobody indifferent. Watch this stunning WordPress tutorial YouTube and don’t forget to grab your JetElements pack to put everything in practice just straightaway!

If you don’t believe it all can be done with one small widget, then it’s high time for you to try. Perfect things aren’t always complicated. Elementor Page Builder proves it the best.

One more tutorial on image inside text can be found here.

81. How to Add Image Accordion

Use a special widget of Elementor Page Builder to create absolutely fantastic image accordions, which will help to perfectly display your content, even in a tiny section. Follow the instructions of WordPress tutorial tutor to make your website even more exquisite.

Ensure a brilliant frame for your promo images together with Elementor Page Builder! All instructions in the form of text are presented here.

82. How to Manage the Countdown Timer Module

Here’s a great tool to make the visitors of your commercial platform buy your products or services with no hesitation. With Elementor Page Builder you will be able to easily install countdown timer block on your website to measure the hours to the end of a sale, for instance. This is a well-known marketing trick, which successfully pushes potential customers to become actual ones. All you need to do is to watch this WordPress CMS tutorial for Elementor and then to try to repeat this with your website. Share the percent of your sales increase in the comments.

More to read about Countdown Timer Module:

83. How to Create Pie Chart Circle Progress

In case you are an owner of a business website, it is highly recommended to integrate pie chart circles into your web page to share a stage of progress that a specific business operation has reached. There is no better way to create pie chart circles than to use Elementor Page Builder.

Its JetElements add-on will do everything for you – however, watching this beautifully crafted Elementor wordpress.com tutorial is still the only thing which is on you.

Find more to learn about pie chart circles here.

84. How to Add Instagram Feed

Our brilliant collection of 101 WordPress tutorials couldn’t exist without at least one tutorial on Instagram and its integration into WP websites. Elementor Page Builder longs to move with the times by allowing you to enrich your website with Instagram photos just in the blink of an eye! Ensure unforgettable social media experience for the visitors of your page - add Instagram feed, adjust its appearance, and set up its design.

Extra tips on Instagram feed for WordPress can be found here.

85. How to Add Before and After Images for Comparison with Elementor

We are here to provide you with even more handy tips on managing images on your WP site. Just check this amazing step-by-step tutorial, which will help you make an extremely creative image comparison on your web page. Plain and comprehensive, the given tutorial comprises only a few steps:
Step 1 Find Image Comparison widget for Elementor Page Builder
Step 2 Drop it onto a new field
Step 3 Choose a number of slides to showcase with the help of settings, located on the sidebar menu
Step 4 Ensure a perfect navigation with Show Arrows and Dots Navigations options and proceed to adding images
Want to learn about further steps? Enjoy the tutorial and share your results with us!

86. How to Set Elementor Template to Your WordPress Theme

Excellent WordPress beginner guide on the basic principles of functioning and operation of Elementor Page Builder. Find full information on Elementor templates and how to install them on your WordPress theme, read a breathtaking description of each Elementor plugin to be armed to teeth while crafting your own WP site, and as a pleasant bonus, get a lot more tips, which will turn you into a true Elementor guru. Ready to start? Let’s go!

87. Best Elementor Add-Ons for Blogs and News Websites

If you think you already know everything about Elementor Page Builder, we are here to prove there are still a lot of secrets to be revealed. This simple WordPress tutorial YouTube has been created especially for you to be aware of all the extra features Elementor can boast of. So, in case you own any news site or blog, this video is a must for you.

Take a look at the list of highly functional plugins, which will expand the sea of your opportunities while crafting an online page. JetBlog, JetMenu, JetEngine, JetSearch, JetReviews, JetElements – the amazing overview of all popular plugins are gathered in one video for your comfort. Enjoy!

88. Jet Elementor Plugins. Top 9 Best Plugins for Elementor

Great news for all the Elementor fans – meet a stunning set of the best plugins to get super abilities for your brilliant website! Enjoy the overview of Jet series - all plugins in one tutorial for WordPress beginners.

They are even more powerful than you have ever expected! Judge for yourself: what other tool can make an immense contribution to the creation of a perfect slider, stunning portfolio, or amazing pricing blocks? Hurry up to try each of our Top-9 collection of Elementor Page Builder.

elementor wordpress plugins

89. Making Website More User Friendly with Elementor Sticky Menu

Discover how the sticky menu can improve the conversion of your WP website by making it more user-friendly. Among all the advantages the sticky menus own, there still are some significant ones, namely:
  • Easier navigation – this kind of menu follows the users no matter of their page scrolling.
  • Delivering the essential information – place the news or other promos on the sticky menus in case you want this information be the first the website visitors see.
Enjoy the sticky menu WordPress tutorial and share your experiences in comments!

90. Freshest Elementor Update. Blend Modes & CSS Filter Effects

Are you a Photoshop newbie? Oh, come on! With Elementor you can do more than you think! Perform a double exposure and gradient overlay as easily as if you were doing it your entire life! Implement these outstanding features with the help of CSS filter effects and Elementor blend mode in just a few minutes!

Watch the detailed WordPress for beginners video tutorial and enjoy the whole process demonstrated in practice. Let the background of your website be a subject of envy for everybody.

91. Best Elementor Themes, Templates, Add-Ons, Plugins, Style Presets | Elementor Marketplace Overview

Learn how Elementor Page Builder can save your time in terms of WordPress website development. Limitless, however, it features an immense number of additional plugins, themes and templates, which can be easily purchased in the Elementor marketplace.

See how these fabulous add-ons work by watching a video demonstration provided in the given WordPress tutorial and hurry to make your site pages even more sophisticated! Enjoy the demo of each product and make your choice!

Learn the secrets of Elementor Page Builder from the most innovative and bestselling theme among all existing WordPress templates – Monstroid2. No other WP theme can boast of such immense opportunities for website creation. Learn how to deal with it by reading each of our gold collection of Monstroid2 WordPress beginner tutorials.

Monstroid2 Multipurpose Modular Elementor WordPress Theme: Get More than You Expected

92. Successful Web Projects Built on Monstroid2 WordPress Theme

Before downloading this amazing WP theme, check the experience of those who have already chosen it for their websites. The article elucidates the stories of truly amazing projects, built with the help of more than 500 pre-designed sections, over 20 exquisite skins, integrated Elementor Page Builder and numerous plugins Monstroid2 is rich with.

Discover ten outstanding web projects and be among those who succeeded with Monstroid2!

93. Acquaintance with Monstroid2 Modular Constructor

Learn what the modular constructor of Monstroid2 WordPress theme is and see how it works with the help of Elementor Page Builder. This truly amazing WordPress tutorial reveals all the secrets of dealing with modular constructor and showcases all the vast opportunities you get upon installation of M2.

Everything is described in plain simple language, so you have a great chance to become a Monstroid2 pro.

94. Monstroid2 Theme Wizard Setup Guide

Set up and activate the Monstroid2 theme in the blink of an eye - the mission of this stunning step-by-step tutorial is to teach you to perform it even blindfolded. Before proceeding to the download and installation, make sure you have a TemplateMonster marketplace account. Without this, the purchase will be impossible to perform.

Now everything is as easy as ABC– just follow the tutor’s instructions. They are so comprehensive and simple, that you will have your outstanding website completed just in no time!

95. Monstroid2 Skins Change Manual

Experience the value of the real freedom with universal Monstroid2 WordPress Theme - you are already aware of the immense opportunities it provides you with. Monstroid2 is applicable to almost any type of website thanks to its Elementor Page Builder, Jet modules and, of course, skins, which can be easily changed to fully meet your web requirements.

Despite the fact that Monstroid2 skin changing is a very simple process and can be completed intuitively, we decided to provide you with this WordPress basic tutorial for you to make sure everything is done properly. Follow a few simple steps and you will turn your WP website into a real masterpiece.

96. How to Update Plugins in Monstroid2

This time you will be dealing with additional software to Monstroid2 - specially designed plugins, which allow you to expand the functionality of the theme. As you know, there are plugins which are already included in the Monstroid2 pack. However, the developers will not rest on their laurels and are constantly working on plugin improvements, as well as releases of new ones.

Check the given tutorial, a real WordPress help for beginners tutorial, to learn how to update your M2 plugins and get new ones to experience an immense freedom in website crafting. Monstroid2 is about getting more than you have ever expected!

97. Multipurpose Landing Page - Speed Art with WordPress, Elementor, Monstroid2

How much does it take to make a really stunning and highly functional landing page? Weeks? Days? And what if we tell you that to create it you will need only about 40 minutes? Hard to believe? Just watch this WordPress tutorial to make sure we are right!

Even the impossible becomes possible thanks to magnificent Monstroid2 WordPress Theme and Elementor Page Builder. Enjoy this video tutorial and create your own website, which, we are sure will be a piece of art rather than just a plain online page.

98. Monstroid2. How to Manage "TM MegaMenu"

Get detailed instructions on how to deal with MegaMenu plugin of Monstroid2 – the given tutorial on WordPress contains all the information you need to follow, supported by correspondent print screens for better understanding.

If you prefer watching video instead of reading text, that is also available! Just check the link.

99. Monstroid 2. Manual Update of The Main Theme

Developers of Monstroid2 like their “digital child” so much, that they can’t help regularly updating it for you to get even more fabulous websites in just half an hour! Watch this simple WordPress tutorial YouTube to learn how to update your M2 version to the latest one.

Follow the pictures, aimed to demonstrate the whole process for you not to get lost in a vast sea of information and share your experiences of the M2 new version in comments!

100. Monstroid vs. Monstroid2: Clash of Titans

This Monstroid2 WordPress tutorial more closely resembles a breathtaking review on the most popular WP theme, than just a plain guide. However, due to its containing a huge pile of useful tips, we couldn’t help including it into our list.

Enjoy the entertaining manner the article is written in, find the most essential features Monstroid and Monstroid2 have in common and learn what’s so special about Monstroid2, Monstroid theme can’t boast of. Make yourself a cup of tea and prepare for exciting reading!

101. What is Magic Button? - Monstroid2 Modular Constructor Overview

Learn about the purpose and functionality of Modular Constructor Magic Button - truly marvelous options, which will help you to easily deal with Elementor Page Builder widgets to craft a perfect WP website on the basis of Monstroid2 theme. Overview the interface of Monstroid2 Modular Constructor and see magic in action.

How do you feel now, after having such an unbelievable experience of 101 WordPress tutorials? Welcome to our club, another WordPress Guru, and let your future web pages be nothing less than a real piece of art.

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