WordPress Site Backend Doesn’t Need to Be Ugly

In today's WordPress hack we're going to show you how to add some bling to your WordPress admin panel.

It's time to get rid of these obsolete WordPress admin Color Schemes...

how to style wordpress dashboard

...and make it look so stylish.

Actually, this can be done using an awesome plugin called Flatty.

What Can Flatty Change Inside Your Admin Panel?

  • Completely restyle the login page;
  • Add custom Login Logo;
  • Show custom footer on Login;
  • Add some modern looks to the admin sidebar;
  • Add Company/Developer support box for your client's website;
  • Flatty increases margins and padding for better viewing and readability;
  • With Flatty you can choose from some color schemes;
  • Flatty definitely knows what white-labeling is;
  • Flatty can hide WordPress top bar;
  • Flatty can display your site name inside the admin area
  • Flatty can hide widgets from the dashboard.

Let's Start

Go to WordPress.org and download Flatty, or use the widget below

Flatty – Flat Admin Theme
Flatty – Flat Admin Theme
Developer: michelemarri
Price: Free

Install it to your website and activate. The new menu item will appear inside your admin panel.

how to style wordpress dashboard


The first item gives you all the info about Flatty plugin, it's a kind of a Flatty FAQs

This plugin is all about helping developers and agencies to give clients a more professional product to work on.

Login Settings

Within Flatty login settings you can:

  • hide/show login logo;
  • add logo link;
  • change color schemes of the login page (dark or light), and so on.

how to style wordpress dashboard

Branding Settings

Branding settings allow you to show/hide sitename, upload your logo and favicon.

Theme Settings

Theme settings allow you to:

  • choose the color of the admin panel (either dark or light);
  • enable minimal sidebar styling (it will shrink into the bar with icons).

Whitelable options can help you:

  • remove WP meta tags;
  • hide WordPress top bar;
  • hide WordPress logo;
  • hide WordPress footer.

how to style wordpress dashboard

Dashboard Settings

This is one of the most import parts for any WordPress user. Here you can:

  • Remove Quick Press;
  • Remove Recent drafts;
  • Remove WordPress News;
  • Remove WordPress Activity;
  • Remove WordPress 'At a glance';
  • Remove WordPress incoming links.

Don't forget to describe your experience of using Flatty in the comments below.

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Alex Bulat

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