Successful Web Projects Built On Monstroid2 WordPress Theme

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Monstroid2 is an innovative product and bestselling template among other WordPress themes. Besides its clean design, it brings extended functionality and endless opportunities for website customization. Multiple web projects built on M2 have already benefited from using its functionality. Therefore, let’s find out what makes Monstroid2 different.

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Make Your Dream Possible With M2

Web Projects

When you decide to use Monstroid2 you’ll be impressed with its package weight. It weighs less than 250kb which makes it super light and smooth in performance. Besides, M2 is rated high with Google Speed. Its performance grade is rated as A93 while loading time reaches 1.2s.

This well-known WordPress theme is a perfect solution for beginners, expert developers, web studios, bloggers, and e-stores. All of them will definitely benefit from the features included in the package, e.g.:

  • Over 500 pre-designed sections and ready-made pages available in Magic Button. The pages are easy-to-use and customize to gain the best results.
  • More than 20 beautiful skins on various topics with regular updates.
  • Top-notch Elementor Page Builder with drag-n-drop functionality. The world’s most popular content editor provides real-time editing without touching a single line of code.
  • Jet family plugins
    • JetElements add-on allows creating post carousels, portfolios, subscription forms, and other modules that are not available in the standard Elementor package.
    • JetMenu enables building attractive menus and completing them with media files, blog layout, portfolio, and other elements.
    • JetBlog plugin helps to display your creative blog while JetTricks allows making your page more engaging by applying different animation and transition effects.
    • Meanwhile, JetWooBuilder add-on makes it possible to create product layouts and WooCommerce pages to present your online store.
    • JetTabs plugin allows placing textual content more compactly by adding tabs, image, or accordion.
  • WooCommerce makes it easy to establish an online store right on your website with just a few clicks. Whatever store you want to create, WooCommerce will help you make it engaging and user-friendly.
  • Wizard plugin makes the installation a piece of cake. All you have to do is just click on the installation button and wait until it is completed.
  • Constant support includes detailed documentation, email and live chat assistance, knowledge base, and 24/7 support line.

Web Projects That Already Benefit From Using Monstroid2

Now, let’s look at some of the websites that are based on Monstroid2. We’ve discovered 10 great looking projects that have already benefited from using M2 WordPress theme.


Falcon is a production and wholesale Russian company located in Kirov city. It offers a wholesale supply of polymer primary and secondary raw materials, dyes for polymers, equipment for the construction enterprise, plastic molds for the production of concrete products, as well as promotional products. The website design is clean and minimalist which allows focusing on the services Falcon provides.

Bags Berry

Web Projects

Bags Berry is another Russian company that has used Monstroid2 template for their website. The site is built as an e-store using WooCommerce functionality. The navigation on the store is perfect which contributes to the top-notch user experience. Besides, you can discover a drop-down cart and advanced search which makes your shopping on the site just amazing.


Web Projects

Fantini is an Italian family winery that is also based on the Monstroid2 WordPress theme. They offer a great variety of wine from different lands of Italy. The thing we want to focus on is the background video which makes the site more engaging. It encourages visitors to stay for a while and learn more about this project.


Web Projects

This is a restaurant website with a beautiful full-width slider, minimalist design, and a mouthwatering menu. With no doubts, this site has used all the potential of Monstroid2 template. Across Artichaut, you may find different types of menus, a gorgeous gallery, and a neat reservation form. The last one allows you to book a table specifying the date, time, and the number of seats. This website is really outstanding. We are proud to literally be a part of it.

Home Repair

Web Projects

Home Repair is one more unique website based on Monstroid2. It has a bright and appealing look along with great navigation and high functionality. Making use of the Appointment form, you can book a service and available date that is most convenient for you. Also, the website contains blocks with services presentation and testimonials. Thanks to social integration, you can follow the company on any of the social networks. In short, Home Repair features a clear interface and intuitive navigation which will make the on-site experience flawless.

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Sprint Faster

Web Projects

Have you ever looked for a sports blog devoted to running? Why wouldn’t you take a closer look at Sprint Faster built with the use of Monstroid2? Here, you may find all the secrets about how to run longer and faster without any accidents. You can subscribe to their newsletter to stay up to date on the latest news or request assistance with your goals in running. It is high time to join the sprinters’ community and keep receiving useful information regularly.


Web Projects

This website will definitely answer the question “How to do business or get a residence permit in Bulgaria.” Website browsing is smooth while navigation is absolutely convenient. If you have questions, you can always communicate them to Live Chat operators. Besides, you can stay informed on the latest news by subscribing to their newsletter.


Web Projects

Fernways is a travel company offering custom trips, flight tickets, and best hotels anywhere on Earth. The company owners are glad to share their own traveling experience on the blog embedded to the website. If you are interested in traveling, we recommend subscribing to their newsletter and stay up to date on different cool vacation suggestions.

JK Premier Marketing

Web Projects

JK Premier Marketing is a service that will help you advertise your business online. All you have to do is just book the consultation and implement all the advice to make your business successful. This is a single-page website, so you’ll be able to find all the necessary information in the same place. This makes navigation fast and easy. Also, the site is built on Monstroid2 WP theme which makes it perform flawlessly and provides high functionality.


Web Projects

This is a helpful website for everyone who is looking for a reliable transfer service to and the airport in Alushta, Crimea. The information about prices and vehicle types is provided in a transparent way. You can either call the number shown on the top or text the service via Telegram. This makes communication quite comfortable.



Based on Monstroid2 WordPress theme will not leave anyone indifferent. Its colorful bright design makes the website stand out among the competitors and attract new clients. Like many other sites supported by M2, this one can boast intuitive navigation hence top-notch on-site experience. Additionally, the visitors will face the eye-catching gallery including high res images and videos from dance classes and competitions.

Home Heroes

Home Heroes

Monstroid2 is not only popular among the US and Russian web users. It is also in high demand among Belgium entrepreneurs and people who want to boost their project online. Home Heroes is a vivid example of what we are talking about. This is a minimalist yet elegant website offering a myriad of home services. It comes with everything needed for a fully-fledged and highly-functional web resource. Contact and booking forms, social media integration, blog functionality, services, and testimonials blocks, and even price plans are available. With no doubt, this is the website the visitors will get back to.



Good to know that Monstroid2 is popular among web developers as well. This is one of the examples of how web experts can advertise their services. Over the website, you may discover portfolio, prices on different services, projects, and contact information. While browsing this website is as easy as pie, you don’t have to waste much time to find all the necessary data. Everything you may be interested to know is under your fingertips.



One more Russian website built on Monstroid2 can boast high functionality along with smooth performance. The site is also well-structured which increases its chances for a better ranking. This is a good illustrative example of how one can take full advantage of the flagship template like Monstroid2. Simple and intuitive navigation, handy information, gallery of works, and price lists are something you can expect for when visiting this site.



Fashion blog based on Monstroid2 looks definitely unforgettable. Full-width slider right on the homepage, trend posts, Instagram board, and other features will make you stay at this page for a while. Meanwhile, the minimalist design will help you focus on the most important information. Besides, Honey integrates with an online store which guarantees the perfect shopping experience. You have an option to create your own account and keep track of the status of your orders. With Honey, it becomes as easy as ABC.

Wrap Up

As you may see, the websites based on Monstroid2 are all user-friendly and highly functional. The interface is clear while the navigation is intuitive and fast. Therefore, if you’ve hesitated to make use of M2 WordPress theme, you should take a look at these websites and make your own decision if the theme is worth the money. Since we love Monstroid2 template and find it to be an innovative and outstanding web product, we want more people to benefit from using it.

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Building Web Projects with Elementor FAQ

Are all WordPress themes Elementor compatible?

It works in most cases. The products provided by TemplateMonster are fully compatible with this page-building solution. We test everything (to avoid any errors) before it appears in our marketplace.

How to customize a WordPress theme with Elementor?

You may edit it from the user interface. To modify an existing item (for example, a header), you should hover it and click the “edit” button. A panel appears on the left where various changes can be made. It allows modifying layout (height, vertical column, content positioning, etc.), style (background color, hovering effects, etc.c), advanced (modify CSS attributes). You may also add elements from the left panel (buttons, images, dividers, titles, spacers, etc.).

Can I export a WordPress theme with Elementor?

Choose what you want to save, then “Edit with Elementor.” Then click on a template’s icon and “Save Template.” Name it. Now, it is in a library.
Select “Elementor” then “My Library” from the WP admin panel. Hover on the necessary template and choose “Export Template,” then give it a name and save. It will be stored as a .json file.

What WordPress themes compatible with Elementor should I use?

It would be great to find a product that comes with the required widgets, so you don’t need to download and install anything.

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