How to Set Elementor Template to Your WordPress Theme

  1. Elementor Templates. Do They Somehow Differ From Elementor Themes?
  2. How To Install Elementor Template On Your WordPress Theme? (A Step-by-Step Guide)
  3. Top-15 Elementor Templates (JET, PRO, Pure)
    1. Autoluxe
    2. Hottrip
    3. Wizarro
    4. Appsine
    5. Markent
    6. Engirem
    7. Novelistic
    8. Juristos
    9. Hoztan
    10. Brixtone
    11. YourWOD
    12. Purplex
    13. RedDragon
    14. Tinycity
    15. Compasto

Elementor Templates. Do They Somehow Differ From Elementor Themes?

If you are new to Elementor (even though I do not believe you are), in this paragraph I will tell you more about Elementor templates and why it is crucial to distinguish them from Elementor themes.

If you are ready to dive into the new information, let’s start then. Recently, developers have released Elementor Marketplace and gathered themes, templates, and plugins all in one place. I recommend that you do not confuse themes with templates because they are completely different. Elementor Theme is the theme that is consistent with Elementor Page Builder which helps to build any variety of layouts. Meanwhile, Elementor Template is a set of blocks created in Elementor editor. You can add it to your website designed with Elementor Builder and customize it without touching the original theme files.

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How to Install Elementor Template on Your WordPress Theme? (A Step-by-Step Guide)

In case you already have Elementor Page Builder installed and enabled, you will find the Edit with Elementor button in the Pages section on the Admin panel of your theme.

  • Push the button to go to the Elementor editor page.
  • Select Add Template option and go to My Templates tab.
  • Import a new template by selecting the one from the library on Elementor Marketplace.
  • Press Import Template button on the right corner of the page and then Select File.
  • Hit Insert button in front of the template you’ve just opted for.

Once the template is imported, you can customize it according to your needs.

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Top-15 Elementor Templates (JET, PRO, Pure)

Elementor templates are divided into JET, PRO, and Pure. JET templates need Jet add-ons for installation and activating. PRO templates need Elementor PRO for installation and activating. And, Pure templates need neither of the above-mentioned plugins. Further, you will find out how to apply one of the templates to your WordPress theme.


Autoluxe - Car Tuning Jet Elementor Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Autoluxe will be a great deal for garage or car tuning websites built with Elementor. The package includes a single landing page. Designed with a dark grey color scheme and bright accents it will allow focusing on the most important details. You will also find appointment manager, services and team member presentations, warranty information, and pricing plans placed on the same page.


Hottrip - Travel Agency Jet Elementor Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Hottrip JET template comes as a set of six pre-designed pages. You can use them for one or various topics. Featuring a spectacular design, the template will definitely take your travel agency to a completely new level. Built with Elementor editor, it is also easy to use and customize which will make the editing process comfortable.


Wizarro - Business Consulting Jet Elementor Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

This is another template pages set best suited for business consulting projects. If you need a distinctive solution for your website, take a closer look at Wizarro. It consists of a set of 5 pre-styled pages. You can easily customize it using Elementor editor and Jet family plugins.


Appsine - Mobile Application Jet Elementor Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

If you are in need of a single landing page template for your mobile application website, Appsine will be a perfect solution. It has a bright and unique design which will definitely attract more visitors to your web resource. Using Appsine, Elementor Page builder, and Jet plugins you can create any kind of layouts to present your content with the best light.


Markent - Digital Agency Jet Elementor Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Markent JET Elementor template is specifically developed for digital agency websites. Featuring a set of seven pages, Jet add-ons, and other powerful technical specs it allows you to customize your website without touching a single line of code. All you have to do is just select the template, import it to your Elementor editor, apply some minor changes, and you are all set.


Engirem - Car Repair Pro Elementor Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

If you are looking for an option to refresh your car repair or garage website, try this one-page PRO Elementor template. To use this template, you will need to get PRO Elementor version. The customization of Engirem may also need JetElements plugin. With this template, you will be able to provide your clients with an appointment booking form, present your services, and share testimonials.


Novelistic - Writer Portfolio Pro Elementor Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

If you run a writing blog and need to update it, try this black and white template designed for Elementor PRO version of the theme. The minimalist yet fascinating design will take your website to a completely new level. Besides, you can edit and customize Novelist without touching the original theme files meaning no chance to damage them.


Juristos - Lawyer Pro Elementor Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Juristos is a single landing page template developed for one topic built with Elementor. It is a perfect match for attorney agencies, private lawyers, and other legal experts. Featuring a clean and exquisite design, Juristos will add a touch of elegance to your site. Meanwhile, highlighting the information about your services, sharing testimonials, and launching a blog on the same page, you contribute to a smooth and fast website navigation experience.


Hoztan - Hosting Pro Elementor Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Hoztan is an Elementor PRO template specifically developed for those who prefer moderation, minimalism, and bright accents in web design. Here you will find a single-page file with Elementor Page Builder and Jet plugin. Going ahead with Hoztan you will be able to present your services, pricing plans, and provide support in the most professional way. To enable the template on your existing WordPress site, you need to have the PRO version of Elementor.


Brixtone - Construction Pro Elementor Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

With Brixtone, you will have a chance to show your professionalism and competency in the building market. Despite the fact this template comes as a single landing page, it still includes all the necessary information in one place which makes website browsing much faster. You can apply Brixtone to any website built with Elementor to present your services, portfolio, and share testimonials in the best way ever. All you have to do is just import it and make some minor corrections via Elementor editor to apply the template to your website.


YourWOD - Crossfit Elementor Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

YourWOD is an Elementor Pure template which means that you need neither Jet plugins nor Elementor PRO for installation and activation. It comes as a single landing page and gives you an opportunity to provide the most important information on the same page. While contributing to a smooth navigation, this will take the user experience to a completely new level. Try YourWOD if you want to update your gym website to its better version.


Purplex - Spa Salon Elementor Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

With no doubt, a spa salon website should feature soft colors and high res stunning images. Purplex template is perfect for these kinds of websites. It includes an appointment booking form, services, team members, and testimonials modules. They will help your site sound more trustworthy and increase engagement.


RedDragon - Asian Restaurant Elementor Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

RedDragon is a dream for those running an Asian restaurant website. Getting this one-page Elementor Pure template, you will find a menu option, About and Contacts sections, and Google map integration. The last one will show your visitors your restaurant location and help them find the shortest path to it. If you want to make your site mouthwatering, this template is just what you need.


Tinycity - Creative Splitscreen Elementor Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Tinycity is a good choice for creatives. The template features a light split screen design which helps to emphasize your creative nature. The Tinycity template needs neither Jet plugins nor Elementor PRO to be applied to your existing WordPress site with no hassle. Inside the package, you will find everything required for building an inspirational and eye-catching resource.


Compasto - IT Conference Elementor Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Compasto is a perfect solution for IT and freelance conference websites. It is easy to use and customize. The template contains timeline, team module, pricing plans, photo gallery, promotion banner, Google map, and other elements. Compasto will work flawlessly on the website built with Elementor.

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