30 PSD AdWords Banners That You Might Find Useful

  1. The variety of banners
  2. Beautiful banners
  3. 30 PSD Web Banners (AdWords) Bundle

The variety of banners

Advertising is diverse on the Internet. Banners are not an exception. They include several varied sizes, types, formats, and technologies. There are even automated ones that react to hovering the cursor in such a way that the user unwillingly goes to the advertised resource. However, such methods refer to the so-called “gray” or “black” methods of advertising. The era of banner advertising began in 1994. During the following years, this type of advertising developed rapidly. In the beginning, usual static JPEG banners in the form of advertising images were distributed.

They were the ancestors of all today’s ones. Nowadays, this format is rarely used, because static banners lose significantly on the response dynamic. The next format was animated GIF images, in which static images changed from frame to frame, thus creating a simple dynamic.

There are many standard resolutions, but the most common ones are:

  • 728 × 90;
  • 468 × 60;
  • 100 × 100;
  • 88 × 31.

It’s also possible to divide them by size since many networks establish their limitations in the number of kilobytes per banner. There are many variations, but all of them are united by one goal: attracting the audience to the advertised object.

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Beautiful banners

Beautiful banners
Let’s talk about beautiful banners. First, it’s worth to say that banner advertising has become an integral part of Internet promotion. Quite often the sites are full of various banners. Such advertising will efficiently work if the design is attractive, bright, inviting and at the same time not vulgar. To make the appropriate PSD templates, you need a lot of effort. But a well-done work will undoubtedly yield positive results.

To stimulate your inspiration, I invite you to get acquainted with efficient and attractive banners. Advertising, as you know, is the engine of progress. Especially, before the New Year, at the time of sales, discounts and other marketing stuff. Today I want to share with you a small selection of banners in the PSD format.

Perhaps someone will benefit from this compilation.

30 PSD Web Banners (AdWords) Bundle

Web Banners
Dealing with advertising practically in all spheres of activity is necessary.

Bloggers, webmasters, website owners periodically need unique promotional materials. But professional designers take a lot of money for their development. It’s much easier to download a template and to make a banner on your own. Any size and format are available. If you need something unique and you don’t want to spend time, look at the link above.

After spending a few minutes, you’ll get what was needed. To use templates is convenient; they are already decorated, so you only have to add your information to them. Professional skills are not necessary for making banners from templates. But basic skills in working with graphics editors will be useful. On our site, we offer to download templates of any size and in different formats. In addition to banners, you can make yourself a beautiful business card. Or choose a background for the site, make beautiful buttons and much more.

Designing a banner is not the most time-consuming work, especially for experienced designers. But if you know a little about Photoshop, then you also, without any problems, will be able to make promotional material using our templates. Banner templates for web will greatly facilitate your work. And their variety will allow you to make a promo quickly, even during a creative crisis.

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