6 Future Trends of SEO For 2017

SEO is constantly changing the industry and if you want to stay ahead then you need to adopt latest SEO trends and strategies to outperform your competitor. It’s imperative that an SEO expert should have knowledge of all the future trends, SEO principles, and policies. As these are used by search engines to rank web pages in search engine result pages.

In this post, check out the six trends of SEO which will evolve the near future of SEO in the coming years.

  • Keywords Research

Keywords are the backbone of SEO. Now the choosing of keywords isn’t just entering a list as suggested by keyword finding tools. But the keyword research process has changed and now dependent on choosing the keywords based on topics or user intent. The research is primarily done considering two main factors into account search volume and keyword difficulty. But in 2017 it is not limited to these two factors and done on the basis of social value, Google instant search results and related keywords for latent semantic indexing or LSI.

SEO expert will help you to find long tail keywords, local keywords and user-Intent based keywords which will elevate the rankings and drive huge organic traffic. Thus keyword research strategy should be focused on selecting the right keyword mix which delivers effective results for your business site.

  • Competitor Analysis

It is crucial to perform competitor analysis to stay ahead of them in rankings and have a strong online reputation on the web. SEO expert knows how to perform competitor analysis and utilize it to outperform them in rankings. He will create SEO strategies to analyze their backlinks, spy keywords, prepare article analysis report and compare the results. It is essential to check their social value and craft strategy to compete with them on social channels.

  • Rise of Dense Content

There is a rise of dense content and content analysis is necessary to rank higher in SERPs. SEO expert knows this and understands the importance of all the Google Algorithm updates. He has the expertise to analyze the content and optimize it to increase the visibility of the content in search engines. Having a high quality and dense content is crucial as it one of the ranking factors to rank higher in search engine result pages. He possesses the knowledge of creating semantic content. Having the ability to rank the content for featured snippets, instant answers, and other knowledge graph features is an additional advantage.

  • Real Time Positioning Repor

Monitoring keyword position is important for analyzing the effects of all the SEO tasks including link building, on page optimization and technical SEO. There is a prediction that in the future there will be a tool to generate real-time positioning report. This will make the work of Analyst easy. It will let you know the current rank of the webpage in comparison to the position just a few weeks ago. It will definitely help in creating the SEO strategies to improve the position of the web page.

  • UEO is the key

User Experience Optimization or UEO is the key to success in 2017. It should be the top priority of SEO expert to customize the site for the best user experience. The site should load in few seconds, navigation should be proper and it should be optimized for the mobile users. A content delivery network can be used to optimize the speed of the site to load at a faster rate on any device. There is a rise of Accelerated Mobile Page or AMPs to load the content at the fastest rate on the mobile devices of users. If you want to stay ahead in the competition then focus on these UEO techniques and apply them on the site.

  • Machine Learning and SEO

There is a huge impact of machine learning on SEO especially with the introduction of Rank Brain. This algorithm is based on providing the best result for the set of queries searched by the users. It has created a new model for SEO. Now it is not only important to optimize the web page and build the authority by link building. But it also matters that if there is any engagement with the content or not. If there is no engagement to the page then you’re certainly out of the competition.

Machine learning will change the data interpretation in SEO and marketing automation. It is important to keep up with the latest machine learning ranking techniques to rank higher in SERPs. Thus there will be a change in the techniques in the way of doing optimization for the search engines. It is also important to create the content optimized for search engines and informational for the users. This will only help to stay ahead in the rankings in the SERPs.


If you want to outperform your competitors and reach new heights then follow these future trends of SEO in 2017.


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