70+ Super Popular Fiverr Gigs for Website Owners

Is it possible to design a website for just $5? The short answer is no. Not in this universe. Let’s be realistic: $5 is approximately the price of a Big Mac in Denmark. No one will create you a unique full-featured design for a burger. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t make use of a fiver to improve your existing website.

Speaking of fivers, did you know that you can actually put that money to good use on Fiverr.com – a crowdsourced marketplace, where people will do something for you for as little as $5? This website has become a steady source of income for millions of its members: graphic designers, writers, amateur singers, web developers, and many others.

Today we would like to introduce you to the 70+ of the up-to-date and highest rated Fiverr gigs, which will come in handy for any webmaster working with WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop or Shopify websites.

There are, however, some rules you should have in mind while roaming this marketplace. They will surely save you from frustration:

  1. Always contact the performer before you place an order. The actual prices may (and probably, do) differ from the ones stated on the gig page (mostly because of the initial pricing policy on Fiverr, when any gig was exactly $5).
  2. Stay away from any gigs that offer you backlinks or other off-site SEO, social media followers, and other benefits that normally should be obtained manually. Many of them are not only unethical, but sometimes even illegal and harmful.
  3. Obviously, choose only gigs with high average rating – this applies to any store and marketplace.

If you are ready to discover the depths of Fiverr, let’s start with the CMS number one for today.

The WordPress section is the most extensive one here. Hundreds of WordPress experts offer their services at competitive rates, so there are plenty of options to choose from. If you are planning to launch a WordPress-based website, consider the gigs related to installation, customization and, especially, security.

WordPress Installation and Customization

Themestuning will install WordPress, a theme, and make sure that it looks like the demo for $5.

WordPress_seo will securely install your new WordPress website taking into account all possible security issues for $5.

Picaya will do all kinds of WordPress-related jobs for $5 each.

Aaliyaan will fix WordPress issues, improve your SEO or fully revamp your website for $15, $50 and $350 respectively.

Alii_raja1 will install a premium theme for you for $5.

Om2000_cuet will solve CSS, HTML, or any other code- or design-related WordPress issue for $5.

WordPress SEO

Tfinry will take various actions for search engine optimization for $5-$20.

Luikangmk will perform onsite SEO of your WordPress Website for $10-$40.

Shafeef will optimize 15 pages of your website for $5.

WordPress Migration

Vizotech will migrate or clone your WordPress-based website for $5. More expensive options like website development are also available.

Webchief will install, transfer, or duplicate a WordPress website for $5.

Abubakerijaz will move, migrate and setup multisite WordPress blogs for $5+ (depending on the amount of data transferred).

Designsages will migrate your WordPress website to another hosting, domain or folder for $5.

Raiszaada will move your WordPress website for $5, and boost its performance for additional $15.

Performance Optimization

Kenjennings will provide all-round performance optimization of your WordPress for $10.

Aaliyaan will speed up your website via enabling compression and caching, database optimization, etc for $20.

WordPresscholar will boost your website’s speed for $15+ (more expensive packages are available).

Wpfalcon will provide in-depth analysis of your WordPress and boost its loading speed for $5-$50.

Mfurqanabid will transfer up to 200 posts from your Blogger account to your new WordPress website for $5.

WordPress Security

Lindoarthur will scan your WordPress for security vulnerabilities for $25. This may seem a bit too much, but safety first, right?

Cerontek will make sure your website is protected on all sides for $10+ (up to $45). The average rating for its more than 350 reviews is 5/5 – just in case you were wondering.

Tapasfun will protect your website for $10, or eliminate the consequences of hacking for $35.

Joomla is not the most popular CMS anymore, but it is still pretty usable. Joomla experts on Fiverr offer a wide range of services including installation, fixes, security and search engine optimization. If you have chosen Joomla for its reliability and functionality, this section is for you.

Joomla Installation and Customization

Webguruhere will install, migrate or upgrade a Joomla website; integrate templates and extensions for $5 and up.

Asbhsoftwares will install and set up a Joomla template for you for $5.

Hawkthalas will install Joomla and all the necessary supplements for $5.

Amine_pipr0 will Install, configure core and third party extension; tune up templates and correct bugs for $5.

Joomla SEO

Amine_pipr0 will make your Joomla website SEO-friendly for $5.

Ivan62 will provide your website with high-quality onsite search engine optimization for $20.

Joomla Security

Arifur will make sure your Joomla website is malware-free, and improve its security for $20+.

Dxxx1988 will upgrade, backup and secure your website for $30 and up.

Szepesif will clean up your site from any viruses and vulnerabilities for $5+.

Magento is the toughest guy among the top eCommerce platforms, and this means it is the most difficult one to manage. That’s why most of the Magento gigs on Fiverr are oriented at fixing bugs and customization. SEO services are less widespread, but you will be able to find a SEO specialist if you really need one. And, of course, there are plenty of gigs offering to save you time by adding products to your Magento store for you.

Magento Installation and Bugfixes

Hacpires will install a Magento theme of your choice for $5.

Kukadiyamayur will fix any problems related to Magento for $5.

Hacpires will do a wide range of works including theme customization, installing extensions and migration for $5.

Faeez567 will set up a store for you, fix bugs, provide customization and upload products for a price starting with $5.

Simbeez offers more than 14 types of Magento tweaks for as little as $5 each.

Kevin2020 will install Magento, themes and extensions; upgrade or migrate your store for $5.

Add Products to Magento

Mosharofct will add 55 simple products to your Magento inventory for $5. He also works with other eCommerce platforms such as PrestaShop, WooCommerce, OpenCart and Shopify.

Woo_expert will publish 50 items to a number of online store platforms including Magento for $5. For variable products that would be $10.

Janggutmerah will manually add 125 items to your Magento for $5.

Extra gig:

Vajsmiler will improve your Magento shop’s SEO. This type of a service is quite uncommon in the Magento section of Fiverr, so don’t pass by.

PrestaShop is a happy medium of moderate difficulty and decent scalability. This eCommerce platform can successfully handle large stores, while remaining fairly easy to manage. Yet, it is open source, so technical problems are inevitable. If you are having any, welcome to the PrestaShop section of Fiverr.

PrestaShop Installation

Spark4hope will install and configure your new PrestaShop store for $5, and install any theme or module for additional $10 each.

Vnwebz will install any PrestaShop-related software: the CMS itself, themes, modules, etc. for a price starting from $5.

Jhon111 will help you with setting up of your PrestaShop store by installing a custom theme for $5. For extra charge he will upload dummy content to make the theme look like on the demo.

PrestaShop Customization and Fixes

Naumanz will fix any possible issues of your PrestaShop store for the initial price of $5 (actually, more if you have more than one issue).

Mayurvanza will prepare a worriless launch of your eCommerce store by installing all the necessary software for $5+. Customization and bug fixes will cost you the additional $25.

Dakshprajapati will install a custom PrestaShop theme and additional modules of your choice for $5+.

Add Products to PrestaShop

Shahp2015 will add 30 products to your PrestaShop store for $5. Variable products are supported, which means you can provide different color variations for each item.

Wordpres_skills will also publish 30 variable products for $5. He works with OpenCart as well.

Sherjohn12 will fill your PrestaShop store with content for $5 per 25 entries.

Extra gig:

Naoufel2 offers a number of SEO services for PrestaShop users. The basic pack costs $5, while the full range of services totals $25, and includes keyword research and competitor’s analysis.

OpenCart is a lightweight CMS praised for its simplicity, ease in development and user-friendliness. Although it is not very popular on Fiverr, we have found some really useful gigs that will make setting up a store a breeze for you.

OpenCart Installation and Customization

Jigneshdavara will build a store based on OpenCart and customize it as per your requirements for $5+.

Shabirbhat will fix any OpenCart-related issue, integrate payment gateways; install extensions and templates for a flexible price starting with $5.

Adilbhat will fix HTML, PHP, CSS or database issues, install any required template or module, and add SSL to your store for $5.

Kinjan will correct any error in your OpenCart store’s code for $5.

Sagar3003 will perform a wide range of work related to your store for $5 and up.

Upload products to OpenCart

Intechspace will add 100 products to your OpenCart store, previously having optimized the images in PhotoShop for $5.

WordPress_skils will add 50 simple products to OpenCart for $5. He also works with WooCommerce and other popular eCommerce platforms.

Munbdit is ready to add 35 items to your OpenCart shop for $5.

Shopify is a quite simple online store platform perfectly suitable for beginners. There is not much to do about its security or stability, as they are being maintained by the Shopify team itself. But if you want to invest some more money into your store, consider passing on to someone else's shoulders such boring tasks as adding products or fixing SEO tags.

Shopify Installation and Customization

Salo2016 will fix your Shopify store theme and customize it for $5.

Ecomerce will install and customize a theme, fix any bugs and optimize your store charging $5 for a small task (like fixing one error).

Dijatul will do all kinds of Shopify-related work: theme installation, HTML and CSS fixes, product publishing, SEO, and many more.

David2010 will install a theme, setup and configure apps, and improve the design of your Shopify store.

Add Products to Shopify

Underscore99 will add 50 products to your Shopify store for $5.

Sohag88 will publish 50 simple or 25 variable products for $5.

Creativearman will add 50 products for a flat price of $5.

Shopify SEO

WordPresseo101 will take care of your Shopify store’s SEO for $5+ (advanced $50 and $120 packages are available).

Leuxonghoi will do basic Shopify SEO for $10, and advanced optimization for S20 (Premium package) or S40 (Pro package).

Webseofull will optimize your store for better SEO rankings for $5.

Extra gig:

Enamhasan will transfer the products from your Etsy store to Shopify for $5. For the additional payment he will also transfer categories and reviews.

Wrapping up:

As you can see, Fiverr is not as cheap as its name says. Sometimes you will have to pay several times the basic gig price. But if you don't wish to become a jack of all trades, outsourcing is the only way to get the things done. Besides, it is great for establishing partnership relations with skilled freelancers.

Have you ever used Fiverr before? What was your experience like? Feel free to share your thoughts with our community!

we don’t directly endorse any gig from the listed above. We have just collected the most high-rated services with the largest number of positive reviews, so you don’t have to sort them yourself and waste your time. And remember: Fiverr is kind of a drug, so use it wisely. Sometimes it is better to learn how to do something than to throw away another $25.

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