8 Most Popular Websites Using Joomla

CMS Joomla is one of the most popular and award-winning Content Management System (CMS) system in the world. It is becoming more and more reliable with every update. This popularity means that the number of pages using Joomla is gaining every day - it’s used by famous brands, labels, companies, and institutions for their sites. These listed websites come from many different categories like business, education, media, sports, photography, news, science, technology, health, medicine and much more.

In this article, we would like to show a showcase of some interesting and famous websites using Joomla system.

Joomla! Was created to be user-friendly, easy to install and set-up for every user ( web designer, web developer, amateur or advanced) The platform has been already used on millions of websites, with more than 70 million downloads. Nowadays many hosting providers offer a single-click install, getting your new site up and running in just a few minutes. With a minimal effort, you can easily manage their own website. It does not matter whether you want to create a simple personal site or a complex business solution. With Joomla is everything possible. Joomla! is highly extensible and thousands of extensions (free and commercial) are available in the Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED).

There is also a Joomla Framework available (free and open source) allowing writing web and command line applications in PHP.
It’s a great thing for Joomla! extensions developer looking to develop applications or a PHP coder looking for a stable lightweight framework for his work.
Many business companies, public institutions, and organizations have requirements that go beyond what is available in the basic Joomla package. Using the core Joomla! The Framework is possible to create:

  • great communication tools;
  • online reservations systems;
  • business listings directories;
  • e-commerce systems;
  • product catalogs;
  • and more.

Now let’s focus on the list of selected most popular websites using Joomla CMS:

Harvard University website - it’s a site of world known educational institution. This website uses a K2 - powerful content extension - allowing users to create a website’s content easily but it’s also a great tool for posting latest news, showing some pictures and more.

Harvard University

IKEA, the famous furniture seller uses Joomla to reach customers. IKEA has a modern and clean website which offers a professional catalogue of products and a feature of store locator.


Holiday Inn, the website of the Holiday Inn hotel chain. It comes with an elegant any clear graphic design. The Main feature used here is an advanced booking system. This website uses functional Joomla sliders at the frontpage.

Holiday Inn

The Hill is a congressional online newspaper, which posts reports and news about Congress sessions.As you can see the website uses videos, news, and blog in a clean and well-presented way. The website uses a Disqus Comment extension - it gives the readers possibility to leave comments.

the Hill

The Website of The United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe (UNRIC).This organization provides information to the countries in the western Europe. It’s an example of the classic Joomla layout type. It uses the clean design, directly focused on the content and news section. Government and organization websites across the world are willingly using Joomla.


U.K National Crime Agency – The official website of National Crime Agency that “ protect the public by disrupting and bringing to justice those serious and organized criminals who present the highest risk to the UK”.

The Site looks simple but modern and it uses K2 extension to organize their content. On the front page, you can see an example of usage a Joomla slider, to present the latest news.

U.K National Crime Agency

Philbert Photography is the website of the photography studio. Designed to presents photos - they are the main point here. Photos are present in the very attractive way! This website offers also a blog view site, contact page and about me page.

Philbert Photography

Linux is a content rich website with all information regarding Linux: software, technical issues, and documentation. It uses Joomla extensions like Frontpage Slideshow and Community Answers.


Some other popular companies like Porsche (Brazilian website of car maker) Mitsubishi Poland, Danone or Vodafone Icelandic mobile phone company, are also using the Joomla web Content Management System.

What does it mean that Joomla is Open Source?

Joomla CMS is an open-source platform, available for free. Joomla! is very simple to install. It takes only a few minutes from downloading to having a working script on your server. The script has thousands of free plugins available at the homepage. There are hundreds of useful tools and accessible tutorials available for users.

Using a multipurpose navigation system you can easily manage your site using many subpages. Links generated by the script are very good for SEO positioning. Joomla is very easy to update, it can be done from a web browser. There is a Joomla forum available where people can ask questions - it’s easy to find solutions for many issues there. Getting technical support is also another Joomla advantage.

The Joomla! The Core is just the basic, but the real possibilities give you a huge selection of available Joomla extensions that allow to the customize Joomla!

You can find extensions for your Joomla powered website in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.

It's important to mention that Joomla is powered by thousands (7865 extensions from the Joomla!® community) of free and commercial extensions (add-ons) that are available in the Joomla Extensions Directory. There are more than 30 different extensions categories. Extensions allow users to extend Joomla functionality and customize it to their own purposes.

In this article, we’ve just presented few of popular, world-wide known websites based on CMS Joomla. We think that exactly this CMS should be considered as the foundation for your next web project. You should know that creating a Joomla website can be a quick and easy task, especially if you use Joomla templates that are ready-made solutions, simple to install and use.

Popular templates providers like TemplateMonster offer templates from different thematic categories. Just find the right template for your website! If you have some experience with CMS systems it might be just the thing for you! It's a reliable system of sites with a lot of content and multimedia - great for e-commerce or social networking sites. The ability of users to achieve a greater level of control over their website is something that Joomla definitely has, it combines the power and flexibility and all users are getting always much more than they suppose.

Multilanguage Pack

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