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Accounting Manager Resume! Today the position of accounting manager is more in demand than ever. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a queue of candidates for the position in any firm. Almost everyone has the same standard characteristics, but the question is, Which candidate has the best CV?.

Accounting Manager Resume

How to Write a Compelling Accounting Manager Resume Objective

The introductory section of your accounting manager resume, as a rule, represents your goal as an employee who is fond of their work and of the growth of the firm in which they plan to work.

The content of CV largely depends on the applicant’s experience. If the CV does not contain much experience, it is recommended to pay special attention to your education, certificates as well as personal qualities. If this isn’t your first job, then you should indicate your previous places of work along with the quality results that you have been able to achieve during that time. It’s recommended not to pay attention solely to your knowledge in the workplace, but also to talk about your other skills, for instance, management, leadership skills, and creativity. This will make you look like a versatile person, and such people are appreciated.

A professional profile will be an initial step towards the desired position.

For a more illustrative example, we suggest you familiarize yourself with examples of CV goals of candidates with and without work experience.

Target section for a beginner

"A motivated university graduate wants to take the vacant position of the accounting manager in your firm to put into practice the knowledge gained in mathematics and business, as well as critical thinking skills, which will ensure the success of the firm and will contribute to its continuous development."

Target section for an experienced candidate

"An ambitious and success-oriented candidate who has three years of experience working in the enterprise (name of the enterprise), and whose duties included analyzing income and loss statements, preparing tax returns and other financial documents.

Worked with 32 projects at the same time, satisfying 96.7% of clients.

Won the "For High Achievement" award in a company of 100+ people, which speaks of my desire to be a leader everywhere and always."

Accounting Manager Cover Letter

First of all, try to be as brief as possible. In the beginning, tell them why you were fond of this vacancy and why you would like to become an employee of the company. Try to connect this fragment with your personal goals and plans for the future—it will look much more convincing.

If possible, tell us about your previous places of work and what successes you’ve achieved there. Combine your experience and personal qualities with the requirements of a recruiter. Support all the data with accurate facts.

In the end, be sure to thank the recruiter for their attention.


John Smith

(111) 111-1111

[email protected]

February 2, 2020

Dear hiring manager,

I’m interested in the vacancy of the accounting manager at the “Fast & High-Speed” ​​company. After reviewing the list of requirements that you make to a potential employee, and comparing it with my own knowledge and skills, I decided that I would send you my CV.

My responsibilities in a previous position at Skyline, where I held a similar position, included managing several large projects, preparing and checking accounting documentation for accounting and auditing, and interacting with other departments to resolve problems and misunderstandings in financial statements. I have established myself as a hardworking and creative employee with critical and analytical thinking, able to work in a team and achieve goals (the document from the previous place of work in which my words are confirmed, I have attached to the letter). I am fully informed of accounting software, as well as with the most common accounting and tax programs these days. A summary is also attached.

I am ready to discuss any details regarding my future position at any time in person. Thank you for your attention to my candidacy.


John Smith

How to create a perfect description for the resume

At the beginning of your journey, it is recommended to review the requirements for applicants for similar vacancies in other companies. This will help you get a clearer picture of what skills and knowledge employers require, as well as compare the information received with your personal abilities. Thus, you will determine what strengths you have as a candidate for the position, and which should be emphasized in the narrative of the resume and in the cover letter, as well as what skills you should acquire and which skills you should improve.

In the "Description" section, try to transfer the skills needed in the vacancy as closely as possible. Firstly, it will show that you have become acquainted with the requirements of the firm in detail, which not everyone does. Secondly, you will demonstrate that you have the necessary skills. For a better perception of data, place all the qualities in a list: this will make the text more readable.

How to make the job experience section great

Having studied the information in this section, the recruiter will be able to form a definite opinion about you as a potential employee and evaluate your candidacy in terms of the needs and rules of the company. We want to share with you some secrets that will help you make this section your business card.

Draw parallels

In any case, first list all your previous jobs in chronological order, starting with the most recent. Indicate the similarity in the functioning of the companies where you worked before, with the one where you plan to hold the position. Thus, the recruiter will see that you are able to do the work that they need.

Be accurate and truthful

The names of the companies and the terms of your employment should correspond to reality. If in your professional biography there was a period where you often changed jobs, it is best to combine this entire period into one group, which will look like this:


Held temporary positions in the retail industry."

Prove that you’re the person they’re looking for

Indicate that you have all the skills, knowledge and experience that they want to see in an employee in this position.

Voluntary and community service are also important

If you do not have enough experience in this field, or if it is completely absent, but nevertheless you took part in charity events, be sure to tell about it. Employers quite often respond positively to such information, as it speaks of your teamwork skills for the benefit of a common goal.

Pay attention to your merits

When speaking about the places of their past employment, most job seekers simply list what was part of their responsibilities, but do not mention how the activities of their department directly influenced the development of the company.

Express your thoughts positively

Try not to use words and phrases that are negative, for example, "bad," "not enough" and "slow." Also, do not speak negatively about your past colleagues and superiors, even if you have reason to do so. Exclude all negative aspects and data from the CV.

Accounting Manager Resume Samples

John Smith

[email protected]


Qualifications Summary (Description)

Motivated and development-oriented accounting manager with two years of experience. Engaged in the implementation of all financial procedures in the company "Production". Conducted, planned and unscheduled inspections to optimize the functioning processes, which as a result led to a 25% reduction in the time spent on standard procedures. In the process of checking the financial statements, I was able to minimize expense variables, which led to their reduction by 10%. By official necessity, I contacted almost all the employees of the company, which helped to develop teamwork skills and improve communication skills.

Work Experience

Accounting Manager

Production, New Orleans

September 2017–January 2020

Key Qualifications and Responsibilities

Was the head of the department, in which ten specialists worked. The department was engaged in the calculation of receivables and payroll of company employees.

Conducted an audit of financial statements, the results of which were reported to management.

Developed strategies to reduce costs.

Was responsible for accounting.

Key Achievements

Through regular financial audits, company expenses were reduced by 15%.

Work processes were optimized through ongoing monitoring, which ultimately led to an optimization of the monthly plan by 20%.


BA, finance

Central University of Los Angeles



  • Time management
  • Punctuality and responsibility
  • Skill to work in a team
  • Compilation of financial strategies
  • Ability to achieve the set goals

Accounting Manager Resume Templates

In addition to its information content, the resume for the accounts manager should look appropriate. We suggest you use one of the specially designed templates below.

Aaron Jones

The minimalism and versatility of this sample are immediately evident. The layout is made in white and blue colors, which leaves a pleasant feeling from viewing it. Particular emphasis is placed on the section with work experience. Optionally, you may choose a layout with or without a photo. A free business card is attached. The file format is standard—A4, which simplifies the printing process. The document is completely ready for printing after you make all the changes and additions.

Aurelius Sume

The professional layout is made in the strict design, without the use of a large number of bright inserts, which will allow the recruiter to pay special attention to the content of the document, and not to its external design. The layout is available in black and white, blue and white, and orange and white colors. A cover letter template is also included.

Kendra Seymour

The sample is fully optimized to work on any device, and the editing process doesn’t cause any difficulties. A nice bonus will be the presence of a business card and a cover letter layout. The file is available in four different formats. A personal photo is attached as desired. The color scheme consists of a pleasant combination of peach and white backgrounds.


The classic black and white layout design will talk about your seriousness and practicality. The markup allows you to pay special attention to your knowledge and experience. The photo field is located in the upper left corner. To help the user cope with possible difficulties, a support file is attached.

Robert Dawson

A non-standard approach to placing information in this layout will certainly attract the attention of a potential employer. This will demonstrate your creativity. The file and the business cards included are available in light and dark designs. The template supports the most popular editing formats, which optimizes the process of changing data.

Template Features Price
Aaron Jones Template with or without a photo, the business card is attached, white and blue design $17
Aurelius Sume Cover letter layout is included, 3 different template designs $9
Kendra Seymour Fully optimized, cover letter layout and business card are included $17
Aurelius Black and white design, support file is attached $17
Robert Dawson Light and dark design, business cards are included $17


What are the responsibilities of the accounting manager?

The responsibilities of the accountant include daily monitoring of accounting operations, regular verification of accounting data and the preparation of financial documents. It should also ensure that the basic principles of accounting are properly implemented.

What is the salary of the accounting manager in the USA?

On average, a person in this position earns about $100,000 a year, but depending on your skills and the company in which you work, this figure may vary.

What is the principal difference between the positions of the accounting manager and the financial manager?

Although the difference is not so significant, there are still some differences. For example, a financial manager is responsible for overseeing financial decisions made at the department or company level. The accounting manager manages a specific group of accountants and reports on the work done to the controller.

What does it take to become a good accounting manager?

To significantly increase your chances of getting the desired job, you must have a bachelor's degree, and preferably a master's degree in accounting and finance. Further training and work experience will definitely play in your favor.

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