Android Developer Resume Tips and Templates

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  2. Best Examples Android Developers Resume
  3. Writing tips
  4. What Should You Avoid at the Android Developer Resume?
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Are you a Junior Android developer and you need to create an engaging resume or you are Senior or Middle specialist and have not updated your CV for a long time? Then you've come to the right place. Here I have gathered tips on how to make an astonishing android developer resume that looks good and paints you in the best light.

What achievements and experience should be included in the CV to get to the vacancy that you have your eye on?

What are the rules and trends for writing resumes that are important to follow?

And, of course, the main question: one page or two? 🙂

If you still have such questions keep on reading. You will find all the answers.

Android Developer Resume Tips and Templates.

How to Create an Android Developer Resume?

The resume is a document that opens all doors for us. In theory, everyone knows how to write up a resume.  Like any formal paper, it has a generally accepted structure and filing requirements. At the same time, there is no single methodology for how to create a resume for work. Therefore, often network users download the first sample that comes across, change the data in it and post it on job search sites.

This method has a place to be, but you should not count on a positive result. When an HR manager sees that a job seeker has neglected to even write a resume correctly, he wonders what good can be expected from such an employee.

It’s not so difficult to satisfy the requirements of HR. All you need is to point only the necessary information according to a vacancy. Let's get through the plan of resume together.

Structure of CV:

  1. Summary
    Put all basic information about you into a brief paragraph: photo, name, date of birth and main contacts. Here you can place a link to your GitHub profile too.
  2. Objective
    The position you are applying for. You can expand this point a little by adding the goals that you pursue in the desired position, for example: “A junior android developer with proven knowledge of testing native applications like UI whilst troubleshooting user experience issues. Undertook 4-month industry placement at Modern Tech, assisting mobile app developers in designing a new taxi app. Seeking to leverage industry experience to work at X company.”
  3. Work experience
    It is worth to tell about your professional experience and positions held. List the jobs in reverse chronological order, indicating the period of work. It will not be superfluous to mention your official duties. Here you can also mention your key achievements. For example, you have created an app that has been already downloaded thousands of times.
  4. Education
    It's simple - what kind of education did you get after school. If there are several, it is more appropriate to place them in reverse chronological order (from the last to the first).
  5. Key Skills
    You can conditionally divide this item into 3 blocks: languages, professional skills, and more. If everything is clear with the first two, then in the last you can write down any skills that are not directly related to the professional sphere. However, they can characterize you in a certain way or potentially may be of interest to the employer.
  6. Certificates
    If you received additional professional skills at courses, seminars or lectures, and also have any certificates, this is worth mentioning. It can be significant awards, grants or scholarships that are important for the desired job.
  7. Additional information
    And here you can mention other things that you consider significant. For example, scientific activity or publications (if you have any), membership in organizations or personal qualities and hobbies.
    But still, the most important point is to remember the relevance of this or that information. Be concise, but consistent. And then your resume will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

Best Examples Android Developers Resume

Here you can have a look at 5 best Android developers resume samples.

Example 1

Android Developer Resume Example 1.

Example 2

Android Developer Resume Example 2.

Example 3

Android Developer Resume Example 3.

Example 4

Android Developer Resume Example 4.

Example 5

Android Developer Resume Example 5.

Writing tips

Well, now, when we have dealt with the structure of the junior android developer resume, I would like to give you some tips. They can help you avoid making a ton of rookie mistakes.

  • Be brief. Do not strain HR with a large amount of text. Great chance that somewhere in the middle he will fall asleep. Write clearly on the case. Do not point what is not related to the job you are applying for. The summary should be a maximum of 2 pages. It may seem difficult to fit all your experience on 2 pages. Focus on your truly worthwhile achievements, rather than write about the next framework at the front.
  • Truth and only truth. Although this is obvious, some still sometimes try to embellish themselves in the resume. Do not indicate irrelevant experience in the hope that in the eyes of the employer this will be a plus. Show that you are a suitable candidate, and do not tell your biography. At a full-time interview and when performing a test task, the fraud will still be revealed. And a small plus can turn into a huge minus.
  • The resume must include contacts. Skype, email, and phone. It is advisable to have a local phone number of the country where the resume is sent. A good option would be to have a voicemail on it. In many countries, the practice of leaving voice messages is common. If there is no local number, you can omit the telephone number.
  • The online version of the resume. Provide a link to the online version of the resume on Google documents, or a profile on LinkedIn. Recruiters can keep your contacts for years. If there is a standing profile on the GitHub, point it out.
  • Do not overdo it with the design! Fewer separators, font sizes, etc. I saw several resumes with a two-column layout. In my opinion, this is not worth doing.
  • Some details can play you a minus. For example, a conditional certificate according to Microsoft Excel. Are you really so proud? A professional should distinguish useful skills and achievements from minor ones.
  • Use the pdf format. It is best to use such a format, as it is cross-platform.
  • And most importantly! Not a resume makes a person, but a person a resume. Be positive and active, develop, read, attend events and excursions, have consultations with a career consultant. And then the work of your dreams will definitely not keep you waiting!

What Should You Avoid at the Android Developer Resume?

  • Try not to repeat yourself. If you already mentioned that you used Kotlin, you do not need to write about it many times.
  • Drop common phrases such as “I'm good at communication.” Instead, write: “Working on team project X shows that I am good at communicating with teammates.”
  • Do not lie. If you haven’t used any language, do not indicate it in your resume. As I said, there is a high probability that the truth will be revealed in the interview, and nobody needs it.
  • Only completed works.  Do not mention projects or achievements if they were not completed or were incomplete.
  • Keep yourself within one page. This issue is being discussed very loudly, and in part, it cannot be taken super literally. The phrase "resume should be one page" should encourage you to be accurate and formulate thoughts concisely. I know from experience that there are a very small percentage of C-level, Senior or Middle-level android developers whose resume goes beyond one or two pages. Usually, it is TOP management.

Design of Android Developer resume

Lately, it has become more popular to use ready examples to create a  resume. I would recommend using ready-to-use templates to present a resume. According to such a trend, I decided also to highlight some main features that should have an android developer resume sample.

  • Readability
    Do you know that a recruiter spends time looking at your resume, which ranges from several tens of seconds to a maximum of several minutes? Make formatting not to get confused. Do not make a text in the center of a kaleidoscope of different font sizes.
    How to make a resume more readable?
    • highlight your positions and company names in bold,
    • make a separate section for skills,
    • leave space between the blocks.

    That's’ it! You are a coder, not a designer.

  • Simplicity
    From my experience and the stories of hundreds of colleagues in the IT industry, I have become convinced. The main thing in formatting and designing a resume is simplicity. Use basic modern fonts like Gothic, Arial and Times New Roman. So that the recruiter does not feel bad while reading. Such a font can spoil the impression. Use a readable size between 12 and 16. The only place where you can use a different font is your name, company names, and positions. But I would recommend choosing conservative fonts.
  • Attractive design
    Your resume should draw attention. Feels free to use graphs, and save more space. Such things as two columns instead of one, icons, and different colors can help you to balance wordcount and whitespace. And, of course, the most important, it should have a good structure.
  • Ease of use
    If you want to download a nice resume template, make sure that it is easy to edit. save your time and money. Don’t lose any minute on learning how to edit this template. You should only concentrate on the content. The better the structure, the less time needs HR to find the necessary information at your CV.
  • Calm and professional colors 
    Stay professional, use blue, grey and gold colors. The resumes in such shades are looking good and help to concentrate easily on important information.

Best Template for Android Developer Resume

All these templates are suitable for mobile app developer resume and include such features as:

  • Ready to print
  • Presented in many different formats
  • Simple minimalistic design
  • You can include a photo
  • Twenty-four-hour support
  • Google Fonts included for free

Android developer resume examples

Many CV templates have also cover letters and business cards as a bonus.

Template Name Price Rating Sales Bonus
Clean Graphic Designer for Android Developer Resume Template $9 No rating 0 Icons, Cover letter, Business card
JAMES Graphic Web Developer Resume Template $13 5/5 5 Cover letter, fonts
Danielle Connell_Creative Resume Template $17 5/5 32 Cover letter
Daniel Moore - Front End Developer Resume Template $17 5/5 4 Business card, QR code implementation
Front End Developer ATS Friendly Resume Template $17 5/5 8 Business card, QR code implementation
Henry Richardson Web developer Resume Template $10 No rating 0 Lifetime support and guide
Clean CV for Web Developer Resume Template $9 No rating 0 Icons, Cover letter, Business card
Willium Andarson Web Developer v09 Resume Template $9 No rating 0 Two pages
John Abraham Resume Template $17 No rating 0 Cover letter, Help file and support file, Business card, QR code implementation
Word Resume-Bill Clarke Resume Template $17 No rating 4 Two pages, Cover letter, Icons
Danielle Connell - 4 Pages Resume Template $17 No rating 4 Two pages, Cover letter, Icons
Nijam Uddin Resume Template $9 No rating 0 Cover letter
Modern Resume Template $17 No rating 2 Cover letter
John Kaviens Designer & Developer Resume Template Resume Template $8 No rating 1 Cover letter, Dark color version, Help file

Android Developer Resume Templates FAQ

❓ What Android Developer Resume Templates?

Android Developer Resume templates are ready-made designs in various formats. They are must-haves for everyone who wants to create a resume with the modern sample.

❓ What advantages of Android Developer Resume Templates?

Have a look at the best sides of full Android Developer Resume templates in brief:
Easy to edit
Affordable prices
CMYK color and 300 DPI
Presented in A4 formats and US letter size
Various formats (PDF, PSD, EPS, JPG, AI, DOCX, DOC, INDD, etc.)
Modern and minimalist design
Standard and Commercial licenses

❓ What do you need to edit Android Developer Resume Templates?

Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
and Microsoft Word

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