Are You Safe on the Internet?

Each day there is another story of hacking or data leak in the news. During the last couple of years, the number of cyber attacks has drastically increased, showing us that there is no corporation, business, governmental organization, or private computer, which is 100% immune to this risk. The problem is not about the money or efforts in the war on cybersecurity, but about the measures, we take to protect our devices.

The number of attacks by hacking activity increases with the number of devices we use. The more gadgets we own, the higher the risk of having the data stolen. Unfortunately, you can't stop this process. However, you can prevent it from a cybersecurity perspective. Having a clear cybersecurity strategy won't allow hackers to bring you to your knees, especially if you run a business or have a platform online. If you're serious about using the opportunities offered by the internet and want to expand your business online, you can't go without a VPN. The topic of our discussion is why and how to use VPN from a cybersecurity perspective, how to hide your IP address, and how to transform your cybersecurity strategy immediately after reading the article.

How to Build a Cybersecurity Strategy by Yourself

Not everyone can afford to have an entire cybersecurity department for their personal and business needs. But this doesn't mean you have to let things drift. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs think about developing and selling their products first, instead of providing a healthy environment for their business to grow. This healthy environment we are talking about means creating networks which can be fully trusted.

Even if you're not planning to raise your business to the next level, sooner or later you will have to do this. For the business, which is not planning to use the opportunities of the internet, it is very hard to survive on the market. Online marketing is a real necessity for any progressive, fast-developing business. Or, if you decide you need a personal website or a blog, you have to decide how you're going to protect it in cyberspace.

As we have already mentioned above, hiring a professional department to fight possible cybersecurity threats is not a necessity for a starting company, a small business, or just one platform. You can take advantage of a VPN.

To get cybersecurity right, develop the strategy in advance. How serious are your business intentions? How much are you ready to spend on this aspect? What kind of sensitive data do you have? And where are you going to store it? It is very important to secure all of the devices you have without focusing on just a single computer or smartphone.
To build a strong cyber defense, study the market of VPNs. What's new? What's better?

If you have never used a VPN before or have never used it for security goals, you need to have a clear understanding of what it is and how it operates.

What Is a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network.

It is designed to provide a secure connection between your computer and a server. It is like a middleman between you and the internet. The data you send goes back and forth through the VPN instead of being sent directly to the network. A VPN is a tunnel, which transports the traffic through, turning it into an unreadable row of symbols. This process is called encryption or encoding. The idea behind a VPN is quite simple, but not everyone takes advantage of it properly.

In the 21st century, simple antivirus software can't be called high-quality cybersecurity software. It is not enough to safely host the cloud, exchange your data, and even do the simplest business operations outside your «native» office or home network. A VPN was created specifically for business and by business. The initial aim of it was a secure connection between different departments only. Companies wanted to ensure that their business communication and data exchange were 100% safe. So, why not do this in 2018, when the number of hacker attacks and data leaks has massively increased? Be more aware of the cybersecurity threats online; follow this site to get more details.

If you don't want to spend money on renovating your business after a cyber attack, spend your money and effort on preventive methods. Follow a few basic steps to avoid a situation when everything you've worked on is stolen because of a hacker attack. Imaging the time and money lost, and having to start over in some cases!

Today a VPN is used for three main reasons:

  • Data protection and privacy on the Internet
  • Online anonymity, which is hiding your real IP address
  • Expanded internet access, which is providing access to previously blocked content

You may not know this, but most hackers are absolutely aware of all the ways to hack a platform, company, corporation, or an important governmental organization. Today it is not enough simply to keep your employees aware of the basic security knowledge online. Your computer or smartphone can be hacked without you even suspecting it. For example, while you're responding to a business email sitting in the airport or while doing transactions in a hotel or restaurant. Computers, smartphones, and tablets are targeted at every level and in any location.

So, don't make a mistake by relying on two-step authentication, unique passwords, and the latest antivirus software only. Pick a VPN as a base of your cybersecurity strategy and be 100% sure that each of your business ideas is fully protected the moment you go online. Prevent data loss and monetary theft with one service only.

In the age of major cybersecurity threats, you have no choice but to spend efforts on doing your best in protecting the data you store online. It especially concerns entrepreneurs and those who want to develop their online business, securing their ideas and property.

If you've decided to join those businesses, corporations, and average users who do at least something from a cybersecurity perspective, check and ensure your devices and data are kept 100% secured.

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