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Awesome jQuery Solutions for Online Portfolios

It's not a secret that jQuery and other JavaScript-based tools are getting more and more popular these days among web designers and developers. jQuery in turn has become the primary tool for adding dynamics to a static website because of how easy it is to use and how many pre-made script templates are available.

Today we are happy to present a series of reviews of websites using jQuery tools for various purposes. And we start with the collection of websites using jQuery for their awesome portfolios. Plus, we'll provide a tip on how to start for those who are interested in this kind of solution for online portfolio.



* * *

Charlie Gentle


* * *

Creative Bytes


* * *

Esteban Munoz


* * *



* * *



* * *

support Ukraine

Ivo Ivanov


* * *

John Cartago


* * *

Josh Sender


* * *

Oh Media


* * *

David Praznik


* * *

Tierra Virtual


* * *

Of course since jQuery is so easy to use and so good-looking at the same time we couldn't help it and started producing the j-Query-based templates. Please take a look at some of them below and let us know what you think, we'd love to hear your thoughts:

Website Template #26176


Click here to see this template's jQuery in action!

* * *

Website Template #26254


Click here to see this template's jQuery in action!

* * *

Website Template #26682


Click here to see this template's jQuery in action!

* * *

Website Template #26747

Now here comes the fun part. You can make an online portfolio for yourself that would be just as good as this one. In this template the jQuery script by Nathan Searless is used, and you can dowload looperslider plugin for free.


Click here to see this template's jQuery in action!

* * *

Website Template #27036


Click here to see this template's jQuery in action!

* * *

Website Template #27083


Click here to see this template's jQuery in action!

* * *

Website Template #27106


Click here to see this template's jQuery in action!

* * *

Well, that's it for today. That's only a small part of what we have to share about jQuery but even so this small part is still pretty much impressive, isn't it? Let us know your opinion of jQuery scripts (as well as jQuery-based templates) and get ready for the next portion of awesome websites that we'll soon review on our blog.

Edward Korcheg

Edward is a professional technical writer who is also passionate about making stunning designs in Photoshop. You can find many useful tutorials in his collection of articles at MonsterMost.

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9 responses to “Awesome jQuery Solutions for Online Portfolios”

  1. Kaliteli elit vip samsun escort olarak görüşün.

  2. Web Design London says:

    It is great to see a JQuery feature on your site. JQuery is one of the most important inventions in web design in recent years. As a web designer, I find it to be a usefult tool for creating dynamic, feature rich websites.

  3. J.F. Herrera says:

    Great collection of examples. This list highlights the importance of making jQuery part of ones toolbox.

  4. Daniel says:

    Hello, all. I’m graphic designer and wondered if there are actual jquery website templates available. Thanks!

  5. Simon Carr says:

    This is a nice collection of Portfolios using jQuery. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Peter Simcoe says:

    I really appreciate these sort of articles because I m always looking for inspiration. Galleries should be simple if possible as Robby says. I was working on a website last year that required a very immediate image and summary of products – which has a very stock-photo feel to it. It creates a real sense of immediacy that other presentations lack…..but it is a difficult script to implement [I can t offer it for free because my client invested in it – sorry] and its not 100% perfect [couple of minor glitches] but it sells the products well.

  7. Robby says:

    Nice article and some great examples. Great to see TemplateMonster giving us some inspiration. Personally I prefer minimalism and find the jquery ‘tricks’ like the slideshow and colorbox are great for keeping a site clean yet adding plenty of content.

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