Ballicons. Free Iconset From PixelBuddha

Flat is in the air…till this very moment I bet every web designer has already created something flat. This design technique is still really popular, and day after day new things are being created. Any time you start a new design project there comes out a necessity to find free design goodies for your creations. But sometimes it's really hard to find something free and worthy.

Today we’d like to share with you a brainchild of creative guys from PixelBuddha. They’ve made really cute icons and called them Ballicons. Here you can preview these nice little things.

This iconset was exclusively designed for TemplateMonster, regular free iconset includes 20 icons, spefically for our readers guys from PixelBuddha designed 10 more icons, and also included 20 elements from the premium set. Just like that.


You can complete your collection of freebies downloading this ZIP archive, inside you will find them in three most used formats for Windows and Mac: .PNG, .SVG and .PSD.


If you are looking for hi-quality freebies, on a regular basis, feel free to visit PixelBuddha website, also you can get into their store to get premium design element at a reasonable price.

If there are any icon sets that you would recommend, or have you created on your own and would like to share, let us know in the comments below.

Alex Bulat

Writing a blog post or building a micro niche WordPress website is something Alex can do bare-handed. You're welcome to contact him via Telegram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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