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35 Freshest Beach Font Collection 2020

Beach Font. What makes a design look stunning? Fonts are an irresistible element of any page. They make your site stylish and innovative. Using a beach font, you can make a huge impact on your audience. Professionally designed collections of letters and symbols can significantly improve page rendering both on the internet and on paper. Just include them in the project that you are working on.

Colorful and fun summer typography inhales summer vibes to projects and evokes positive emotions by the customers. Sun, sand, palm trees, and sea are important elements of these kinds of designs. Flawless tropical fonts will improve logos, posters, packaging, brochures, invitations, and advertising banners.

Discover over a dozen free beach fonts to use on any relevant projects.

Showcase of 30+ Beach Fonts

Lindsay | Custom Handlettering Script Font

Lindsay | Custom Handlettering Script Font

Sillmy Font beach font

A beach font on a starry sky background is a great concept for visualizing a product. You can arrange a party invitation or a romantic letter in this style. Here you will find OTF, TTF, Woff Files, and Readme TXT. In addition to letters and numbers, you will receive special characters. Each set is made in the same style and includes individual elements. Use these fonts to draw attention to your text.

Clelia Font

This beach font will surely attract interested people. If you are a photographer, choose it to emphasize the uniqueness of your projects. Create inviting inscriptions, brochures, and posters using these cute round letters and numbers. With the help of this beach font, you can draw attention to your work and find people who are close in spirit and solvent clients.

Aurel - An Open Sans Serif Typeface Font

Green leaves and the beach font make a great combination of modern and open style. People who value time and taste will find this typeface suitable for titles and texts. Aurel includes eight fonts in the OTF format. The design of this script is made to attract attention, but it does not seem pretentious. “Modesty and style” are two words that characterize this font. Aurel is not a question, it is a solution.

Aella | Style Is Script Font

 beach font Aella | Style Is Script Font

Mild and tender colors with this beach font surely attract everybody’s attention. Aella was designed for greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, etc. After simple installations, the font accesses Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Microsoft Word. No matter what, Aella font makes you think differently.

Spirals Font

Spirals Font beach

This is a beach font with swashes and different stylish textures.  No matter what surface it’s on this typeface will look great; for brochures, diaries, booklets, front pages of copybooks, etc., this font not only draws attention but emphasizes the uniqueness of the stuff it belongs to. In addition, you get thirteen swashes which will be extremely helpful.

Biker Font

Biker Font beach font

This beach font will not leave you indifferent, as its rigidity and brutality is evident. If you are the owner of a fitness center or athletic gym, it can be used for motivational posters, rules of usage, and other gym stuff.  All the graphics are included as editable vector EPS10 files (meaning the flying skull, vintage strongman, etc.), creating an atmosphere of something tough, but unique.

Sweet & Fresh font with Mockup Font

What could be more desirable than a breezy drink on a hot summer day? The Sweet & Fresh font with Mockup Font will help you make an inscription on the jar with a cocktail. Here you will not only get a set of beach fonts, but also a bonus illustration with a beautiful girl running. Rounded letters evoke pleasant emotions. Write your slogan on a poster, to be remembered by the one who reads it.

Hilles | Script Style beach font

Calligraphic letters and alternative characters fit perfectly into the concept of your page. They seem to smile, urging them to read. Take advantage of this and post them on flyers, booklets, and your pages on social networks. The summer font is suitable for decorating a party invitation. Put it on a bright background and your text will certainly attract attention.

Lovic Font

If you want to make your text as attractive as possible, then pay attention to the Lovic Font. This set has two styles: regular and bold. In addition, you can choose any language, because the beach font is multi-language international. It is so clear that every letter remains in memory. Therefore, every text printed using this beach font will appeal to the reader.

One Piece - Brush Script Font

This beach front is painted with a brush. It will make your design project realistic. Each letter and symbol is painted by hand. Use them to visualize a text message. Some letters are very ornate and attract attention. This gives piquancy to any word and inscription, which is written in this style.

Banshee Brush Script Font

Become the king of inscriptions and use this beach font. It is suitable for writing letters, booklet design, flyers, and other paper products. In addition, you can use it to fill your page on the internet. Beach shear is designed specifically for this and it will certainly draw attention to itself. This means that every visitor to your site will pay attention to your appeal, written using the Banshee Brush Script Font.

Marine fairytale typeface beach font

This font will remind you of how you read books as a child. These letters, which have an oblong shape, are decorated in retro style. This beach font will come in handy in the form of inscriptions on drinks. Here you will find OTF, TTF, and WOFF font files. In addition, you will receive bonus illustrations. It has everything for a marine theme: mermaid, seahorse, turtle, octopus, jellyfish, helm, anchor, etc.

Selvillia Dreamer beach font

This beach font combines 2 styles: Script and Sans Display. The inscription in this design is perfect for a poster, logo, sign, and other elements that form the brand image. In addition to programs for web designers, you can use the beach font in Microsoft Word. Make your lettering unforgettable thanks to smooth lines and noteworthy letters. Like the dream catcher depicted, become a skilled customer hunter and find them on your slogan designed in this style.

BurningSun beach font

The Burning Man theme has long been gaining in popularity. But even if you have not heard anything about it, choose this font for your inscriptions. With it, you can arrange invitations, business cards, and even subtitles, if you want. It is compatible with both a computer and a telephone, which allows you to use it anywhere. Uppercase letters have powerful visualization due to their floridness.


Here is a color font. It supports the Basic Latin character set. All letters are multicolored. It is not possible to find a shade that is not here. Such a colorful beach font is suitable for designing any typographic progression, and also fits harmoniously into the concept of a bright and fashionable website.


Oi! is an extra rough display font that originates in grotesque notches. With an irreconcilable tendency for public screaming, the beach font attracts everyone's attention, without exception. It supports Latin and the Greek alphabet and is available in two styles: Normal and Shaded, which adds three-dimensional typography.

JUNE DAYS OpenType-SVG Color Font

This collection includes letters, numbers, and symbols, with built-in angular elements. You can see a silhouette of the sun here. In addition, the beach font includes individual transparent PNG letters, as well as SVG rasterized letters with cut lines around the outline of the letters and without them.


Summeron beach font

Plumpy letters, figures, and symbols will remind clients about sunny days and the blue ocean if placed on a bright and colorful background. The set would match any summer-related lifestyle projects and goods. No need to pay if used for personal purposes.

Palm Beach

This classy and uncluttered font with elements of the coconut tree will decorate any layout dealing with summertime products and events. This beach font is free of charge for non-commercial projects.

Sweet Beaches

Elegant and fine handwritten alphabet will remind on a gentle breeze and enrich the design with informality and freedom. Letters are available in upper and lower cases. The font is free if it is used for personal purposes.


A typeface with impetuous capital letters and symbols will add a fun dynamic to any summertime motive a designer may create for seasonal projects and goods. The set does not need any license if used for individual needs.

Sentimental Beach

Thin lines used to develop this handwritten font will enrich templates of letters, signatures, or invitations with ease, romanticism, and air. Capital and lowercase characters, figures, and special symbols are available at no cost for personal needs. It is prohibited to use this typography for politics, religion, sex content, TV, and cinema.

Tropical Asian

Tropical Asian beach font

This bold typeface will complete the branded items with fun mood through its careless brush and ink-based manner. Only capital letters are available without payment for non-commercial purposes.

Third Rail

A bold trendy beach font with nifty capital letters and figures will decorate any summer-related goods or projects. Its restricted version can be used without any charges for individual needs.

I Heart Summer

I Heart Summer beach font

Joyful set of capital letters, numbers, and special symbols with elements of images will add tropical notes and summertime vibes to the production of seasonal wares and supplements for projects and events. The typeface is costless for non-commercial purposes.

Sand Beach

Sand Beach font

Authorial typography provides a fine beach font that will decorate any summer-related themes. Additional lines on the characters make them more vivid. Upper and lowercase letters, figures, and several special symbols can be used without payments for non-profit projects.

Beach Society Light

Beach Society Light font

A set of extended capital and lowercase letters, special symbols, and figures guarantee a summertime impression that the layout of posters, postcards, or any other printed items will make on customers. Free for personal use.

Hello Tropical

Apply this unique typeface created in a brush manner to enrich the layout of items with beach vibes. A full set of characters, digits, and special icons affect the impression of the audience. It could be used at no cost for non-commercial purposes.

Thursday Vibin

A full package of characters, digits, and special icons will improve the layout and inhale positivity and joyful mood to the summer-related items. The beach front is free of charge for non-commercial goals.

Blue Ocean

This cheerful and individual typography will bring a vigorous and playful character to the layout of various items. Its entertaining nature will create a holiday impression. The set includes the full scale of letters, numbers, and symbols with ornaments that could be used on a free basis for personal use.

The Beach

Capital letters and digits painted with a brush make the texts and signatures look more dynamic. The font is free for individual use and requires a license for commercial projects.

Dancing on the Beach

Create a summertime mood with the right font design. The set includes uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers made from fine lines. Non-profit cases can use it without cost.


Bold typography is suitable not only for animated cartoons but it can also be applied to illustrate summertime products and events. The set contains capital letters, numbers, and several symbols on a free basis for individuals.

Surfing Capital

Surfing Capital beach font

This individual typeface offers bold capital letters and some punctuation characters to decorate letters, posters, or brochures and remind us about the freshness of the sea and summer breeze. This beach font does not require any cost to use it for non-commercial use. Additionally, the package is heavy to download and can destroy the Windows viewer.

Summer Love

Rounded beach font

Rounded characters, digits, punctuation signs, and some special icons will improve the design and make it appealing to the pleasant feelings related to the summer days spent on the beach under the sun. For non-commercial projects, you can use it free of charge.

Vacations in Paradise Personal Font

vacations in Paradise Personal beach Font

With its fine and elegant letters, this beach font creates an atmosphere of relaxed holidays and leisure in the design of any items. For individual purposes, this typography could be used gratis.

Beach Font: final thoughts

Start working on summer-related projects and study the available tropical typeface that could be applied as a demo version for free to experiment with the layout and design. The fun and relaxing atmosphere of summer vacations and holidays will make your designs more attractive and influence the impressions of customers.

Finding the right font for your typography is a time-consuming process. On the web, you can find a huge number of fonts in different styles, but a deep search can take more than one day. Here you are sure to find a suitable beach font for your project.

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My name is Anastasiya. I'm a copywriter, blogger, English and Vietnamese translator, teacher and Doctor of Philosophy . I love playing my favorite tunes on the piano, also I'm fond of chess and web templates. With great pleasure I will share with you everything I know. I'm delighted by Template Monster and I hope you will also be :) LinkedIn.

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