Beginners Choice: Auridea Company Monstroid2 Website

Beginners Choice: Auridea Company Monstroid2 Website

  1. A few facts about Auridea company
  2. Why Auridea needed a website?
  3. How does Monstroid2 fulfill those needs?
  4. Monstroid2: looking under the hood
  5. Plans for future
  6. Conclusion

Every modern business should have a website. Some businesspeople prefer to start a brick and mortar office or store before moving to the web. Others create a website and contact their clients via its functionalities. The last case is just what Auridea chose. Before creating the company, founders Davide Giavazzoli and his partner Ilaria Vedovi decided to start with a website. They chose the Monstroid2 WordPress template, and I must say that was a perfect choice for a new, small but growing firm. The variety of advantages the theme has is unparalleled.

A Few Facts about Auridea Company

The company was launched on April 1, 2019. It is a fresh and new business working on creating a reputation and gathering an audience. Auridea is focused on Microsoft Cloud environment but also on Business Process Management, Business Process Reengineering in IT environments and Business Intelligence. They provide services in SharePoint Online, Teams and the Cloud to create more efficient information process management and collaboration between users. The company manages the transitory and guarantees functional support to manage governance and integration processes without interruption. The Auridea team also provides training because they believe the preparation of the users is an integral part of the objectives as well as the awareness and preparation of the managers in the company.

Why did Auridea need a website?

Generally, Auridea is a service company—it doesn’t provide any products. The company’s specialists help other businesses to be more efficient and teach them how to use specialized tools. They can’t have a brick and mortar store or something like that, so the first thing they need a website for is a presentation. Auridea needs a site to be recognized and to let the prospect and customers know what they are able to provide.

The next and, in fact, more important goal was communication. The clients who find the firm and want to order the service have to have direct access to the contacts and, perhaps, some additional means of communication like a contact form.

The last but not least necessity is promotion. A website is an ideal platform for the advertising campaign done on social media and such services as Google Ads. The website needs to have clearly visible social media sharing buttons and look visually appealing.

I will sum that up. Auridea needs a website for:

  • presentation and visibility
  • communication
  • promotion

How does Monstroid2 fulfill those needs?

We decided to use the Monstroid2 template because it was complete and very flexible and let us change layouts simply without spending too much time in technical topics even if we’ve both been working for years in web development companies.

Davide Giavazzoli

Just like any marketplace, TemplateMonster has its top products, which are the products that are most popular among the users. Monstroid2 is one of such items. From its launch, it was already downloaded more than 10,000 times. So, which ones of its features matched Auridea company’s needs?

Presentation and visibility

Monstroid2 is almost a complete solution. When you download it, you receive a ready-made website that you only have to customize a little. It includes a huge bunch of ready-made pages, so there is no need to build something from the ground up. Besides that, it has a big number of skins that could transform the design according to the client’s needs. The design and layout are well-thought-out and created with high professionalism. All the user has to do is to replace the content with their own texts and pictures.

The Auridea team has chosen to use the standard Monstroid2 skin. Of course, they did some customization to make it fit their company perfectly. After the change of the color scheme and content replacement, the site looks minimalistic, clear and up-to-date. It attracts attention but doesn’t annoy the visitor, so I guess it is just what a service company needs.


Contact Form 7 plugin is included in the Monstroid2 package. This plugin is a simple-to-use solution that helps users to create convenient contact forms and communicate with clients without delays. It could be combined with AJAX submitting, spam filters and CAPTCHA. It works perfectly and is constantly updated, so Auridea company used it to create the contact form for its website. The form gathers all the necessary data and the manager who monitors it can contact potential clients really fast.


To be suitable for marketing purposes the website has to have a custom homepage with all the necessary information, call to action buttons and contacts. Monstroid2 with its ready-made pages gives the user an opportunity to add such a page without any problems. The second thing is the social media share buttons. If you have pages or groups in some social media, you should add the links to your website, especially if you advertise your company there. Auridea has a LinkedIn profile and Facebook group, so the sharing buttons of those social media are placed to the footer and are clearly visible. There is also a link to YouTube, but by now there are no videos there because the team only plans to fill it.

Monstroid2: Looking Under the Hood

We do not even need to ask for the tech support since the template was easy to learn and self-explicative.

Ilaria Vedovi

The result the visitors can see is the most important feature of every WordPress theme, but not the only one. Developers, both beginners, and experienced ones, often choose the template for its inner functionality and ease of use. As you can see, the Auridea founder also highly evaluated the simplicity of Monstroid2. Why is it so user-friendly?

Monstroid2 Theme Setup Wizard

The installation process is so simple that even a child would be able to finish it. All the actions are performed by a specialized The Wizard that leads you from the beginning to the end. You only choose the skin you like, choose which plugins to activate and what to do with the demo content. In less than five minutes a complete website will be ready for you to customize.

Elementor Page Builder

Page builders are very popular now, and in the future, that popularity will only grow. Monstroid2 WordPress theme is completely compatible with the Elementor Page Builder, which is included in the template package. With Elementor Page Builder, building the layout of the page is nothing more than drag-and-dropping elements to the work field. Detailed customization menus will give you all the tools to design the chosen elements in a way that will perfectly match your taste.

Jet plugins

Monstroid2 WordPress theme is not only a mere template; it is a box of different goodies. Besides the Elementor and Contact Form 7 plugins, Monstroid2 includes a set of top-notch Jet plugins. These add-ons expand the capabilities of Elementor page builder and add lots of elements to it. The set of Jet plugins will give you more options than even the Pro Elementor version offers!

Plans for future

The company is very “young” and doesn’t have a huge audience by now. However, a couple of prospects are already coming from the site. In the current state Auridea is focusing on intranet environments. However, in the future, the company plans to integrate the website with SharePoint Infrastructure for sharing data and services. Besides that, the website owners are also deciding which live chat functionality to choose. It means that in some time there will be an option to talk to the company’s manager faster and more conveniently.


As you can see, Monstroid2 is a great solution for beginners who want to start their business. The founders of Auridea have some experience in web development and they still prefer to use the ready-made solution to save time. Monstroid2 WordPress theme is justly one of the top TemplateMonster products, so if you are looking for a theme that could match your needs, you know where to find it.

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