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A promotion campaign is quite challenging. It is necessary to handle various communications channels like websites, flyers, etc. It requires Black Friday graphics, like:

  • Banners;
  • Images;
  • Photos, and more.

Hiring a team of professional artists, designers, and photographers will cost too much. That is when TemplateMonster graphics comes into play. If you just started your business, a reasonably-priced solution, such as pre-made resources, is a good option. You may edit them without having professional-level knowledge.

Best Black Friday Graphics Collection

Minimal Black Friday Flyer


Let the public know what your event is about. Here's a flyer template you can use to share info about your event. Simple clicks to change the text and pictures make it easy to make a flyer. There's an Instagram post and story variation on the flyer to share your event on social media.

Black Friday Advertising Sale Flyer Template


Super Black Marker - Handwritten Display Font


Get super-bold, expressive, and personal with the Super Black Marker - Handwritten Display Font. A unique font that captures hand-drawn text's raw energy and charisma. The Super Black Marker font is perfect for a wide range of projects. With this font, you can create eye-catching posters, and signage, or add a personal touch to your digital content. Your message stands out in style with its bold strokes and distinct character.

Black Friday Sale Advertising Flyer Template


Use our Black Friday Sale Advertising Flyer Template to maximize your sales! A sleek design makes this digital item perfect for promotional needs. With a high-resolution 300 dpi and CMYK color mode, it's perfect for your marketing campaign. With a 0.25-inch bleed, it ensures a professional finish. You can use the template with Photoshop CS and Microsoft Word, and we've included font download links in the help file. You don't get any physical items with this product, it's a digital one. Don't let Black Friday pass you by!

Black Friday Promotional Flyer. MS Word and PSD Template


Check out our Black Friday Flyer Template to get ready for the ultimate Black Friday promotion! You can download this versatile design right now, and it's not just a mock-up. You'll get two size options, 5x7 and 4x6 inches, at 300 dpi in CMYK mode. It's perfect for Photoshop CS or later, as well as Photoshop Elements. The package includes both Photoshop (PSD) and MS Word (DOCX) files, and we've even included links to download the fonts. Take your Black Friday marketing to the next level with this professionally designed flyer template!

Black Friday Flyer PSD Template


Make your Black Friday promotions stand out with our captivating Black Friday Flyer PSD Template. Create a spooky and attention-grabbing flyer with this professionally designed template. With included Ai, EPS, and PDF files, and fully layered organization, customization is easy. Enjoy free Google Fonts, CC0 images, and easy text, image, and color editing. Grab this Black Friday essential now! The mockup isn't included.

Black Friday Promotional Flyer Template


Supercharge your Black Friday promotions with our Black Friday Promotional Flyer Template! The instant download gem is available in both Photoshop and Microsoft Word formats for quick and easy customization. CMYK color mode ensures vibrant printing, and the 5x7-inch design is perfect for marketing. This template has a 0.25-inch bleed for a professional look. Get it now and elevate your Black Friday campaign. For your convenience, we've included a font download link in the help file. Don't miss out on this deal!

Black Friday Sale Social Media Post Template Design


Boost your Black Friday sales with our versatile Black Friday Sale Social Media Post Template Design! This template is appropriate for both personal and corporate use, with editable main elements and a smart object feature for easy image changes. You can use it on any social media platform, and it comes with high-quality JPG files. Make your Black Friday promotions stand out with our latest design!

14 Cyber Monday Event Illustration


Prepare for the biggest shopping extravaganza of the year with our "14 Cyber Monday Event Illustration." This captivating vector illustration shows a Super Sale with big discounts and goods in paper bags. The flat cartoon style is perfect for posters, web banners, brochures, landing pages, and more. Thanks to its fully editable format and file options including Ai, EPS, SVG, PNG, and PSD, you have full creative control. Make your Cyber Monday unforgettable! Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Sneakers Sale Social Media Post Template


Check out our Sneakers Sale Social Media Post Template - the perfect way to show off your products! You can display your products in any feed with this PSD template's square 1080x1080 pixels canvas. You can easily create eye-catching posts with 300 DPI, free fonts (Bangers, Brittany Signature, and Poppins), grouped and sequenced layers, and full customization options. With this sleek, user-friendly template, you'll boost your brand's social media presence.

Modern Creative Black Friday Flyer

Modern Creative Black Friday Flyer.


You can use this creative, modern Black Friday flyer as a leaflet, paper, or magazine advertisement. It is easily customizable and completely scalable. Thus, you can resize it indefinitely, experiencing no loss in visual quality, and edit it with a program like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

It includes five file formats: EPS, PSD, PDF, SVG, and AI.

Modern Black Friday Facebook Cover with 3d Balloons Social Media

Modern Black Friday Facebook Cover with 3d Balloons Social Media.


This modern and playful banner is perfect for promoting your Black Friday deals across your social media profiles. It is available to you as a raster or vector graphic type. Thus, you can either implement and use it directly or edit and match your brand identity.

Modern Black Friday Roll Up Banner or Standee

Modern Black Friday Roll Up Banner or Standee.


Use this eye-catching rollup banner to promote all your Black Friday deals. It is ready to use. However, you can easily edit information and images to match your brand identity using Photoshop or Illustrator.

The template includes five file formats (EPS, PSD, PDF, SVG, AI), and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Modern Creative Black Friday Facebook Cover Design Social Media

Modern Creative Black Friday Facebook Cover Design Social Media.


The design of this creative template will be an excellent way to promote your Black Friday deals if you own a fashion store or an eCommerce site. This template allows you to show your products and details about your deals, such as the discount percentage.

Black Friday Big Sale Flyer

Black Friday Big Sale Flyer.


This eye-catching and unique Black Friday flyer is the perfect solution to promote your promotional events and deals.

It is super easy to customize; you’ll be able to change colors, texts, fonts, and illustrations using Illustrator or other compatible software.

The template is also available as a vector graphic. Thus, you’ll be able to scale it up or down endlessly while maintaining its original resolution.

Modern Black Friday Social Media Banner Template

Modern Black Friday Social Media Banner Template.


During the most important holiday promotional season: Black Friday, you can use this creative social media banner template to promote your product, business, and services.

Although it is ready to use, you can easily edit it and replace the pre-existing elements with your brand’s colors, fonts, and details. Also, you can add your logo.

It also includes a help file that will guide you through the customization process.

Sales Social Media Instagram Post

Sales Social Media Instagram Post.


You can use this Black Friday social media template to promote your deals on different social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, or even on your website.

It is compatible with Adobe Photoshop; thus, you need to have a basic understanding of this editing program to edit it. 

Shoes Product Black Friday Promotion PowerPoint Social Media Template

Shoes Product Black Friday Promotion PowerPoint Social Media Template.


This PowerPoint template is ideal if you want to announce the Black Friday discounts you will apply to your products. Even if it is meant for shoes, you can easily replace the image and show another product using a compatible editing tool.

It includes 5 slides, free icons, fonts, animations, and more.

Black Friday Discounts, Increasing Consumer Growth - Vector Image

Black Friday Discounts, Increasing Consumer Growth - Vector Image.


You can use this illustration to announce a Black Friday sale in an eye-catching way. It is a vector graphic that you can scale indefinitely while maintaining a high-quality visual resolution.

Illustrator is compatible; you can use this or another compatible program to edit colors and texts.

Black Friday Discount Voucher Template - Vector Image

Black Friday Discount Voucher Template - Vector Image.


This elegant and minimal Black Friday discount voucher template is perfect for promoting special deals on your products.

Besides its original design and layout, you can customize this template and make it suitable for your business and brand identity. 

It comes with a help guide that will help you throughout the customization and usage processes.

Black Friday Sale Instagram Kit

Black Friday Sale Instagram Kit

This pack is excellent for promoting and selling goods or services via Instagram. As one of the most popular social media platforms, it has many users and potential clients. It includes 6 Instagram posts and stories. The resolution is 1080x1920 px. It is clean and sharp. It comes with 12 PSDs (compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS2 – CC+). It has the “Smart Layers” feature to facilitate customization. They also have vector shapes – scale them up, losing no quality. You should customize the resources to meet your requirements.

BF Black Friday Sale Instagram Kit

BF Black Friday Sale Instagram Kit

It has a dot pattern to fill space. The default scheme includes white, dark grey, and red (not very saturated). The HD resolution 1080x1920 px ensures that it will look clean. The customization process is simple because files are layered. It features vector shapes, which you resize without losing quality. It contains 12 PSDs – 6 Instagram stories and posts.

SQUARE Marketing Banner Pack

SQUARE Marketing Banner Pack

It uses high-contrast color schemes. An artist may change them to meet the overall project design. They have various shapes, but the discount message is in the center to attract visitors’ attention. It is excellent for a social media promotion campaign. It consists of four formats – EPS, PDF, PSF, and AI. It has smart objects, so a designer modifies it easily. The image is 1200x1200 px.

Shopping & E-commerce Black Friday Sale Animated Banner

Shopping & E-commerce Black Friday Sale Animated Banner

Your website will become dynamic. These elements are animated. The animation is smooth. It’s built with the HTML5 framework. The assets come in different sizes – 300x250, 336x280, 200x200, 300x600, 160x600, 728x90, 468x60. A developer may incorporate them into different parts of a website. The design has several standing out features so that visitors will notice it. They are completely customizable, so you can make them look as you want. It comes with PSD, documentation (PDF and video tutorials). It is Google Ads optimized. It has free Google fonts and CC0 pictures.

Black Friday Promo Banners Bundle

Black Friday Promo Banners Bundle

It contains two sets of assets. Each one encompasses 15 items. They are completely customizable – add or remove features, edit the text, etc. They don’t have many elements, but the combination of colors makes them stand out. They work great with Google AdWords. They have placeholders for a company logo and a button. They are provided in different sizes, so a web-designer chooses the one that fits their needs.

Fashion Gift Voucher Corporate Identity Template

Fashion Gift Voucher Corporate Identity Template

This voucher design has a background dot pattern. It has space for the value, the store name, the valid date, additional information, etc. It is easy to modify. It also has placeholders to help you place the necessary data. The “Smart Object” feature facilitates the customization process. It is completely print-ready – CMYK, 8,75x4,25 inches.

Black Friday Sale Flyer Corporate Identity Template

Black Friday Sale Flyer Corporate Identity Template

This one combines high-contrast colors. It has a dot pattern background and several small visual elements to complement the design. The focus part of the design is the stylized text that will catch everyone’s attention. It has several placeholders where you add your website and additional information. It is easy to modify – it has layers to access different components. It is 100% print-ready – CMYK, 8,27x11,69 inches (with bleeds). You get the link to download the font.

70 Black Friday Icons - Vivid Series Iconset Template

70 Black Friday Icons - Vivid Series Iconset Template

This solution is excellent for applications, web-design, or printing. The pack consists of 70 high-quality, detailed, colorful icons, such as delivery, money, a credit/debit card, a buyer, etc. Some of them have small details, while all the shapes are elegant and clean. They can be resized without losing any details. It has everything to create a design. It contains different formats – AI, PDF, EPS, PSD, SVG, PNG (256x256 and 512x512).

10 Facebook Timeline Cover Bundle Social Media

10 Facebook Timeline Cover Bundle Social Media

This bundle includes various assets and is perfect for clients who need all-in-one solutions. It is excellent for a Facebook promotion campaign. All the resources are clean and informative – they have space to add text. A designer has limitless options –add images and text, etc. The files have multiple layers to simplify customization. It contains 10 PSDs, and the size is 851x315 px.

Blackish Social Media

Blackish Social Media

It is a kit for Instagram promotion campaigns. It consists of 6 files with multiple colors. They have additional visual elements, like dots and lines. Some of them have a placeholder for a photo. There are places to add the required information. Overall, they look balanced – there are no empty spaces, while the elements create the visual balance. It comes in several formats – PDF, EPS, AI, 1080x1080 px, 72 DPI (Web compatible). It contains free Google Fonts (the link in the documentation file).

Black Friday Flyer Corporate Identity Template

Black Friday Flyer Corporate Identity Template

It is 100% print-ready. It uses pink, white, and yellow colors, but you can change them. A stylized line and a smooth shape separate the page into two sections. The top part is for a photo that shows your goods or something services-related. The bottom part is where you should add the necessary information, like the discount percent, a website, a phone number, a logo, some icons, etc. It doesn’t have any patterns or small details, but it looks balanced. It has numerous layers that facilitate customization. It is a PSD.

Black Friday Square Banner Template volume - 8 Social Media

Black Friday Square Banner Template volume - 8 Social Media

Here is a Black Friday graphics set for social media. They don’t have any small visual elements, but they are eye-catching. Some of them are supposed to incorporate photos as a background. They are flexible – the “Smart Object” feature eases modification. It comes as PSD, AI, EPS, and PDF with a link to download the font. The size is 1200x1200 px, 72 DPI.

Black Friday Flyer Set Corporate Identity Template

Black Friday Flyer Set Corporate Identity Template

It has a nice text fading effect that helps achieve the depth effect. It doesn’t have any small elements or patterns, but it looks balanced overall. There is space to add data, like a discount code, a store name, additional information, etc. It comes in AI and PSD formats. All the visual components are on separate layers – it makes customization easier. It is print-ready – A4 paper size, CMYK, 300 DPI, a bleed area. This solution also includes assets for Instagram posts and stories – 1200x1200 px, 72 DPI. The documentation file has the link to download the font.

Black Friday Square Banner Template

Black Friday Square Banner Template

The included resources don’t have any complex shapes or small visual components. You can change the text, choose one of the color variations (or create a custom one), etc. This process is fast and easy, as the “Smart Object” feature and multiple layers let you access various components. Four formats are available – PSD, AI, EPS, and PDF, 1200x1200 px, 72 DPI images.

Black Friday Square Banner Template volume - 11

Black Friday Square Banner Template volume - 11

It consists of six colorful designs. Some of the assets have small details without looking cluttered. The visual components create a perfect visual balance. They have space to add some essential data, like the discount rate. Options are limitless – a designer changes everything.

The “Smart Object” feature speeds up modifications. It is provided in four formats – PSD, EPS, PDF, and AI. It includes the link to download the font.

Black friday TemplateMonster.

Black Friday Pre-sale Weekend

Sale duration: 11/19/2021 - 11/21/2021


MonsterONE is offering a 25% discount on one of its subscription plans for the Black Friday pre-sale weekend. This includes:

  • Yearly subscription — 25% off — only $172 instead of $229!

This subscription plan includes full access to all of our graphics and design assets, including website templates, WordPress themes, icons, plugins, video, audio resources, and much more. It also provides one year of product support and technical assistance.

Each product you download comes with a commercial license. That means you can use them for any project you desire to realize.

Discount in chat

By asking for a secret discount on chat, you can receive a price reduction this year. Here's what you can get:


Chat with us now and get a discount!

Black Friday Sale Start 

Sale duration: 11/22/2021 - 11/24/2021

TemplateMonster & ONE

We will discount all MonsterONE plans as follows between November 22nd and 24th:

  • Creative subscription — 10% off — barely $85 instead of $93
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  • Lifetime subscription — 25% off — just $569 instead of $749

All of these plans offer unlimited access and downloads of digital products, such as illustrations, website templates, themes, icons, videos, banners, flyers, and audio files.

Aside from that, you can get up to 50% discount on all TemplateMonster‘ retail prices. Take advantage now!

Black Friday - Main Sale

Sale duration: 11/25/2021 - 11/28/2021

TemplateMonster & ONE

With our Black Friday offer, you'll save on all MonsterONE plans:

  • Creative subscription — 12% off — only $82 instead of $93
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With these plans, you can download an unlimited number of digital products, including presentations, 3D models, WordPress themes, CSS and HTML templates, plugins, and more.

During the sale, TemplateMonster will also discount its retail products by 50%. Check them out now!

In addition, all of its service prices will be reduced by 50%. Whichever offer you choose, you will receive professional technical support and quality services related to: 

  • Website set up;
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  • GDPR website compliance.

Cyber Monday 

Sale duration: 11/29/2021 - 12/1/2021

TemplateMonster & ONE

From November 29th to December 1st, MonsterONE is offering Cyber Monday deals for all of its subscription plans:

  • Creative subscription — 15% off — just $79 instead of $93
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In addition to that, TemplateMonster offers a 55% discount on all of its templates.

As well, there will be special sales also on all of TemplateMonster's services, including: 

  • Installation of websites;
  • Must-have plugins for WordPress;
  • Website or store personalization;
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Sell Your Black Friday Graphics

TemplateMonster is always ready to cooperate with talented people! If you are an artist, a designer, or a developer – consider becoming our author. It helps to promote your products in our marketplace and find new clients. This process is fast and easy. Check out our guide that includes the most important questions and answers – it will help you understand where to start.

As a content creator, you will get a 65% commission – both for exclusive and non-exclusive items.

Graphics Uploading

Uploading is a straightforward process. Prepare some promotional material beforehand. Try to demonstrate the advantages of your item. Don’t forget about the description – make sure it has no typos or mistakes. Now you can share:

  • Navigate to the “Products Tab”;
  • Select “Upload New Product”;
  • Select the category;
  • Now “Next”;
  • Fill all the fields. Please, be attentive. This data helps to find your item, choose the words that describe your solution precisely. Some of the fields have to be filled, while others can be left empty.

An author sets license options, the price and decides whether your item participates in the affiliation program or sales. Congratulations! You’ve uploaded your product, and now it is available to users all over the world!

Affiliate Program

It may become a source of income for bloggers, internet marketing consultants, web-developers, and designers. Participants earn up to 30% commission – please check out our affiliate program guide.


❓ Why is it better to buy Black Friday graphics?

Hiring a professional artist or designer is expensive. It is necessary to provide them with a detailed task, so you need to understand what you expect. A marketplace provides you with a vast number of assets to find the necessary solution. You have multiple options available.

❓ How to select Black Friday graphics for my projects?

A search bar helps to find something specific. Pay special attention to the left panel – specify various parameters to find the best solution. It is challenging to find something that meets your requirements completely. Please remember that everything is customizable, and you can modify them to get what you need.

❓ How to customize Black Friday graphics?

A user may edit PSD and PDF files via Adobe Photoshop and AI (EPS) with Adobe Illustrator. Various editors support PNG files.

❓ How to improve Black Friday graphics efficiency?

The design should stand out, but it still fits your style. If you have a website – a banner should be noticeable. An animated one catches visitors’ attention. If you have flyers – distribute them in places where your target audience is.

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