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Best Home Decor Websites and Online Decor Stores 2020

  1. Three Pillars of the Best Websites for Home Décor
  2. Best Home Decor Websites to Get Inspired
  3. Top eCommerce Platforms for Best Home Decor Websites
    1. Magento Platform to Create Best Websites for Home Décor
    2. PrestaShop for Best Home Decor Shopping Websites
    3. Shopify Platform to Build Best Home Decor Stores Online
    4. WooCommerce for Best Home Decor Websites
    5. OpenCart Platform to Launch Best Home Decor Websites
  4. Wrapping Up
  5. Top 20 Templates for Best Home Decor Websites 2020

Hardly is there a person who doesn’t appreciate home comfort. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the number of home décor online stores is snowballing nowadays. Are you planning to join the rows of those who are engaged in this thriving business? Then, you definitely want to know where to start. In other words, you need inspiration together with some practical advice. In this article, we’ll focus on the main features that let an online décor store be ahead of the competition. Also, we’ll represent several best home decor websites for inspirational ideas. Besides, we’ll show you amazing themes for creating efficient home decor Shopify stores as well as Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and PrestaShop websites.

Three Pillars of the Best Websites for Home Décor

So, you intend to launch an online décor store. Undoubtedly, you hope that it will bring you crowds of new customers and ensure a constant income. However, to turn your dreams into reality, just going online with quality products isn’t enough. If you want to achieve success, the quality of your eCommerce site matters, as well. That’s why it’s essential to understand what distinguishes the best home decor websites from thousands of mediocre ones.

Visual Appeal

The homepage of an online store is kind of a shop-window. It forms the first impression of the eCommerce website. Consequently, it’s the primary thing that defines whether potential customers will stay on the site or leave it.

According to the Psychological Science research, we need 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about a person. When it comes to the websites, this span is 50 ms. It means that within such a short period, you have to grab attention and arouse curiosity.

Best home decor shopping websites have clean and uncluttered homepages that look professional and inviting. They rely on high-quality images and videos to pull customers in. At the same time, they are informative. They usually make new collections, current promotions, or best-selling products a part of the hero image. What’s more, these pages tell a coherent story staying on-brand and on-message. Due to this, they provoke excitement and drive visitors towards making a purchase.

Intuitive Navigation

The next thing which makes the best home decor websites shine online is user-friendly navigation. While visiting an online store, customers can’t ask a helpful shop assistant where to find the desired products. They have to “walk around” by themselves. In case potential customers fail to understand how to use an eCommerce site, they leave for competitors.

TemplateMonster birthday

Best home decor stores online care of the most intuitive navigation to promote discoverability. Their owners pay much attention to sorting out products by categories and prices. Also, they avoid using unfamiliar words while labeling as well as too creative icons that make customers think. Besides, best home decor websites offer an advanced internal search option, so necessary for a great online shopping experience.

Straightforward Buying Process

One more feature that determines the best websites for home décor is a simple process of making a purchase. The matter is that potential customers don’t hesitate to abandon their shopping carts if checkout takes too long. According to the Baymard cart abandonment rate statistics, 23% don’t complete the purchase because of the too long or complicated checkout process. Moreover, 31% abandon their carts because the site wants them to create an account.

The best home decor websites never overburden their customers by filling in massive forms with excessive information. They limit to asking only the details essential for completing the purchase. What’s more, these online stores seldom require creating an account. Instead, they offer customers a guest checking option. Thus, the checkout process on such websites is flawless and doesn’t result in abandoned shopping carts.

Best Home Decor Websites to Get Inspired

There’s nothing that you can’t find on the Internet, they say. Undoubtedly, excellent examples of online décor stores are not an exception. So, before creating your own store, it’s a good idea to start with studying the sites of your successful competitors. For your convenience, we’ve already explored the web for the best home decor websites. Now we’ll gladly share the results of our search with you.

Best Home Decor Websites: Made

Made is one of the best home decor stores online. This eCommerce website is a thought-out combination of a simple layout, quality images, and user-friendly navigation. As soon as you land on it, you understand clearly what to do and where to go to find the products you need.

We reckon that one of the main features that make this site popular is the client-oriented approach. The owners of the website offer you helpful online tools that make the choice of furniture much easier. Firstly, it’s a fantastic tool for finding your own style. It allows you to realize which design suits your taste the most within several clicks.

Secondly, it’s a handy Sofasizer tool. It enables you to select the correct size of the sofa for your home in no time. Even though you know nothing of the home design and have no experience in purchasing furniture, you’re likely to make the right choice with Made.

Best Home Decor Websites: M2GO

M2GO is another representative of the best home decor shopping websites. By the way, it’s not only our opinion. This online store is an Awwwards nominee, which already tells a lot about its quality. M2GO meets its visitors with a captivating banner of the upcoming Black Friday Sale. Frankly speaking, it’s difficult to ignore such a bargain as 50% off. Definitely, it’s a smart solution for making potential customers stay and browse the collection.

Next, M2GO is clean and well-structured. All the products are carefully sorted out according to the categories. What’s more, product pages are exceptionally informative. You can see a few images of the product made from different angles. Also, there’s a drawing with all sizes and detailed product descriptions.

One more thing that is worth mentioning is the high availability of the website owners. M2GO provides its visitors with multiple ways of getting in touch, from phone and email to live chat and physical address. Furthermore, there’s also a Google Map and text instruction on how to find their stores in real life.

Best Home Decor Websites: Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon is among the best home decor websites that look creative and stylish. It stands out for the original category layout and top-quality imagery. In a word, this online store ultimately conveys the spirit of the brand. Besides, it provides an unforgettable online shopping experience.

Specific customer experiences such as Shop, Spaces, and Stories help the owner to organize the content conveniently. The Shop page introduces the full collection of online store products. It has neither excessive information nor distractive elements.

The Spaces page shows the products in offices, restaurants, hotels, and bars. Unquestionably, it’s a great idea. Thanks to it, customers can see how the items look in the real-life environment.

The Stories page is a brand-focused blog. It places the products into context, thus giving customers additional motivation. The page is all about the world of Tom Dixon, from the recent news about products and developments to events and extraordinary spaces.

Top eCommerce Platforms for Best Home Decor Websites

Now, as you’ve got some inspirational ideas, it’s high time to implement them in practice. It means that your next step is choosing an eCommerce platform for your future online store. So, what are the variants?

To tell the truth, the choice is vast. To save your time and effort, we’ve compiled a list of top eCommerce platforms that deserve considering when it comes to creating the best websites for home décor. What’s more, we’ve carefully selected the themes that can be an excellent solution for a successful start.

Magento Platform to Create Best Websites for Home Décor

Magento is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms with thousands of fans worldwide. It’s a feature-rich solution, which gives users complete control over the look and functionality of their online stores.

The platform boasts a highly-intuitive interface. Consequently, you’ll be able to build an efficient site by yourself without much effort. Magento allows adding multiple images for a single product and displaying the desired pricing for definite customers. What’s more, the platform supports various payment methods that include PayPal, Google Checkout,, etc. Also, it’s a great platform for creating multilingual websites.

Magento themes are flexible and easy to customize, which makes them a good choice for creating the best home decor websites. Let’s have a look at a couple of them.



Magetique is a fully responsive, attractive Magento theme. Consequently, it will make your website look great regardless of the device your customers use. The template includes a Sample Data Installer. Due to it, you’ll install a layout and add the trial info with ease. It will enable you to see how your future online store will look on the web.   



Decorta is a marvelous theme for best home decor websites. It lets you effectively showcase and promote products. Thanks to the Product Carousel feature, you’ll stylishly display your home decor items. A star rating option will definitely add value to your products. Also, TM Banners Grid Widget will help you present special offers and promotions with 6 eye-catching banners simultaneously.  



Furnitia theme is an excellent basis for creating the best websites for home décor. It comes with numerous Magento extensions for adding any desired functionality to your online store. The template supports multiple languages. Thus, it’s the right solution for launching eCommerce sites that aim at selling worldwide. What’s more, Furnitia includes a premium AMP module. It ensures that your store pages will be displayed correctly on mobile devices.  



ILEA is a fully-fledged Magento theme for building the best home decor stores online. The template offers you a variety of stunning layouts to choose from. Firstly, it suggests 3 unique homepage layouts. Secondly, there are 3 original product page layouts. Thirdly, the theme includes 3 attractive header layouts as well as 3 fantastic footer ones. Besides, there’s an advanced customization tool to tweak the design of your online store.   

PrestaShop for Best Home Decor Shopping Websites

PrestaShop is a popular eCommerce platform available in 60 languages. It offers you all the necessary features for creating the best home decor websites to grow your business online.

With PrestaShop, you can customize your store design according to your liking. Also, you can easily create products and organize them under categories and subcategories. You can supply the product pages of your home décor site with the attached files and additional information. Besides, you are free to configure payment and shipping methods to make the most of your online store. What’s more, you can always download the so-called Modules from a colossal app store if you decide to extend functionality.

PrestaShop has loads of attractive themes that are fully responsive and offer various product presentation features. Here are some of them that definitely deserve examining.



Decorta theme is for those who want to launch an impressive store that will shine among best home decor websites. A powerful admin panel, helpful modules, and premium features will assist you in paving your way to the top. Due to the JX Mega Layout module, you are free to choose between 3 pre-made captivating homepage layouts. JX Mega Menu module allows creating a compound menu for intuitive and handy navigation.    



Nextprest is a PrestaShop theme that allows building best home decor stores online in no time. It comes with 3 professionally-looking variants of category and product pages. The best thing is that you can customize any element on any page according to your specific business requirements. What’s more, the template offers the JX Lookbook module. It enables you to set products in context, thus increasing their appeal.



Eveprest Furniture 1.7 is a retina-ready eCommerce template for the PrestaShop platform. The theme includes 4 ready-made layouts to choose from and offers a full pack of high-quality stock photos. JX Products Slider lets you attractively showcase your products. The Deal of the Day module allows you to add a sense of urgency to convince customers to make a purchase. 



Want to have one of the best home decor websites providing a second-to-none shopping experience to your customers? Pay your attention to the Patio PrestaShop theme with its well-structured layout and a full set of necessary eCommerce modules. Your clients will undoubtedly love the super-fast shopping process with the Quick Product View option and one-click order service.  

Shopify Platform to Build Best Home Decor Stores Online

Shopify is a reliable eCommerce platform perfect for creating the best home decor websites. It boasts more than 1 million active users all over the world and powers above 600,000 online stores. As a rule, people choose Shopify for ease of use and numerous quality tools for creating, managing, and promoting stores.

The platform allows you to sell unlimited products. Thanks to the handy online invoice generator, the process of billing and collecting money are easy and smooth. Shopify suggests a broad choice of payment gateways for the convenience of customers. The best thing is that you manage orders, shipping, and payments via a single dashboard. Besides, the platform has a built-in abandoned cart recovery feature preventing you from losing potential customers.

Shopify themes for best home decor stores online are mobile-friendly and require no coding skills during customization. Take the time to study the examples of the templates below.



Reroom is precisely what you need for creating one of the best home decor websites on Shopify. It’s a clean theme with an eye-catching design and loads of useful features. A user-friendly Shopify visual builder enables you to add, reorder, and remove any section of the pre-made pages. What’s more, the theme includes a full eCommerce plugin pack to grant your customers an excellent shopping experience.  



Rette is a minimalistic Shopify theme capable of grabbing visitors’ attention at once. It gives you numerous opportunities for arranging products according to your particular needs. With Rette, you can save space by organizing your goods under categories and subcategories. Also, it’s not a problem to create product catalogs and collections of products. Besides, the template offers collection banners for better item visualization.   


M is a fascinating eCommerce theme for creating the best home decor shopping websites. Alongside with an exclusive design, the template offers such features as Product Quick View, Ajax cart, and various sorting options. Unquestionably, they are a must for an effective online store. Moreover, M offers you social options for quick promotion as well as helpful blog functionality.  



Homes is a multipage Shopify theme for building a strong online presence with ease. Its amazing stylish design is likely to win the hearts of your visitors and make them stay on your website. The template is multicurrency, which is highly convenient for any online store. Moreover, it’s multilingual and enables you to attract both local and international customers.  

WooCommerce for Best Home Decor Websites

WooCommerce is a popular open-source eCommerce platform for WordPress. Actually, it’s the most widely-used solution for creating online stores nowadays. All in all, it powers over 28% of existing online stores. WooCommerce isn’t tricky to get started with, especially if you’ve already dealt with WordPress. In case you haven’t, you’ll learn to operate it very quickly.

WooCommerce offers thousands of useful extensions. They allow users to build best home decor stores online that combines attractive look and high functionality. Due to them, you can integrate everything from payment gateways and shipping to 1-click selling and email marketing. What’s more, WooCommerce is one of the best platforms for SEO.

WooCommerce themes have responsive layouts and are fully customizable. Want to learn more about their features? Don’t hesitate to study the themes below!



Decostico is a sophisticated WooCommerce theme with a 100% responsive design. It enables creating the best home decor websites a matter of several clicks. The template has a powerful Elementor page builder. Due to its drag-and-drop functionality and pre-designed modules, you’ll tailor an efficient online store without much effort. The theme is easy to install and customize. Therefore, it’s an excellent solution, even for novices.    



Lofttrum is an online shop Elementor WooCommerce theme that can take your home décor business to the next level. The template includes a Jet plugins pack that lets you build a highly-functional online store. Whereas JetElements plugin allows you to add content using JetElements modules, over 100 built-in options let flawless customization. You are free to change every element as well as modify navigation with a few clicks. 



Detalirum is a perfect choice for building best home decor shopping websites with modern design and intuitive interface. With the JetWooBuilder plugin, you’ll be able to create unique product pages to display goods and their taxonomies. Also, you’ll easily add convenient Ajax filters to the pages with products. What’s more, Detalirum will provide you with the JetCompareWishlist plugin to enable comparison and wishlist functionality. 



Valancio is a gorgeous home decor Elementor WooCommerce theme. It gives you endless opportunities for creating a competitive eCommerce site that will attract the attention of potential customers. The theme makes it possible to add varied content and apply unique style settings without any tech or design skills. Moreover, the JetPopup plugin helps you arouse your customers’ interest by showing special offers and discounts via captivating popups.

OpenCart Platform to Launch Best Home Decor Websites

OpenCart is one more effective solution for creating the best home decor shopping websites. It’s an open-source eCommerce platform with everything necessary for building and managing an online store.

Firstly, with OpenCart, there is no limit to the number of products and product categories. Secondly, you have at your disposal advanced eCommerce filters and options for product reviews and ratings. Thirdly, the platform supports multiple currencies and integrates with numerous payment gateways. Besides, it comes with multilingual support that removes the language barrier between you and customers worldwide. Finally, this eCommerce platform offers regular updates free of charge as well as free customer support.

OpenCart themes with their pre-made professional designs can ensure a successful start for best home decor websites. Here are a few templates that you should definitely see.



Fedecor is a multipage interior design template, which is an ideal suit for creating the best home decor websites. It’s a clean, well-developed theme packed with OpenCart plugins to provide customers with comfortable shopping. Also, Fedecor is SEO-friendly. It means that you can optimize your online store for ranking high in search engine results. Furthermore, with this theme, your site will definitely impress customers with fast page loading speed. 



Marketex is a stylish ready-to-use OpenCart template that will please the eye of potential customers. The theme has all the necessary pre-designed pages for building one of the best home decor websites. Each page is carefully structured and allows organizing the content in the most beneficial way. Moreover, the template is well-documented. Therefore, you’ll have no problems with its installation and customization.   

Flooring Store

Flooring Store

Flooring Store OpenCart theme is an excellent solution for building a bewitching home décor website that will delight your visitors. Firstly, the template allows you to showcase your products in the best possible light with a carousel gallery. Secondly, it lets you apply parallax scrolling to engage your potential customers. Thirdly, the theme enables inserting background video to enliven your online store with dynamic visual content.  

4 Room

4 Room

4 Room is one more OpenCart template for the best home decor websites. It’s a flexible theme with a handy page builder that allows customizing blocks placement and appearance on the fly. The built-in filtering and search system ensures that your customers will find the desired products immediately. What’s more, the theme offers social widgets and lets you keep customers well-informed with a professional blog.   

Wrapping Up

So, now you know what your competitors do to achieve success online. Also, you are armed with marvelous themes for the top eCommerce platforms. It means that nothing can stop you from creating one of the best home decor websites. Just dismiss doubts, believe in yourself, and start your way to the top!

Top 20 Templates for Best Home Decor Websites 2020

Template Name Theme Provider Template Category Price
Magetique – Furniture ZEMEZ Window Décor Templates $179
Decorta - Home Deco Responsive Magento 2 Theme ZEMEZ Window Décor Templates $179
Furnitia - Magento Furniture Store Theme Magento Theme ZEMEZ Furniture Templates $170
ILEA - Decor & Furniture Magento Theme ZEMEZ Furniture Templates $179
Decorta - Furniture Store PrestaShop Theme ZEMEZ Furniture Templates $139
Nextprest - Furniture Store Clean Bootstrap Ecommerce PrestaShop Theme ZEMEZ Furniture Templates $139
Eveprest Furniture 1.7 - Furniture Store PrestaShop Theme ZEMEZ Furniture Templates $139
Patio-Garden Furniture Store Ecommerce Bootstrap Clean PrestaShop Theme ZEMEZ Garden Design Templates $139
Reroom - Furniture Store Multipage Clean Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Furniture Templates $139
Rette - Furniture Multipage Minimalistic Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Photography Templates $139
m - Furniture Store Ready-To-Use Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Furniture Templates $139
Homes - Home Decor Multipage Minimalistic Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Décor Templates $139
Decostico - Modern interior furniture Elementor WooCommerce Theme ZEMEZ Interior & Furniture Templates $114
Lofttrum - Furniture Online Shop Elementor WooCommerce Theme ZEMEZ Furniture Templates $114
Detalirum - Furniture Design ECommerce Minimal Elementor WooCommerce Theme ZEMEZ Furniture Templates $114
Valancio - Home Decor Elementor WooCommerce Theme ZEMEZ Home Décor Templates $114
Fedecor - Interior Design Multipage Clean OpenCart Template ZEMEZ Décor Templates $69
Marketex - Wholesale Ready-to-Use Modern OpenCart Template ZEMEZ Furniture Templates $69
Flooring store - Flooring Clean Ready-to-use OpenCart Template ZEMEZ Flooring Templates $69
4 Room - Home Furniture Store OpenCart Template ZEMEZ Furniture Templates $69

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