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Shopify Minimal Themes — 2020 Best Minimalist Shopify Stores

  1. The best minimal Shopify themes
  2. Practical recommendations for the effective use of Shopify minimal themes
  3. Conclusion

Today, minimalism has emerged as a powerful technique for modern web design. He became popular thanks to a reaction to a trend of a complex design. The more elements in the design, the more difficult a website will look for the user. By correctly applying minimalism, we can make the design more focused and simpler for users. Online shopping shouldn’t be complicated, am I right?

A study suggests that applying a clean design results in a lower Bounce Rate. Minimalism has additional advantages in the form of faster page loading and better compatibility with screens of different sizes.

Shopify Minimal Themes — 2019 Best Minimalist Shopify Stores

Perhaps one of the best-known examples of minimalism in web design is Google Search. Since its beta launch in the 1990s, Google has given priority to the simplicity of interfaces. The homepage is completely designed around a central search function. Everything that does not work on branding they haven’t used.


Source Web Design Museum

The concept of minimalism in website design provides a number of advantages for both visitors and owners of web resources:

  • High page loading. An interesting fact: online stores lose 4 out of 10 potential customers due to the very slow loading of pages.
  • The right accents that help increase conversions.
  • Intuitive navigation structure. The user feels comfortable on the site when he knows how to use it.
  • The main focus is on content.
  • The stylish and modern look of the site.
  • Ease of perception of material by people.
  • Search engines love minimal design.
  • As a rule, good usability and the ability to think through the logic of user behavior in advance.
  • Ease of implementation: design development and layout.

And I do not see any shortcomings. There are so many overloaded sites now that every minimalistic site is perceived as a breath of fresh air.

In this collection, you can find the best Shopify themes in a minimal design that cover any topic that you need. You can quickly and easily create a portfolio website or online store, or use these two functions on your website without any coding skills. All these thanks to the Shopify CMS.

Today Shopify engine has already become a brand at the level of Apple, Magento, and others. This platform is very flexible and helps to create many simple e-commerce websites every day. Shopify can be used in various business sectors. In 2020 Shopify has been used all over the world and makes almost 11% total of all market share. If you need an online store to sell homemade products on the Internet, or you just want to expand an existing physical store, then this is ideal.

So, let’s have a look at the best minimal Shopify themes. Remember, every theme has a demo. So, you can test it live.

The best minimal Shopify themes

Drool Store Shopify Theme

Drool Store Shopify Theme

Suppose you need to create a feature-rich online source of pet-care services, sell pet food, or run an animal shelter. In that case, the following eCommerce platform will become your perfect choice. Drool has multiple modern features and an attractive, vibrant design that follows the latest web design trends. It includes functional forms, a ready-to-use home page template, demo examples, and several pre-designed eCommerce components. Other handy features include social links integration, lightweight, and smooth transition effects.

Flone - Minimalis Shopify Theme

Flone - Minimalis Shopify Theme

The first minimalist Shopify store on my list is Flone. It has a neat and simple design, so your potential buyers will be happy to explore your catalog in search of the right product. You can add a beautiful slide show to the main page with key products, promotions and special offers with support for setting transition effects.

Thanks to the improved Ajax search, you can double your conversion rate. When viewing a product catalog, you can use the infinite scroll module. Buyers can leave feedback on products. A drop-down cart is used that does not distract visitors and allows you to access its contents at any time. The process of adding to the cart works on the same principle.

When you enter the store’s website, visitors are shown a newsletter subscription form with the icons of your accounts on social networks. This function, by the way, is supported by many other templates of quality sites in this review.

Main features:

  • 10 different homepages: Men and Women Fashion, Sunglass, Tech products, Furniture, Kids Products, etc.
  • Advanced sorting;
  • Quick installation;
  • Shopify builder;
  • Adaptive design;
  • 7 header styles;
  • Ajax Wishlist;
  • Commenting system;
  • Multi-currency support.

Croin - T-shirt Multipage Clean Shopify Theme

Croin - T-shirt Multipage Clean Shopify Theme

Croin is a good example of a stylish youth clothing minimalist Shopify store. It looks modern, the design is high-quality and adaptive. The yellow color is an interesting small detail that gives individuality to the layout. The product showcase is decorated perfectly - the thumbnails are large and high-quality with animation effect. The signatures only the name and price of the positions. Descriptions contain availability, model details, and delivery/return conditions.

Social networks are represented by neat Facebook and Instagram icons in the footer of the store — they are not found anywhere else on the site. Unobtrusively. The footer contains links to static pages for entering an account, company contacts, and payment/delivery conditions. Nothing more, the information is presented clearly. There is a wishlist synchronized with your personal account. There is also no quick order - all purchases go through the shopping cart. Navigation is convenient. Fonts throughout the store read perfectly and are well suited to the overall style of the layout. It is a good example of a European store with expensive clothes.

Main features:

  • 100% responsive design;
  • Cross-browser compatibility;
  • Parallax effect;
  • Multilingual;
  • Contact form;
  • Product recommendations;
  • Valid semantic code;
  • Sorting options.

Full Bottle - Drinks Store Clean Shopify Theme

Full Bottle - Drinks Store Clean Shopify Theme

This Shopify minimal theme is simple but stylish. Full Bottle is equipped with many important features: AJAX shopping cart, dropshipping, social media options, slider, tooltips, contact form, comment system.

With Shopify Visual Builder, you can customize layouts and finished sections in a few clicks. The theme is Retina ready. 

Stylish landing page dedicated to brewing - soft, delicate design, well-tuned emphasis on products. Full bottle theme is ideal not only for the sale of craft beer, but also for wine or non-alcoholic farm drinks - milk, juice, and even tea or coffee. There are also such features as a built-in parallax effect, a plugin for slider display and soft scrolling. This theme has many features and tooltips. Thanks to the integrated Google map you can show your location on the map for easy finding.

Main features:

  • Ajax catalog, wishlist;
  • Ability to search and sort;
  • High-speed mobile version;
  • Up button;
  • Commenting system;
  • Multilingual support;
  • Newsletter.

LUXWEAR - Multipurpose Swimwear & Lingerie Shopify Theme

LUXWEAR - Multipurpose Swimwear & Lingerie Shopify Theme

This shop theme can be used for different applications. With Luxwear 6 you get ready-made layouts, product page designs, selectable blog layouts and new additional pages that are editable.

This theme is SEO optimized and supports multicurrency. Luxwear is responsive, so your customers can easily browse the shop on different devices. There are 5 homepages to choose from: lingerie, sportswear, and swimwear.

The laconic professional design immediately impresses, causing associations with excellent product quality and a high level of service. The blank is designed for a store with a large selection of diverse products. By default, these are underwear, swimwear, tights and stockings, other accessories, but you can change the assortment to your liking. There is also a product valuation functionality so that a potential client immediately sees the best offers, and for the business owner, this is one of the methods of analytics.

Main features:

  • Oberlo
  • 5 homepage layouts;
  • Designed for dropshipping;
  • Retina ready;
  • Admin panel;
  • Based on Bootstrap framework;
  • Tooltips.

Sa - Minimalist Shopify Theme

Sa - Minimalist Shopify Theme

With Sa minimal Shopify theme, you can create a competitive shop with powerful features.

Sa features include Shopify Visual Builder, ready-made themes, blog, product countdown, dropshipping, slider, product carousel, newsletter subscriptions and more. You also get all theme files in PSD format.

This option is one of many popular neutral Shopify themes, You can use it for an atelier, but also for a resource that offers finished products at competitive prices, and not only dresses but also jewelry, shoes. The design is made with the expectation of women's clothing and home decor. However, it is fairly neutral and versatile. This theme is based on Bootstrap, so just drag and drop to edit a website included in the kit to change themed images. Of course, you can leave the color scheme and style too. It is up to you. The Sa template actively uses the capabilities of animations and other modern technologies look great on mobile devices due to its excellent adaptability. Installation is carried out in one click and no additional instructions are required.

Main features:

  • Parallax effect;
  • Google map and fonts;
  • Currency and language options;
  • Ajax cart;
  • Nivo slider;
  • Many footers and headers;
  • Mega menu;
  • Adaptive design;
  • Technical support 24/7.

Subas - Electronics store Shopify Theme

Subas - Electronics store Shopify Theme

Another good example of Shopify minimal theme is Subas. This is a modern design of an online store selling mobile phones and accessories. Its outstanding advantage is to give your online shop a beautiful and trendy image and to look better on any device. This feature allows you not to lose even one potential customer who is interested in the range.

By using outstanding design features, your work is done flexibly. In addition, you are likely to customize your most important content with additional layout options, product review, collection variations, navigation styles, and Google web fonts.

Subas is a modern template that is ideal for the sale of various goods of equipment and electronics. And 5 different sliders will provide an opportunity to create interesting sliders and focus on certain products.

Main features:

  • Adaptability;
  • 6 homepages
  • Shipping policy;
  • Retina Ready;
  • Constant updates;
  • 24/7 support;
  • Recommendations;
  • List of viewed products;
  • 404 page;
  • Shipping calculator.

Exporso - Bike Parts Store Shopify Theme

Exporso - Bike Parts Store Shopify Theme

For those who are looking for a template exclusively for the online bike parts store, this option will be just perfect. Multilingual and multicurrency support will allow users from all over the world to get acquainted with the assortment of goods and their prices. Do not forget to use various social options, a contact form, Google maps and a section with reviews of regular customers to inspire confidence in your target audience. There are two homepages for you to choose from.

Exporso is full of basic categories of bike-related products and is suitable for the owner of a small auto parts store too. Sell with this theme bikes, bicycles, wheels, motor rides, etc.

Main features:

  • Advanced theme features;
  • Cross-browser compatibility;
  • Filtering options;
  • Search form;
  • RTL support;
  • SEO-friendly;
  • Integration with social networks;
  • Bootstrap.

Amber - Pet Care Shopify Theme

Amber - Pet Care Shopify Theme

With this Shopify Theme, the super-fast start is possible. Amber is a complete all-in-one solution with a wide range of tools for your webshop. This minimal Shopify theme is perfect for a zoo online store. You can also easy to use this theme as a website of the canine club or a website of the animal nursery. It supports widgets, is compatible with the latest versions of Shopify, and also contains a settings page.

You can use both finished designs or edit pages as you like. Multi-currency, AJAX shopping cart, product carousel, slider, parallax, mega menu, newsletter subscription, blog and other options help you to present your shop optimally for visitors. A huge number of useful internal pages for selling pet foods, toys, cages, vitamins and so on. In total Amber theme has 2 homepages, over 9 sections, and 15+ preloader.

Main features:

  • Theme color switcher;
  • Favicon;
  • Google maps
  • Designed for dropshipping;
  • Valid code;
  • Bootstrap
  • Adaptive design;
  • RTL support;
  • Contact form.

Hurst - Furniture Shopify Theme

Hurst - Furniture Shopify Theme

Hurst is a minimalistic Shopify theme for the entire niche “furniture and interior.” suitable for an online store of upholstered furniture/wood products/equipment or inventory, household goods, etc.

A laconic template for an interior designer with the ability to showcase your portfolio and write a blog that not only attracts readers but also becomes a promotion tool through advanced SEO optimization. The “airy” design is complemented by pleasant animations and customization without coding. Moreover, this theme has a Shipping policy and calculator and looks great at every browser, thanks to cross-browser compatibility. Hurst theme includes 2 home variations, 2+ sliders, and over 15 preloader.

Main features:

  • Valid semantic code;
  • Catalog of brands;
  • Twitterfeed and Instafeed;
  • Option “Add to Favorites”;
  • Rating system;
  • Parallax effect;
  • Sorting filter;
  • Wishlist;
  • Integration with social networks.

Ezone - Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Ezone - Multipurpose Shopify Theme

This theme is one of multipurpose Shopify online store themes. 

You can create:

  • fashion store,
  • fruit store,
  • book store,
  • electronics store,
  • sports store,
  • furniture store,
  • handicraft store
  • food delivery.

The design is simple, clean and pretty. The layout is well optimized for display on mobile devices. For example, at the bookstore layout, the blue-red design in combination with neat, well-readable fonts looks cool and fresh. A lot of white space that looks elegant against the background of images of multi-colored books. 

The main menu is simple, understandable, it looks distinctly in both desktop and mobile-hamburger versions. In front of a header is a shopping cart. Descriptions of books are so detailed and high-quality that it is surprising. Images are very clear, in high resolution, there is full-screen viewing. Every customer can rate an item or add it to the wishlist. Everything is conveniently served, nothing in the design is annoying. Also, the website can offer related products.

Main features:

  • 10+ homepages layouts;
  • 6+ newsletter styles;
  • Lots of sliders, banners, headers, etc.
  • Ajax cart;
  • Blog layout;
  • Contact form;
  • Google fonts and maps;
  • Multicurrency;
  • Popup mailing;
  • Adaptability and cross-browser compatibility.

Ponno - Electronics Shopify Theme

Ponno - Electronics Shopify Theme

With this template, you can create your digital online shop.

Ponno is a stylish, innovative template with a logical layout. It supports Bootstrap, right to left language, multiple currencies, and other basic Shopify options. In the header you can find Mega Menu, wishlist, my account menu and currencies list. There are many features to increase sales: a carousel of products, promotions with a countdown, labels for new and special products.

If you're looking for the best way to sell technology or science products, Ponno is perfect for this. This Shopify minimal theme is a great and lightweight that includes responsive design, best SEO techniques, and color features.

The theme looks great with an attractive slider, stylish image galleries, and a clear blue color scheme. The template supports 3 home layouts and 3 shop layouts. You can use Ponno to create beautiful product pages using the share buttons. A great theme for those who want to sell products using a modern website design.

Main features:

  • SEO optimized;
  • Image slider;
  • Dark version;
  • 100% responsive design;
  • Cross-browser compatibility;
  • Google maps;
  • Search form;
  • Video banner section;
  • Social Media Integration;
  • Parallax effect.

Rongcha - Matcha Shopify Theme

Rongcha - Matcha Shopify Theme

Rongcha offers the best quality for shops selling tea and accessories for tea. Easy installation, intuitive Bootstrap 4, landing page builder, blog function - the list of benefits continues.

The theme is search engine friendly, so there are good chances to reach higher rankings in Google. You do not need to know how to code to run your online shop with Rongcha.

The theme uses a beautiful, clean design with lots of white space. The template is versatile enough to use online stores in a wide range of niches. You can customize the theme to suit your brand image with an unlimited number of colors. The template also contains detailed documentation to help users get the most out of their new theme.

This Shopify minimal theme is designed in a traditional ecological theme green color with a pleasant charming design, beautiful fonts, and user-friendly controls. The theme is easy and quick to install. Thanks to drag-and-drop functionality you can edit what you want without any help. There are 4 styles of product grid and collection sorting.

Main features:

  • Parallax effect;
  • Carousel products;
  • Cross-browser compatibility;
  • Contact form;
  • Fully responsive design
  • Multilingualism;
  • 8+ banners;
  • Product with a carousel;
  • Shortcodes.

Julie - Fashion Shopify Theme

Julie - Fashion Shopify Theme

This Shopify fashion theme in minimalist design has a modern look and is ideal for fashion shops. Julie offers options to customize pages. This theme is responsive and optimized for all devices like any theme that keeps up with the times.

You can use this theme as an excellent and powerful online store for a variety of clothes: kids, women, and men. It features a well-designed user interface. There is not only a shopping cart but also a search for a variety of parameters, including color, size, purpose. There are also three popular categories: Bestseller, Most view, and New arrivals. You can offer additional products, for example, if you already bought an evening dress, then a small discount is automatically issued for shoes that are best suited to this outfit. PSD files are not included. 

Main features:

  • Fully responsive design;
  • Parallax effect;
  • Visual editor;
  • Cross-browser compatibility;
  • Mega menu;
  • Extended documentation;
  • Google analytics;
  • Contact map;
  • Quick view.

Skin beauty - Cosmetics Store Clean Shopify Theme

Skin beauty - Cosmetics Store Clean Shopify Theme

The last multi-purpose template in this collection, which, in my opinion, is also worthy of attention, is Skin beauty. This ready-made solution will help in creating an online store on the topic of the beauty industry. Do not forget about the slider and carousel of products that will focus visitors on hot offers and product range updates.

This minimalistic clean Shopify theme is perfect for a landing page of a store selling organic and healthy cosmetics. It is also suitable for offering the services of a cosmetologist, a specialist in proper nutrition and skin or body care. Very delicate pastel colors, many internal pages, shades can be changed online. Skin beauty theme is adapted for SEO-optimization, multilingual, and fully responsive. Have a look at more the best cosmetics store Shopify themes.

Main features:

  • Add to Wishlist;
  • Ajax cart;
  • Oberlo;
  • Dropshipping;
  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Cross-browser compatibility;
  • Parallax;
  • Multilingual;
  • Retina ready;
  • Tooltips;
  • Mega menu.

Green Life Shopify Theme

Green Life Shopify Theme

An intuitive template is waiting for you! It does not offer complicated combinations of colors or sophisticated effects. Its central concept reflects the pure essence of nature, showing your customers that you also share this idea. Each element of Green Life is 100% customizable. Different ready sections are also at your disposal. A convenient header menu, smart navigation, collection tabs, and banners are an excellent addition to all its cutting-edge features. Among them also are:

  • Blog module;
  • Shopify visual builder;
  • Multilingual support;
  • Social options;
  • Product carousel.

Practical recommendations for the effective use of Shopify minimal themes

To sum up, minimal web design is a simplified interface, the absence of unnecessary components, and content that is not beneficial to the target audience. The suggested tips will help you create a beautiful, modern, and simple e-commercial website that skillfully combines the usability and aesthetic appeal.

  1. Remove unnecessary components of the landing page — the absence of redundant, distracting elements will positively affect the number of conversions. Using a beautiful image, an unusual combination of fonts, and a strong call to action will increase sales and bring you new customers.
  2. Reduce the amount of content — specify only the necessary information. Add your favorite graphic materials to make your online project more attractive.
  3. Use modular grids — they play a leading role in site design, serve as the basis for creating visually balanced layouts, which are so familiar to the audience.
  4. Add animation — minimalistic and boring — completely different concepts. Try using an animation that activates only when you hover over the mouse. The results will pleasantly surprise you.
  5. Focus on the font design — a correctly selected font can compensate for the lack of images and other graphic elements.
  6. Know how to choose color combinations — the appeal to minimalism in web design is not limited to using only two colors: white and black. Bright, colorful shades are allowed too. You just need to learn how to use them, for example, to highlight particularly important information, a call-to-action button. Learn more in an article about color theory.

For example, a corporate website should always be made in corporate colors, consistent with the logo. For a creative site, any bold combinations are welcome, including the use of black and red colors. If we are talking about the color of the site for sale, it is better to give preference to a neutral or white background, allowing the advertised goods and services to completely capture the attention of users.

The best colors for website design can be selected independently or use ready-made solutions of services:,,,, and others.


Minimalist Shopify store simplifies interfaces by removing unnecessary elements and content that do not support the implementation of user tasks. What inspires such a design is the combination of usability and high aesthetics: a beautiful site with simple navigation is a powerful means of communication.

I picked 14 themes from the best minimalist Shopify themes of 2020. Most of them are multipurpose with a big variety of home layouts.

If you are new to the Internet business and want to test your skills at Shopify, you can choose free Shopify themes. As soon as you will feel confident in a web design field, you can turn your Shopify theme into a premium one.

If you are migrating to Shopify from another platform and want to transfer the old functionality and interface as much as possible, you should look at paid ones. Try different combinations and choose the best ones to get a simple graphic design that you like and fits the goals of your future online shop. I'm just sure that any of these Shopify minimal themes can be a great start for any online business.

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