Best Hosting for Personal Website: All You Need to Know

  1. Why you Need a Personal Website
  2. What is Web Hosting and Why we Need it?
  3. Basic Hosting Types
  4. Important Hosting Features
  5. Best Hosting for Personal Website
  6. Concluding Ideas

To ensure your web page works smoothly, choose the best hosting for a personal website. Here we'll talk about why it's great to possess a personal online page, what is hosting, its characteristics, and of course, list some of the best web hosting for personal sites.

Best Hosting for Personal Website.

Why you Need a Personal Website

People can now run their own website to share their interests. They can design a website cheaply and without needing advanced programming skills. If you are a public person, creative designer, blogger, writer, photographer, or maybe a musician, composer, tutor, or else, launching your site will be a great step in making your public personality as your brand. It's like a business card online, which has all the needed information to attract clients, readers, fans, employers, or else. All your materials, portfolios, reviews and contacts can exist in one place now. In addition, it is a great statement of your online existence.

Imagine this: you design your brand, make it visible and accessible to lots of people worldwide and can amend it in accordance with your needs and desires. If you work on a freelance basis, it can be the best advertisement of your professional skills. The person who has their own site looks more reliable than the one who only has a social media account. If you decide to launch your online page, you can choose from plenty of services and site-builders. Some of the most well-known ones are WordPress, SiteBuilder, Wix, Weebly, and others.

What is Web Hosting and Why we Need it?

You've created your site, chosen the created template, and edited everything to satisfy your wishes. Now what? How do you make all this visible on the internet? Here is where hosting comes into play. Now it is time to choose and buy it. In this way, you ensure all the data of your website is placed and stored at a special server. The latter operates to realize your presence on the internet and also works as the guardian and protects information published on the site from malicious attackers.

However, there is no single company giving you all these perks. So, you will need to make a choice between the offers on the market in favor of one or another provider. These companies propose different plans, which have their unique features and costs. Thus, take your time to select the one matching your demands.

It is highly recommended to rent a place from reputable and trusted companies, which have already gained popularity among users. They operate in a dynamic sphere, such as Information Technology and appear and change as fast as possible. However, there are several companies that offer the best web hosting services for personal websites, which have proved their reliability. When deciding about the service, you should consider several main characteristics of the packages, such as the price, speed, simplicity of use, customer support, uptime, etc.

Basic Hosting Types

Among the highly demanded kinds is shared hosting. As its name indicates, this is like a shared apartment. It is cheaper, but you will share a room with some other people, who also want the same option. Thus, the server will host not only your website but also other users’ websites. However, shared hosting is extremely attractive with its low price. When you don't have some plans to conquer the universe and create elevated traffic, then this is the optimal variant.

Let's imagine that you rent an apartment and share it with other people, but they are not allowed to use the things in this apartment that are intended for your comfortable living. For instance, you have your fridge, wardrobe, and toilet, and you can store your things in your private place. But still, you are not alone in this apartment. This is the analogy of VPS option. It is performed on one server, but the special software doesn't allow some site to use the means intended for the other one. This ensures better performance, but the price will be higher than in the first case.

If you have a lot of personal stuff, clothes, or maybe even your furniture, then you will need to rent an apartment on your own, which will give you more privileges, security, place, and possibilities.

At the same time, the costs of the whole apartment are entirely your own. This is the case with the dedicated servers, which are intended for the case if your web page will have high traffic and a number of resources. You will be located in a separate place, which will be assigned only to your website. Of course, it will be a precious acquirement.

There is also an alternative for those who use site builders. The latter ones also have their hosting packages. This is the option for those who like to make everything in one place. It's like living in your mother's apartment, where you have grown up. These platforms offer basic web services.

If you want to live alone in your private apartment in a smart hi-tech home, which will offer the newest and exclusive options—but for a high expense—then this is cloud hosting. It can also be shared or dedicated, but the providers use cloud networks. They provide high speed, scalability for traffic, high reliability, as well as high prices.

Important Hosting Features

Let's take the same analogy. When you look for an apartment, you consider critical characteristics, such as the location, whether it has a microwave, whether there is a shower tube, the rent price, how long the price will be the same, and so on. Some of the features you are looking for are essential to you, but not others. The same is with the choice of hosting. Do not just look at their names and types but also at the components offered. Some of the critical points are client support, names of domains, SSL certificates, email accounts, and administrative panel. We'll discuss why these attributes are worth consideration.

Thus, when you rent an apartment, it is better when the owner is sweet and is always ready to help; for instance, when you have broken the door key and cannot get to the apartment. You'll call the owner, and she will be forced to help, come immediately and open the door to you and bring you the new key. On the other hand, client support is like this: you call her, she doesn't answer for several days, and you need to find some other place for the night. You will most probably ask for their help if something goes wrong or if you don't know how to fix some technical issues, or else.

How often do you use client support in easier things, like banking? Site technical issues are considered to be more complicated, and if you are a beginner, most probably you will need some help in one way or another. Some of the support teams work 24/7, while others are accessible only during the day hours. Some of them communicate only via emails, while others use live chats.

What if you rented an apartment, but later you discovered that the neighbors are vampires. You would definitely like to move from this place. And it would be great if you had a money-back option. The latter one requires attention as most of the suppliers will ask you to buy their yearly or half-yearly plan. If you don’t like their effectiveness, you are able to return your costs. In general, the assurance of returning the costs gives more reliability to the service.

Many suppliers' packs may contain a free domain name, which is a great option as it is the next thing that you'll buy after addressing the previous issue. These propositions may come with more advanced plans or under other terms.

For keeping the data transferred between your page and your visitors, there is such a thing as an SSL certificate, which also grants you better search results.

The providers may also suggest you the option of creating the emails with the same names as your domain. If this option is necessary for you, take a look at those companies that offer this feature.

What is more, you may want a control panel, in which you can manage the technical details. While certain providers offer only in-house control panels, others give you more convenient means such as cPanel or Plesk.

How to Migrate WordPress Site to New Host?

Best Hosting for Personal Website


This is one of the most top-rated hosting suppliers. It is reliable and has an effective customer support department. You can return your money within a month, which will be enough time to decide whether you like it or not.

SiteGround has several plans, such as StartUp for beginners, GrowGig, and GoGeek. It has many advantages, such as starting with 10 GB of the place and more for other plans, fast speed of loading, and free SSLs. Their prices are not cheap, but the quality of operation is their strongest side. The StartUp package is offered at a price of 3.95 euros per month.


It is among the most wanted ones. Their client department is also effective, and the work of the server is reliable. Bluehost is advised by WordPress. The speed is fast, and they offer a domain name and SSLs at no cost. The beginner's price will be lower than in the previous supplier, that is 2.68 euro per month, and it also has 30-days policy or costs return.

InMotion Hosting

This site suggests many helpful attributes, like a free domain, installed content administration system, free SSL, 24/7 support department working hours, and refund policy. Their prices begin at $6.39 per month (5.75 euros).


This site is also great and has received good reviews from the users. HostPapa has an above-average uptime, good 24/7 support options, money return rule, and site migration option. Their starting price is $3.95 (3.55 euro) per month. You can also view this comparative table with the above-listed best website hosting for small business to have a visual representation of some of the offered components.

A2 Hosting

It is a solid and secure one, giving an outstanding speed, great client department, convenient cPanel, and a variety of offers if your site goes to the next level. It is also among the best web hosting for personal sites by the users' reviews. The beginner's package starts at $2.96 (2.66 euro) monthly, which is cheap compared to other services.


This is not expensive and is a good pick for small and medium websites. It has an effective support team, site migration help, excellent shared plans, and several other packs. Hostgator has high uptime, and you'll be able to get your money back during 45 days. The price is rather attractive and starts from $2.75 (2.47 euros) per month.

Liquid Web

This supplier possesses plans in which you can get cloud hosting, dedicated servers, or VPS. This will be a perfect solution if you have extensive traffic intentions. These superior services are offered to start from $29 per month.

WP Engine

It is a WordPress provider and locates only WP sites, which ensures you a fully optimized website efficacy. The packs including a number of attributes for a site start from $29.17 per month.


This is an exceptional solution that suggests the substantial benefits for a site. Get an option of a free domain, SSL, 100 GB storage, and others. Their offers start at $1 per month.


It has 24/7 support, a free domain, emails, helpful tools, a visual editor, and they can refund you within thirty days of purchase. Their starting packs cost from $3.33 (2.99 euros) per month.

Concluding Ideas

Choosing the best hosting for a personal website is easy when you know the properties you lack, the intended traffic of your site, and the various hosting options available.

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