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  1. What is vector art?
  2. The list of the best vector art resources

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What is vector art?

Nowadays vector graphics is a must for advertising and branding materials. That’s because the main feature of the vector images is the ability to resize the image without pixelation and getting a screwed up image quality.

In a nutshell, a vector art file is a type of graphics file that uses mathematical algorithms to become scalable.

People started to use vector-based graphics years ago.

You can work with a vector file in Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and other tools like these. Basically, any document that you create there will result in a vector image. The reason why I am naming these tools, in particular, is because even if you are not planning to create vector art yourself, you will need this software to work with the graphics that you find and intend to use for your projects.

The list of the best vector art resources

When you look for top quality vector graphics you may come across some cheap or unreliable websites. That’s why we decided to compile an ultimate list of the 5 best sources of vector stock art and images that you can use in your projects.

Each of these stock websites includes huge libraries of vector artwork with which you can work, so you will definitely find whatever you may need for any specific niche product.

Now you know where you can get your free vector illustration for the projects on which you are working. Basically, when you work on advertising materials or prepare content for design studio templates, vector files are something you will definitely need. Designers started to use vector only graphics for banners years ago. If you are a newbie and don’t want to work with some unreliable freelancer paying him a big fat check, you may simply use the stock style vector art and customize it to your needs.

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