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35 Best Tattoo Fonts For Vintage Designs 2020 + Tattoo Quotes Ideas

Tattoo fonts. This is a kind of two-in-one blog post. You can get not only 35 best tattoo fonts for your vintage designs for free here, but some inspiration for your first/next tattoo.

The point is that witty tattoo quotes are written over the nice images associated with them. But that’s not all, they are written with the tattoo writing styles I have thoroughly handpicked for you. That means that you will be able to see how different fonts for tattoos will look on your web page or on your skin.

15 Best Tattoo Fonts 2020

The Angellica - Tattoo Calligraphy Font

The Angellica - Tattoo Calligraphy Font

Consider this elegant calligraphy script made with casual style in mind. If you are looking for new lettering for your tattoo ideas, this one is more likely to take place in your collection. Inside the pack, you will find stylistic alternates, ligatures, upper- and lowercase letters, as well as numbering and punctuations.

First Heart Tattoo Font

First Heart Tattoo Font

If you want to impress your clients with an unusual style of lettering for a tattoo, First Heart bundle will come in handy. This is a handwritten calligraphy font with a vintage yet classy look that will enliven any of your tattoo sketches.

Catrina - Lovely Script Tattoo Font

Catrina - Lovely Script Tattoo Font

Catrina is a lovely script font best-suited for delicate and refined girls who prefer smooth, fine lines in tattoos. So, if your design is lacking stunning calligraphy taste, this font is exactly what you need.

Chatagirie - Handwritten tattoo Font

Chatagirie - Handwritten tattoo Font

Chatagiries is another handwritten font designed to make your most creative ideas come alive. Add this typeface to your collection of tattoo lettering to offer it next time you will make a tattoo.

Revnosa Urban Brush Tattoo Font

Revnosa Urban Brush Tattoo Font

This certain font is a great option for everyone who loves experiments. It doesn’t look like standard calligraphy or script font — it comes with quick dry strokes that make the font look urban. So, if one of your clients decides to add a personal charm to the tattoo sketch, this font will be a perfect fit.

Siblings Love tattoo Font

Siblings Love tattoo Font

Take a closer look at this exclusive duo typeface with a distinctive, classy look. The characters set is perfectly spaced and kerned, and made with classic brush calligraphy style. The combination of script and sans fonts will make the tattoo look differently and catch other people’s eyes.

Go Come tattoo Font

Go Come tattoo Font

This is another due font bundle made to enliven your tattoo design. The font is elegant and sophisticated and will be a great fit even for your most picky client.

Marylinda Beauty Signature tattoo Font

Marylinda Beauty Signature tattoo Font

Meet this stylish hand-lettered signature font with a modern look. If you want to find a typeface for your display projects, such as quoted text or logo, Marylinda is one to go with. It comes with upper- and lowercase letters, numbering, and punctuation to let you experiment with your design. 

Molita Signature Script tattoo Font

Molita Signature Script tattoo Font

Molita is another signature font with a modern and elegant feel. You can use it for your tattoo sketches if you want something that would make them stand out. At your disposal, there are upper- and lowercase letters, numbering and punctuation, as well as multiple stunning ligatures and alternative fonts. That means you can play around with your design until you like the way it looks.

Brittany Angella - Lovely Script Font

Brittany Angella - Lovely Script Font

Brittany Angella has a feminine look, which means it will perfectly suit girls who want to decorate their bodies in elegant and tender tattoo lettering.

Janji Cinta - Handwritten tattoo Font

Janji Cinta - Handwritten tattoo Font

Janji Cinta typeface is created with a brush pen, which makes it unique and adds a personal touch to your tattoo design. The font bundle contains stylistic alternates, ligatures, numbering, and punctuation to equip you with all the necessary tools you require to design the projects.

Nadheva tattoo Font

Nadheva tattoo Font

This font is quite versatile, so it can be used for different projects, including tattoo design. It is created to make your sketch look impressive and draw attention. So, if you’ve ever wanted to complete your collection of lettering with one more distinctive option, take your chance now.

Shadow Over tattoo Font

Shadow Over tattoo Font

You no longer need to surf the Internet searching for another unique font to your collection. We did all the hard work for you and put together the most unusual typefaces that can be used for creative tattoo letterings. Consider Shadow Over if you are looking for one.

I am Cool - Brush Script tattoo Font

I am Cool - Brush Script tattoo Font

I am Cool is a font made with digital brush pen strokes to add the authentic feel to your tattoo design. It is elegant and unique, so feel free to use it for your next sketch and impress your clients with a distinctive project.

Raysha Moonly tattoo Font

Raysha Moonly tattoo Font

Raysha Moonly is a font you’ll find nowhere else. It is a calligraphy script typeface that will add a glamorous look to your design. If you want to create an outstanding tattoo lettering for your picky client, give this font bundle a try.

Tattoo Quotes Ideas + 20 Fonts

But let’s come back to the free tattoo lettering fonts for your vintage designs and quotes you can ink on your body with these fonts. Who knows, maybe you already have one of them. Please let me know at the comments section.

Scriptina Font Family

Little Lord Fontleroy NF Font

Fontleroy Brown NF Font

Adine Kirnberg Font Family

Batter Up Regular Demo Font

Brock Script Font

Chopin Script Font

Birds of Paradise

Stylish Calligraphy



Mardian Demo font

Ave Fedan

Dark Larch

Forever Brush Script font

Quincho Script

Confetti Stream font

The Heart of Everything Demo font


Echinos Park Script

Additional info about tattoos

Are you a tattoo fan just like me? Getting inked has become fashionable today. Would you like to know some interesting statistical data on that?

  • In America, the percentage of people with tattoos is 42% for adults.
  • Percentage of people with tattoos in Canada: 38% of adults.
  • Percentage of people with tattoos in Ireland: 36% of adults.
  • Percentage of people with tattoos in the UK: 29% of adults.

The most tattooed man in the world is Gregory Paul McLaren (Lucky Diamond Rich or just Lucky Rich) from New Zealand with 99.9 % of his body tattooed. He has tattoos covering his entire body, including the insides of his eyelids, mouth, ears, and foreskin. He has held the certified Guinness World Record since 2006. Lucky Rich is a performance artist, street performer, and international arts festival performer whose act includes sword swallowing and juggling a variety of items while on a unicycle.

Looking at this guy I start to think that inking can really be addictive. Indeed, I visited the tattoo salon for the first time less than a year ago when my underage son told me that he wants to get inked. I studied the matter and didn’t give him my permission. I had many reasons for that, most of which were multiple health risks concerns.

However, I knew that my son will be 18 soon and won’t ask me for any permission to get tattooed. That’s why I decided to pass through the whole procedure myself and dedicate my first and last (I really thought it would be the last one then) tattoo to my little prince. That’s how to call him 😆

To make a long story short, I have 6 tattoos at the moment and 4 more are coming soon 😉 My mother says that I am a sick tattoo addict, that this is a bad example for my son, that she doesn’t want her friends, our relatives, and neighbors see the ink on my skin.

Do you think she is right?

How many tattoos do you have? If you have more than one what made you get the rest? Was it a failed experience with your first tattoo or the adrenaline addiction (the pleasure you feel at the moment when masterworks over your body)?

Or maybe it’s the emotional uplift, feeling yourself a better person, sweet oblivion when the issues that bugged you so much a moment ago seemed so insignificant now…

In any case, the euphoria disperses very soon and you make an appointment with your tattoo master again. That’s how it happens with me, though the idea of each new tattoo flashes my mind spontaneously, though each concept has a very deep meaning. If you have your own stories to share, I would be happy to read them at the comments section.

Let's discuss one more issue before we start to enjoy the cool tattoo fonts and awesome tattoo quotes ideas. Have you ever been discriminated due to your tattoos? Do you hide your tattoos when you go for a job interview?

Stats says that 76% of employees feel tattoos and piercings hurt their job interview chances. However, 73% of employers say they would hire staff that had visible tattoos. 6% of tattooed people say they wouldn’t hire someone with visible ink. Only 4% of tattooed or pierced people say they've actually faced discrimination in their current job.

Tattoos in America are a form of expression and are protected from criminal law by the Constitution, but are not federally protected in the workplace 🙁 .

There are 13 primarily socialist and Islamic countries where you can be arrested in or fined for certain illegal religious, political or racial tattoos.

Did you know?

  • States with the highest percentage of tattoo discrimination statistics are South Carolina, Oklahoma and Florida.
  • States with the most piercing and tattoo friendly public opinion are Montana, Colorado and California.
  • The job industry with highest percentage of tattooed staff is the military.
  • The occupation with the second highest rate of tattooed employees is agriculture.
  • The occupation with the most lenient tattoo and piercing policies is the government.
  • However, only 8% of government employees have ink or piercings.

As for me, I believe that my body is my private territory and I can do whatever I wish there unless it doesn’t harm other people.

Love this quote by Johnny Depp. Like and share if you agree with me and Johnny 😉 .

I hope you liked such kind of lettering for tattoos presentation. Please don’t be shy to share your emotions as to this article. I am sure they are positive. Did you find the traditional tattoo font for your next vintage design? Or maybe you liked some quote and are going to ink it on your body? The comments section is all yours and I am waiting for your feedback impatiently.

Have no time to drop me a line? You can still make me happy by clicking like, rating and sharing this blog post.

Thanks for being with me all this time and wear your tattoos proudly as they are parts of your life stories.

Helga Moreno

Experienced writer passionate about highlighting all the topics related to web, design, marketing, SEO, and more. Follow Helga on Quora.

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