Top 7 Video Games Where Every Developer Will Feel at Home [+7 Website Templates about Games]

We at MonsterPost love playing video games— almost as much as we love coding. That is why we’ve collected our favorite games which perfectly combine these two passions. Meet 7 best video games for developers, hackers, and programmers.

Quadrilateral Cowboy

In Quadrilateral Cowboy, the latest game by a designer Brendon Chung, you play as a computer-wielding spy, who can override every system in any building to their advantage.

Here's the catch: there's quite a literal programming language you have to learn to play this game.

For example: if you see a door and an alarm near it, you'll have to type in the code on your computer corresponding to opening the door and switching the alarm.

After a while, you'll find yourself combining complicated tasks, and coming up with complex algorithms required to get in and out gracefully.


If your favorite Ridley Scott's movie is Alien, Duskers will fit your tastes like a glove.

Once again, it's a small game that puts you in front of a computer. Your character is operating a fleet of drones which explore destroyed and lost spaceships somewhere in space. The thing is, you have to operate those drones manually, by typing commands on your keyboard: for example, "drone d1, go to location a4".

There's something sinister lurking on those abandoned spaceships, but you can't see what it is. Instead, you can only try typing in commands and hope that you didn't make any typos. This game mechanic creates tense moments of constant suspense — and you can improve your typing skills, too.

Watch Dogs

«Everything is connected. Connection is power». That's the tagline behind Watch Dogs, the Ubisoft's hit game of 2014. This game got so popular that even your granny had probably heard about it.

To understand why exactly the connection is power, you have to know one thing: in Watch_Dogs, you can hack into a passerby's phone, steal their credit card money, leap into one of the cams spread around the city, find that passerby's apartment, and look through the files on their computer.

And when the cops will come for you, mess around with the traffic lights, lift one or two drawbridges and escape by turning off the electricity in the whole block.


Want something more old-school and real-life? If that’s the case, pay attention to Uplink. Created in 2001 by guys from Britain, Uplink is a very true-to-life tale of one hacker's story.

The game looks like a Linux desktop screen, complete with terminals and whatnot. It seems difficult at first, but when you catch up with the rhythm, it becomes fun to play.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

A blockbuster prequel to the classic game of the early 2000s, Human Revolution, is an action game, which mixes the influences of Neuromancer, Blade Runner, and Ghost in the Shell.

You will play as Adam Jensen, a chief of security who has high-tech prosthetic arms and feet with swords stashed inside of his hands. He's a great hacker and soldier, and he can turn invisible.

There's no heavy hacking in the game, but Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an excellent illustration of the ways new technologies can make our lives better and worse at the same time.

else Heart.Break()

else Heart.Break() is a different story. It's a story of a young man who comes to a city to start his life anew but finds out that the local government is in some shady business, and there's a lot of people in need.

The thing is, the city is made out of bytes and bits. The main character finds a way to rewrite the code thus shape it up in any way he — you — likes. While playing the else Heart.Break(), you even have a chance to rewrite parts of the game itself.

The game has an original mechanic and a very heartening story — and it's also a great way to finally start learning how to code.


Finally, here's a fun little game by Tom Francis: a cyberpunk comedy noir where you play a bank robber who gets himself in a nasty conspiracy.

Despite the name, you do practically no shooting in Gunpoint. Instead, you have the ability to rewire the electrical grid of the level in any way you like. For example, you can wire an elevator to a door, which will be wired to a security camera, which is wired to another door...

The possibilities for scheming are limitless.

After a few hours of playing video games, you may get a strong desire to start a gaming blog or website or even create your own video game.

Why not? It’s a great way to find like-minded people. And if you know a thing or two about the industry, you can make some money out of it.

For these purposes, we have seven best gaming WordPress theme that will fit any website about and for games.

Catch ‘Em All: A Pokemon Games WordPress Theme

The world is crazier these days about Pokemons than ever before. If you want to launch a dedicated fan website with articles, events, and other fun stuff, you won't do any better than the Pokemania theme.

It's a fabulous piece of modern web design, complete with a clean flat style, true responsiveness, and a grid-like structure that makes it easy to follow what you're publishing on the main page.

Demo | More Info

Level Up: SophisticaGames WordPress Theme

If you're thinking about launching or relaunching a video game blog, the Gameworld pre-built theme will be a perfect choice for you. It's a masterpiece of minimalist style.

The most important parts of this template is crisp imagery and bold typography. The articles you're publishing are highlighted in white on a light gray background, which not only looks good, but makes it easier on the eyes, too.

Demo | More Info

Game Portal WordPress Theme

This pre-made template was built around the idea of color balance: the darker and lighter shades of blue were combined together in a neatly tidy way, making the whole main page an unforgettable visual experience. A simple menu with large, highlighted buttons on top will help your visitors find their way around your website, while the image-heavy grid on the main page will certainly wow them.

Demo | More Info

Gaming Fan Board WordPress Theme

A clean, fashionable design, this pre-made theme is one of the most spectacular templates out there. It's heavy on the black color, evoking the feelings of hard-boiled glamor. However, due to the smart application of bright red and several other colors, the design is far from being depressing. Instead, this looks like a great and user-friendly website which will certainly not go out of fashion soon.

Demo | More Info

Finest Game WordPress Theme

The Finest Game template is one of the most thought-through designs out there. Our design team tried to balance the structure and perfection. What we're left with is a truly special design, one which looks more like a page from a popular magazine than another gaming website.

A grid image carousel on top of the main page is a great way to highlight the most important stuff you're publishing, while the contrast between the black top and the white middle makes this design an unquestionably elegant choice.

Demo | More Info

Play Games WordPress Theme

A beautiful combination of simplicity and density, the Play Games WordPress template will be a great choice for you if you want to launch a website dedicated to games.

Due to its sublime grid structure and fluid combination of white and light red, this design will look great no matter if you publish an article a day or a constant stream of gaming content.

Demo | More Info

Game Portal Responsive WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme is one of the most recognizable designs out there and it shows in the beautiful result you can see for yourself.

Thanks to the Parallax and HTML plus JS, the animations, spread around the main page, look stunningly fluid and consistent. The combination of orange and black is always trendy, and with a twist in the form of circle images and a carousel on top of the page, this theme is destined to be popular among your readers.

Demo | More Info

That's it. If I’ve somehow overlooked your favorite game on my list, you’re more than welcome to write about it in the comments section below.

And if I did mention it, share this article with your friends and strangers, I will appreciate it.

Thank you for your attention 🙂

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