Best Writer Apps for Bloggers & Writers: Your Writer-Friendly Tools

How is it being a writer?


You're freelancing at the beach of an ocean, enjoying the black screen of your laptop because no laptop, even at its full brightness, can be used in a sunny weather.


You work in a room with 15 coworkers, who feel they have to share their concerns with you. Most of them don’t like fresh air, so you are locked up in a badly ventilated room, spiced up with someone else’s troubles, while you need to produce some inspirational and uplifting content.

Don’t worry, it’s not that bad with copywriters, I’m just kidding.

Or maybe I’m not.

Anyway, if writing texts is something that you need to do in your life professionally, and you are not a 15-year old girl writing down short love stories in her diary, you need to turn your creative process into a fully-automated process.

Automated copywriting is like producing canned food on a huge scale - you produce some high-quality content, supplying hundreds of people with your product.

With tools, with best copywriting tools and apps, you turn into a copywriting machine, stamping hundreds of high-quality words which turn into (hopefully) thousands of dollars.

Who can use these tools?

Bloggers, copywriters, amateurs, professionals, social media marketers, managers, directors, etc…

Anyone who deals with texts and writing, even if that includes only writing 1 line.

I’m sure that some of the writers of the past would have leveraged from these tools, too. For example, they would write shorter pieces. They would just squeeze the gist of the story into as few words as possible because Google would rank that better and it would be more reader-friendly.

Anyway, there’s no need to beat around the bush.

Let’s go right to this brilliant, time-saving, efficient, affordable, handy, intuitive writing tool.

Here it is.

Yeap, it's your brain. What were you expecting to see here, Santa Claus?

But as not everyone has a habit of using it, there are several tools that will help do the work great anyway.


Before taking this offense personally, please click here to see the list of tools. CLICK IT!!


BTW, every copywriter needs to have a portfolio so you definitely need to consider these themes for wordpress blogs.

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Oksana Preda

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