Top 20 Bestselling Magento Themes of 2016

If you’re looking for an ideal online commerce platform, you should try Magento. It’s handy in use for both seasoned programmers and web design novices. Besides, it offers state-of-the-art design solutions. Magento is flexible and allows making any changes to the look and feel of your online store. Moreover, you can boost your Magento theme using the third-party applications.

Magento offers both free and paid themes; this is why your choice is not limited. Of course, if you choose paid Magento website templates, you have more features at hand. For instance, you get a downloadable demo content that you can use on your site. Also, these Magento themes have fully responsive designs. They render well on all screen sizes and resolutions.

You will marvel at how easy it is to use the interface of Magento platform. Premium Magento themes will ensure the stable work of your website. Beautiful designs will be a real eye-candy for your customers. What a great way to put your best products into the spotlight!   

Go ahead and look at this selection of premium Magento themes that are bestsellers of 2016. The great news is that all these themes support multiple languages. So, you are ready to conquer foreign markets by default. There’s plenty of Magento eCommerce templates for everyone’s taste and preference. All you have to do is choose the best for you!

Petty - Lingerie Store Magento Theme

Pretty is a chic lingerie shop Magento theme. Its design can lure users with high-quality visuals and videos. The theme has a lot of pre-loaded features like MegaMenu and Ajax-powered functionality. There are product badges that enhance the featured items and the MegaMenu. Also, to make the site browsing faster, there’s an Ajax search and Ajax filter. The support of multiple languages and currencies is one of the advantages this template can boast. Its gorgeous design is a real eye-candy. Go ahead and check out the live demo to make sure of it!  

Miller W.

Multilingual and Multicurrency

I choose this Magento theme for eCommerce website because its multilingual and multicurrency version will help to attract the visitors from all over the world.


Spiceli Magento Theme

Spicelli is a delicious spice shop Magento theme. This attractive solution is for the thrifty! Buying this template saves a whole $265 you would otherwise spend on the extra modules. This Magento website template has a unique product page and catalog. There’s also a Slider and a Product Carousel to highlight the most relevant information. The theme allows sharing product videos to deliver the top-notch user experience. The Ajax catalog filter reduces the waiting time for your users while they’re sorting the products out. Apart from all the above the download package includes a Sliced PSD files and detailed documentation. This will enable you to make the desired changes to the look and feel of your e-store.


Jewelrix - Jewelry Store Magento 2 Theme

Jewelrix is a minimalist jewelry store Magento theme. It has a legible layout and looks trendy. Beautiful graphic elements like page-wide imagery, bold visuals, and spacious pages will give your store a perfect performance. This Magento template is user-friendly, it’s readable and quick-to-scan. Thanks to the grid-based layout, it delivers top-notch user experience. Take a look at the video below to assess all the features offered by this particular template:

Jaroslav M.

The great template for eCommerce

The functionality of template is perfect for creating almost any type of store. Fully adaptive and easy-to-setup, the template includes all the necessary extensions for a quick launch site.


Glassini Magento Theme

Want to become a glasses mogul and build your eCommerce empire? Glassini is a glasses store Magento theme that will help you achieve your business goals. Clean and straightforward, it has a well-structured layout. It has a stick-to-top MegaMenu and a back-to-top button. That ensures comfortable and intuitive navigation. To increase the usability of Glassini template, there’s an Ajax-powered search, a quick view, and product filters. Check out the live demo and see what this theme is capable of.

Declan B.

The instructions for installation are easy to follow. And thanks for the great customer service.


iShop - Electronic Magento 2 Theme

iShop is an electronic shop Magento theme to attract all the techies. It has a laconic and functional layout. Also, it has comfy navigation, so even first-time viewers will figure it out. The fully customizable MegaMenu also adds up to better navigation. This theme has a selection of useful features for a top-notch product presentation. You can use product pages, listings, badges, swatches and more to showcase your goods at their best.

Joseph C.

I like it very much!

I've chosen this electronic theme because of the features and effects on the main page. I like it very much!


ATA - Fashion Magento Theme

ATA is a sleek Magento theme for a fashion store or a fashion designer. Neutral colors and masonry product layout make it look professional and clean. Use a vertical menu to ensure advanced navigation. You can also group the products into categories. This fashion clothes Magento template is quite versatile, so you can adapt it to another eCommerce project fast and easy.

Jan R.

Awesome template

I really like it. Professionally crafted template, very nice design. I’m very glad I bought this. Thank you 😉


Style - Fashion Clothes Magento Theme

Style is a gorgeous fashion clothes Magento theme to attract crowds to your website. It will give your fashion outfits and accessories an attractive look. The homepage has a card-based look with a series of catchy banners. There’s a MegaMenu in the header to guide users to the products they need. In the footer, there are extra links, contact details, and a newsletter subscription form.

Viktor P.

This is a beautiful template!

This is a beautiful template, colors are super friendly and it's very smooth. The layout is beautiful and finding your way around the admin area is not too hard.


F2 - Fashion Boutique Magento 2 Theme

F2 is another fashion store Magento theme that will stand out. It complies to the most recent web design trends. The card-based homepage layout has a full-width slider, product banners, and featured items. Special and New products are mixed with bold banners. This helps to separate With different types of content blocks. The design of this theme is user-friendly, it has a handy navigation. Check out the interactive live demo to learn more.

Abhay K.

Awesome theme!

it was awesome to learn Magento 2 with this theme ...lots of features and look like free of charge based theme.


Kinder Magento Theme

Looking for a cute baby store Magento template? Well, Kinder Magento theme is just for you. It’s vibrant, well-structured and responsive. Spiced up with a slider, it allows presenting the products at their best. Also, there’s a Product Zoom to give users a more detailed view. To mark specific products, you are welcome to use the product badges. The Blog functionality will allow you to make updates on the latest news.

Fabio A.

Often use the themes of Template Monster

I have chosen Kinder theme because it fits perfectly to my clients' type of business. I am a web developer and often use the themes of Template Monster.


Quistre Magento Theme

Quistre is an interior & furniture Magento theme. It looks quite minimal with black and white color scheme. This Magento theme is rich in features. It was made to help you get your online business started lightning-fast. The goal of this Magento theme is to highlight the best products in your store. That’s why bold images, categories, video integration, cloud zoom and other effects are there. There’s a stick-to-top MegaMenu to help the web users reach the desired products.

Radojka P.

I am fully satisfied with the Quistre template. It is custom made and suites anybody's requirement very easily.


Watches Magento Theme

Watches is a great Magento theme for a watch store. It has a bright color scheme in light-blue and white. A huge image slider in the header serves as an excellent place for promotion. There are animated vibrant banners to point out the discounts and best offers. This theme is easy to navigate thanks to the MegaMenu in the header and the extra links in the footer. A variety of website sections can serve as handy marketing aides.

Dylan W.

The reason we pick this design is for it's simple and clean look. Generally, it works well.


Vini - Fashion Shop Magento 2 Theme

Vini is a perfect clothes Magento theme for fashion stores. Its design looks stylish, yet minimalist. It offers unusual design solutions like thin fonts, short texts, and ghost buttons. Thanks to banners, the navigation is effortless and natural. Also, the product search is user-friendly. Clients can sort the goods using a variety of filters in the left sidebar. It is possible to post images of clothes to showcase the products from different sides. You can also use stickers, prices, color palettes, star ratings, and call-to-action buttons.

Just take a look at the video and learn more about the features of Vini template:

Michael B.

Good bandits

I made this shop for a new brand and everyone like the new webshop!


Electro Magento Theme

Electro is a beautiful Electronics Magento theme. The theme has a thought-out header that helps better navigation. So, your customers get access to the products they are looking for.  The combination of white and blue with little red accents looks quite professional. The sale badges and cut rates are red to draw the attention. You can make use of a full-width slider. Captions, CTA buttons, and thumbnails let visitors preview more pictures at a time. Use a built-in Google map to display the store location.

Nicolae P.

Great Template

Magento is a very good tool and this Electro Magento Theme is top quality. Wishlist, comparing products, beautiful layout, and great responsive features make this theme one of the best I ever purchased from TemplateMonster.


ALIKX Magento Theme

ALIKX is a perfect men’s clothing Magento theme. It looks clean and professional. The color palette combines white, black and red colors. This theme will suit fashion and beauty eCommerce projects. Thanks to the smart use of white space, the best products are shown in the foreground. There’s a stick-to-top MegaMenu in the header. It has an incorporated live search to guide the users. The full-width background images with a Parallax effect create an illusion of dimension. In the footer, there’s extra information to help better navigation.

Mr B.

Nice theme, very clean.

Colors layout and design are very so fresh. had it installed by a developer and everything worked so well. Been online for last 3 days so many nice comments from customers, they just love it. This is my third template from TemplateMonster I have become fan of TemplateMonster. Template Monster customer service is great got replied and sorted out issue within 1 hour. Once again thank you, TemplateMonster


Apparel Responsive Magento Theme

Zigi is a fully responsive Apparel Magento theme. It has a lightweight and minimalist design. Thanks to the clever use of white space, the product range has better visibility. The Ajax Search form helps in finding the needed items fast. The handy MegaMenu also facilitates the navigation. So does the MegaFooter which adds up to the website’s usability. Feel free to use the product badges to highlight the best sellers. Communicate with your customer base using the Contact Form and a Newsletter Subscription Form. Enjoy the live demo and see this theme in action.

Robin C.

Great service, perfect response time would recommend it to all that need good service always on top of others


Infant Clothes Magento Theme

If infants knew what Magento is, they’d enjoy using this Infant Clothes Magento theme. It has a great design created using the hand-drawn elements. The buttons, fonts, borders, and product labels look like a child’s drawing. Yet, the design is well-thought and built with precision. Apart from the standard eCommerce functionality, the theme can boast social network integration. As well as the support of different currencies and foreign languages.

Fabio A.
Infant Clothes #58079
I have changed nothing at all in this theme. It has easy easy structure and clean design. Perfect!


KettyStore Magento Theme

KettyStore is a stylish fashion shop Magento theme. It is suitable for fashion related eCommerce projects. The 100% responsive layout provides a top-notch user experience on different mobile devices. Besides, it is easy to navigate. This template is quite rich in features. It allows tweaking the initial design here and there to achieve the desired effect. The Parallax scrolling effect boosts the look of the theme and makes it more pleasing to the eye.

Velko A.

Very good

I bought this template for a sore and it looks very well on both desktop and mobile browsers. The installation was easy and the provided documentation is quite helpful.

The archive that I got contains all forms of installation: theme only, sample pages, widgets and complete SQL dump.


Garden Furniture Magento Theme

Garden Furniture is a laconic exterior design Magento theme. It looks neat and lightweight. All design elements are well-balanced. Thanks to the convenient arrangement of products, it’s easy for clients to find specific items. It’s possible to arrange the products in grids or divide them into categories. The theme has a site-wide search and intuitive navigation. There is a huge header image that will serve as an active visual trigger for your clients. The clear documentation makes it possible to edit this theme exactly the way you want to. Just take a look at the interactive live demo and see this item in action.

Yash S.

Great theme
We liked the theme and it fit our liking. Thanks.


Ketty - Fashion Store Magento Theme

Ketty is a cool fashion store Magento theme that corresponds to the latest web design trends. The Background Video feature will let you attract crowds of visitors right away. The theme comes packed with a bunch of pre-made layouts you can switch. Also, this theme has social features like Facebook Widget and a Twitter Plugin. Use them to communicate with clients on social media. The MegaMenu in the header allows convenient navigation. Ketty Magento theme is SEO-friendly. This means your e-store will get higher rankings on search engines.

Victor N.

Amazing Theme

I'm a Magento developer and this is the best theme I could ever work with. The first thing I loved is that is easy to install. It comes with a great documentation, and you could contact the support any time of the day. Beautiful, easy to work, full of tools and easy to editing. I highly recommend for every kind of user. My client approved and loved the results. The support is friendly and fast. So, thank you for the amazing theme and I rate it with 5 stars!


Motorsports Store Magento Theme

Moto is a lightning-fast motorsports store Magento theme. It has useful features that won’t leave motorsports lovers indifferent. For example, the color scheme that suits sports related web resources. Then, there’s a huge image slider in the header. Also, the theme offers advanced search options that help to look for the desired content. Searching by keywords or product categories is possible. The MegaMenu helps in making the navigation handy. This theme is quite versatile so that you can use it for different types of eCommerce projects.  Thanks to Bootstrap 3 your website will render well on any gadget.

Henry F.

Fast installation

Installation was fast and easy. I had a few questions and support checked my site very quickly.


Here we are! You have just reviewed the selection of the bestseller Magento themes designed in 2016. These themes are multi-purpose. And it’s possible to adjust them to different types of eCommerce projects. All Magento website templates from this selection support multiple currencies and languages. So, it won’t be a problem to reach out to foreign clientele and offer your products abroad. Still, you might be looking for something more specific to fit your project. Then, there’s a batch of best premium Magento themes of 2016. Go ahead and pick the items to boost your business!

Irene Fatyanova

Irene is a content writer who loves reporting on the latest web design and online marketing trends, WordPress and eCommerce solutions. Apart from writing tech articles, she’s keen on photography and has a couple of cool Photoshop image retouching tricks up her sleeve. You can connect with Irene on Twitter.

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