How to Write a Biology Resume to Pass a Job Interview

  1. How to write a biology resume objective
  2. How to organize education and skills sections
  3. How to write a killer cover letter
  4. Biology resume examples

It doesn’t matter if you have experience in writing a biology resume or this is your first time, as resume standards swiftly evolve. Nowadays, time is a precious resource, so HR managers scan resumes faster than nucleotides replicate in the human DNA. Keep in mind that an average HR receives a crazy number of different resumes, because competition on the job market is like species competition in the jungle. Thus, your biology resume has to trigger the activation of necessary neurotransmitters in your potential employer’s brain, boosting a strong desire to invite you to a job interview.

The great news is that writing a biology resume, which will become a pass to an interview, is not nearly as complicated as learning the Krebs cycle. Moreover, it doesn't matter whether you craft an internship resume or a high school biology teacher resume, as the usual mistakes are quite common. However, keep in mind that the space of your biology resume is one more essential resource, so you need to be brief and use only 1-2 pages to describe all your details. By the way, you can take all these things about formatting off of your mind to focus on your text, choosing the best theme from biology resume samples.  Nevertheless, you need to know a few secrets to write a biology resume. Thus, follow these tips to start your job search journey:

1. How to write a biology resume objective

Keep in mind that a biology resume objective/profile summary is the first thing an HR will read when perusing biology research assistant resumes. Actually, it needs to be brief, but really strong. To structure your essential details this section is usually highlighted, as you can see from biology resume objective examples. So how do you impress your potential employer within a few lines? Follow these principles:

  • Mention your strongest individual professional skills/experience and also write your primary career goals on the position you are applying for. You need to focus on your career target and the result of your future job.
  • The key principle is to write your biology resume objective according to the specific position. Read the description of the position with notorious attention to details, like a scientist examines a biological sample, running a scientific experiment. Mention the relevant information only. 
  • Do not use pretentious words and platitudes, as they are meaningless and evoke a negative impression.
  • The use of necessary keywords in this section is a must. The point is that your resume needs to go through several stages. Receiving many resumes, HR managers scan them for the necessary keywords. Besides, they can use special software (ATS) for that purpose, which scans keywords in resumes to evaluate how a candidate matches to the position. Biology resumes which do not contain these keywords won’t be shown in the automatic search. Using the relevant keywords and specific professional terms, you will create a positive impression on your potential employer. These keywords are typically previous position descriptions, qualifications, skills, technologies, certificates, and scientific degrees that the employer has noted in a job advertisement. 

Get necessary keywords from the description of a position you are applying for. 

Also, you can use special tools such Resunate and Jobscan to find keywords, which are often used in search of your position.

2. How to organize education and skills sections

All your data needs to be perfectly structured as it has to be clearly understood at a glance. Keep in mind that an HR manager may not understand deeply all aspects of your profession, and he won’t read deeply into your wordy CV. If he doesn't find the information he’s looking for, the resume will be thrown into a bin. Thus, use headings, spacing between paragraphs, infographics, and contrasting colors. If you don’t want to reinvent the wheel or discover a photosynthetic single-celled organism again use a sample resume for biology major

  • Write about your education and majoring in biology, mentioning the relevant coursework. If you’re writing an entry level biology resume, specify your GPA to receive a substantial advantage over other applicants. 
  • List your professional skills so that a reader can easily catch all the necessary information in a brief scan of your resume. Use biology resume samples for that purpose. 
  • You need to write about all your relevant experience, so include your volunteer projects and professional activities. Your voluntary activities will tell your potential employer that you are really passionate about your profession. 
  • Make a separate section that includes your technical/laboratory skills, for instance: differential staining, light microscopy, biochemical characterization of cells, microdissection, immunocytochemistry, etc. 
  • Describe your past experience, including your role and achievements in each project. If you’re creating an entry level biology resume, write what you’ve learned after your participation in the experiment.  
  • Don’t forget to include the “Other skills and language" section, with PC programs you work with and additional languages. 
  • When writing an entry level biology resume, you can include any additional skills or experience in your biology resume skills section, if the information might be of interest to your potential employer. For instance, trouble-shooting of aid supplies for an animal shelter, or a leadership position in your university community. 
  • List your scientific publications.
  • If you're crafting a resume for biology teaching position, structure your details in bullet points. List your own achievements and projects you were engaged in. Focus on how you inspired the students to start their STEM career.
  • Don’t forget to incorporate your certification section, especially if you craft a resume for a biology teaching job.
Resume for a biology teaching job.

3. How to write a killer cover letter

Basically, your cover letter is a booster for your biology research assistant resume, which explains why you are sending in your resume. Basically, you have to describe why you need to be chosen for this position and how strongly you are passionate about your profession. Using a stylish design, which resonates with your biology resume, you’ll add points to the overall impression you produce. 

Writing your cover letter, follow these tips:

  • Do not write the same cover letter for every position you apply for. Literally, read thoroughly all the information in the position description and examine all the details as by a microscope. 
  • Use the name of the person you send your application to (that can be a Chief of HR unit). In case you don’t know the exact name you can write “Dear Hiring Manager” in the greeting. 
  • Specify the position you are applying for and why you are a good candidate for it. 
  • Use formal style in writing. You need to produce a serious professional impression and avoid colloquial words in your text. 
  • The necessary formatting for a cover letter: single-space, a space between each paragraph, three-line spacing between your closing and your name, a space between your contact info and greeting, and match your font with your biology resume.
  • Make your cover letter brief, but informative, so you need to use quality information only. Do not describe your thoughts so it becomes too wordy, because any irrelative information will prevent anyone from grabbing the essential details. Write the text in a constructive manner, giving real arguments. Thus, you’ll make it really persuasive. Explain how your qualifications and past experience match the position you are applying for and what contribution you can make to the organization. 
  • Focus on the hard skills in your cover letter. Be sure that soft skills are being evaluated primarily during the interview. They can be difficult to review in your text, but are often discussed face-to-face. 
  • Keep in mind that experienced HRs and employers read everything between the lines. They can figure out your real knowledge and job experience. Thus, don’t exaggerate your skills and achievements, as this worsens the impression you produce.
  • Close your cover letter with a strong statement and write how you can help the organization and how your goals match its major objectives.
  • This is a great opportunity to implement more keywords into your biology resume. However, keep in mind that ATS software search keywords, which are used only in the context. Thus, you can’t trick the system. Besides, your future employer will read your description, so write out normal text for a real reader. 

4. Biology resume examples  

Let’s look at our resume themes as biology resume samples:

Alex Johnson Resume Template

Alex Johnson Resume Template.

This template has an elegant minimalistic design for a basic biology resume. Headings, spacing, and lines between the primary sections will help you to save vital space and highlight your essential details. Craft a cover letter, using the included theme. This low-key design is just what the doctor ordered for a document in formal style.

Sophie Williams Resume Template

Sophie Williams Resume Template.

This airy and elegant design with a traditional layout will maximize your chances to get a job. Sophie Williams is ideal for those who prefer a classical design for resumes. The structure, which looks like a timeline, gives a modern look to a biology resume. 

Alexa Resume Template

Alexa Resume Template.

This awesome biology resume template will grab the attention of any HR and that is paramount to getting a job. The design is created in shades of grey, so it’ll be relevant in any professional field. The discreet infographics will help to organize your sections, so that an HR manager will grab all the necessary details just by looking at your CV. Keep in mind that a cover letter is included.

Robert Anthoni Clean Resume Template

Robert Anthoni Clean Resume Template.

This biology resume template is an ideal choice for a high school biology teacher resume. This template has a clear and low-key design that will make a strong impression. Customize it easily and receive the perfect biology resume.

Martin Resume Template

Martin Resume Template.

The fabulous design of this biology resume sample will be the perfect solution in your hunt for the ideal job. There is enough space for all your details, which you definitely want to tell. Nevertheless, the resume page still has an uncluttered and clean look. 

Olivia Max Minimal Resume Template

Olivia Max Minimal Resume Template.

The clean design of this CV will not distract attention from the details. Olivia Max was crafted to save space and write as much information as you need. This design is stylish and modern, without crossing the lines of formal style.

Raymond Roberts Resume Template

Raymond Roberts Resume Template.

You can change the colors of this design as easy as a piece of cake. The blue color is elegant and very attractive. Your skills and experience will be presented in the most professional and modern style. Raymond Roberts is not overloaded with extra details, but perfectly structures the experiences and skills of the applicant.

Markin William Minimal Resume Template

Markin William Minimal Resume Template.

This pretty and unusual design will present your details in a simple way. The information is structured in two columns or different sizes. Such effective presentation of your skills will impress HRs and boost your chances.

Mike Resume Template

Mike Resume Template.

This biology resume sample is crafted for those who like modern catchy designs. The stylish section for your contact information in the upper right corner will grab the attention of any employer. Use this sample with your photo or just remove this photo section if you want. A cover letter sample in the same style is included in the package.

Micheal William Resume Template

Micheal William Resume Template.

Put together a creative and catchy CV, using this template. Perfect lines and ideal structure will help you to make the impression of a professional.   

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