How Can Any Blogger Earn with TemplateMonster Affiliate Program [Success Stories]

If you are ready to join the 25 000 of TemplateMonster affiliates and start earning up to 50% commissions, which will significantly boost the level of your well-being, we recommend you to read this article. It will make things way simpler for you.

First of all, we would like to lend your countenance as to this smart solution. TemplateMonster offers really advantageous terms for their affiliates.

Anyone can become an affiliate: a blogger, a web designer/developer, or, say, an Internet marketing consultant.

It's hard to believe, but it takes only 3 clicks to start selling.

  • We pay for each sale, not just the first one. The cookies are active all year round.
  • We offer a progressive commission plan, so you may increase your commission rate up to 50%.
  • We pay quickly and globally in any way that is convenient for you: via bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and WebMoney.
  • You are paid not only for our template promotion but get money for recruiting affiliates. Your cut is 5% life-long. In fact, you build your own empire just by spreading the word.

Read more about the reasons to join the TemplateMonster affiliate program here or watch this video.

Supposing, you have already taken a decision and now you are puzzled with the choice of Affiliate Tools that will best suit your particular case.

The choice depends on your status. Are you a solopreneur or a web studio owner?

Let's see what opportunities do you have as a blogger. Believe us, there are plenty of them.

You need to decide whether you are ready to invest more time and efforts into your strategy and be more efficient or act in a relaxing manner. The time-consuming way will require repeating certain jobs every now and again. The way that takes less efforts implies that you do the job once and then just make minor tweaks from time to time.

For instance, you can write a review on any TemplateMonster product with your affiliate link in it. The link can be generated right on our site. Tell your audience honestly about all pleasures and drawbacks of the product you describe. The readers will appreciate that.

If you didn't test the product you want to review yourself, just contact your personal affiliate manager using our Get Tool option and ask him/her for a promo code you need for the purpose.

The manager will not only generate a promo code for you but prepare unique content and even upload it to your admin panel with all the images and referral links included if needed. Organizing custom campaigns or making giveaways of our products to attract new readers is also an example of a good affiliate marketing strategy for a blogger.

Posting showcases is also a win-win strategy. Everybody understands what is a showcase. It's an article demonstrating a bundle of good-looking themes of a certain type or category. You can pick out the themes you like yourself or simply use a ready-made showcase prepared by TemplateMonster's professionals.

However, you know your audience better than we do, that's why, the best option is to customize a ready-made showcase to make it one and only, targeted for your community, or select the best themes (from your point of view), write brief unique descriptions for them, adjust templates' titles to the keywords that work best for your site, mix the themes by different providers to let the visitors choose their ideal template fitting their requirements. In fact, this is a kind of working guide for an ideal showcase article.


How often should you post showcases on your site to have a high conversion? The answer is at least once a week. Since our cookies are all-year-round, there are more chances for selling a template.

The RMS Program Has Been Discontinued

Please note that TemplateMonster does not accept new RMS partners, as it no longer uses RMS.

A blogger can even install RMS2 in a subfolder of the project and advertise our templates as his own. The customers will be able to view the demo and buy the template. If the quantity of sold templates increases, the commission rate will increase as well.


Would you like to know what is the easiest way to make money as a TemplateMonster affiliate?

It's an affiliate banner on your sidebar. (You can use widgets and plugins in order to lead your current clients to and earn commissions for every sale). You post it once and then don’t need to do anything.

Please keep in mind that conversion depends on the page your banner is leading to. We advise you to lead people to the top products page.

Besides, you can use landing pages to provide a constant presence of TemplateMonster products on your site. We have created 10 different pages covering various types of products. They are easy to install and they will increase your traffic greatly. You will find detailed instructions and even a video tutorial demonstrating how to make them work on our site. You can also customize any landing page by adding templates or removing them to make sure that your visitors will see only the most appealing ones.


Here is the link to TemplateMonster's affiliate video tutorials.

Make the landing page a separate category in your navigation menu. The trick will help you draw more traffic and provide better conversions. You can promote this page through banners on your home page, articles, social networks, or any other legitimate methods.

Place a search widget with your affiliate id anywhere on your site. It will lead your visitors to the TemplateMonster page generating more sales. It's very simple. You don’t need to install anything. Simply copy and paste the code and start making money.

The best place for the widget is on your home page or on the page dedicated to template reviews and showcases if you have one on your blog. If you are not too credulous, which is the right standpoint, we've got some examples of top blogs that successfully sell TM templates.

Here is a list of links to those blogs:

What are their success stories?

How does the Affiliate Program help them in doing business?

Let's find it out now.

Our special guests today are Graham Billz (CEO at and Daan Toll (CEO at, and Dhiraj Das (CEO at

Graham Billz,


At first I was very skeptical about placing any third-party banners and articles on my website, just because I valued my projects more than affiliate referrals. However, I was totally wrong about this. Once John Walker advised me to use affiliate articles and banners, I was very happy with the results.

My traffic increased by 1 ½ times in the first two weeks! But that was just the beginning, the increased number doubled when I started using not only the sidebar banner but also the in-article banner. TemplateMonster has lots of banners; all you need to do is pick the design that suits your website best.

Daan Toll,


I was offered a deal to place a banner with a 20% special discount for my clients and it worked, 10 times better than a regular banner. The traffic increased, and so did the conversion rate. I was able to make 10-20 sales each month. I think that banners are still a very solid strategy.

Dhiraj Das,



I came to know about TemplateMonster somewhere around 2010-11 when I started looking for website templates to create my websites most probably through Google. It’s been a great association with TemplateMonster as an affiliate; the team is supportive and as I know a few in the team, so it is much easier for me.

Search Engines are the primary source of traffic for SourceWP and I believe the search engine traffic is the best for conversion. We do promote articles on the social sites but it’s not been a great source of traffic for us.

We do promote all the relevant articles on Facebook through their sponsored service. It’s difficult to say the exact amount at the moment. WordPress is undoubtedly the best platform to start your blog, you will find a number of amazing designs on TemplateMonster or you can have a look at the best theme collections on SourceWP.

As far as the success is concerned, you must be able to create quality content that is helpful to your users regularly because the quality and consistency is the key. Shortcuts don't really work for a longer run, so get into a niche you are really interested in and be consistent.

That's all, folks. It seems like we told you everything we wanted to, but don't forget, our managers are always at your disposal in case you have additional questions or want to become an affiliate.

As you see, bloggers receive plenty of benefits by working with They can earn more, get high-quality content, the list goes on. The work is simple, we have prepared a lot of pre-made solutions for guys like you. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you no matter what you want them to do.

Are you ready to earn some extra dollars with affiliate marketing? Do you think this article was useful? Your feedback is welcomed. Every like and share is appreciated.


Tina Jameson

Would you like to learn more about affiliate marketing and TemplateMonster affiliate program? My articles will give you more information about different marketing features and blogging. You can also ask me some questions in Quora.

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