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How many times have you browsed the web in search of a web design studio that can help you build a website on the basis of a ready-made theme? How many times have you left feeling dissatisfied? Pretty often? TemplateMonster is here to help you find a reliable team of professionals to get everything done properly. Allow us to introduce our brand-new offer - a catalog of the most trusted web studios.

This is a new service that will be of great use to those customers who need to get their websites live, as well as web studios looking for new clients. The recommendation list includes only those web studios that have successfully completed TemplateMonster's certification and proven to be true professionals when working with our themes. What we are talking about are WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, and PrestaShop certification courses for professionals. By completing each of them and passing a quiz, the participants are awarded a certificate confirming their high level of expertise in the field.

By the way, if you represent a web design studio and want to be added to TemplateMonster's recommendation list, you are welcome to pass the certification. It is absolutely free and won't take you too much time to complete (provided that you know how to install and customize our ready-made themes, of course).

Web Studios Catalogue for TemplateMonster's Clients

The catalogue of web design studios lets all TemplateMonster's partners and freelancers receive a steady flow of site development and theme customization orders from our customers. Our customer base is very diverse. Not every person who purchases a template knows what to do with it next. We are not talking about skillful freelancers and webmasters who have already brought dozens of web projects live.

Quite often, business owners and just creative professionals, who want to present their projects to a wider audience, need qualified support from web designers and developers who know how to get a site up and running in the shortest possible time. That's what the web design studios catalog is all about. It includes only those agencies that have passed TemplateMonster's certification and on whom you can safely rely.

As you know, the collection of TemplateMonster's templates is extensive. WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, and a whole lot of other ready-made products are at your disposal. Bearing this in mind, we have enhanced the list of web studios with advanced filtering options. Thus, you can search for a web studio in your location or just somewhere nearby. Taking into account that different studios provide different kinds of services, we have also added an option to filter the catalog by CMS. In that way, the owners of WordPress themes from, say, NYC will be given a list of companies working with WordPress sites in that specific location.


If you take a look at the web studios catalog, you will see a list of all CMS they work with. This is especially useful when you have acquired a set of different templates and want to launch several projects at a time. You can either contact one web design studio that works with WordPress, Joomla and OpenCart (for example) or send a request to 3 different agencies. It's up to you to decide.

Another feature that is worth mentioning here is the rating of web design studios. It is based on the number of successful projects completed with the help of TemplateMonster's themes. Thus, the more experienced an agency, the higher it ranks.

Web Studios Catalogue for TemplateMonster's Partners

The new offer from TemplateMonster provides web studios with an awesome opportunity to expand their reach, become more recognizable, and find new clients. In addition to being highlighted on the chart, each partner has a separate profile page. This is where they can share more detailed information about their services and staff, contact details, a list of CMSs they work with, pricing, etc.

TemplateMonster's feedback about the design studio and rating can also be found on the profile page. Such information is intended to help customers with the choice of the best web design agency. As soon as one comes up with a decision, there is a built-in request form. With its help, a customer can contact a web design agency, provide them with a brief review of the services they need to be carried out, suggested price for the work, etc.

profile page

This is what TemplateMonster’s Certified Partners Catalogue is all about. Make use of it to find a reliable web design agency that can help you get started with your web resource. If you are a TemplateMonster partner, pass certification and get listed on the chart. Reach new clients and expand your customer base.

Reserve Your Spot in the Catalogue!

What do you think about the new offer from TemplateMonster? What benefits can it bring you? Is there anything that can be enhanced? Feel free to leave a comment with your reflections.


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