How to Build Brand on Social Media?

Social media has widened its gaze and now it has a strong hold over the people. Due to its reachability, social media can be used for numerous purposes. You can utilize it for Social Selling, Content Marketing, customer services, and many more things. It provides you the opportunity to reach out the target audience of your niche. So, trust me, it is not just enough to join social media and sitting there like a duck marinating in your own mediocrity. Inspire yourself. You just don’t want to miss out a hell lot of things if you’re not building your brand.

Social media can be of many uses. Allow me to jot down some of its uses, so that, you can get an idea of how useful this social media can be,

  • It allows your user to connect with your business/brand.
  • With social media on your side, you’ll have more traffic on your business websiteand in one way or another it will increase your revenue.
  • It also provides you an opportunity to understand your target buyer’s introspection (discernment) about your brand and its products/services.
  • It allows your brand to build and develop strong relations with your target customer and existing customer as well.

So, as you can see there are many ways in which social media can help you to build your brand. So, the core question still exists, which is, how can you build a brand on social media? In this article, I am going to give you some quick, easy, and actionable tips which will help you to build your business as a brand by the help of social media. So, let’s get started.

Choose the right platform.


There are chances when you might not gain any grip on the social media. If that is the case, there are chances that the fault is not yours. Currently, there are hundreds of social media apps with at least one app popping out on daily basis. In this situation, not every social media app is the right choice for you and your business.

You must find a platform which correlates with your brand’s image or else you’ll find a hard time finding any progress. Let’s understand it with a simple illustration. If your business is of SEO services and web development, Tumblr is not a good choice of social media platform. Tumblr’s audience is basically teenagers which have very low percentage of relevance. So, just like this, you need to check the demographics before choosing any of the platforms. You can use THIS LINK, it will help you to give an in-depth knowledge of the social media demographics.

Create your own voice and stick to it.


This is a very important point and very crucial one as well. You must keep it in mind the personality of your brand must reflect on your social media posts. So, the voice you’re generating will become your social media voice. This shows how your brand will communicate on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media network.

When developing a brand voice take these points into consideration,

  • What is your company’s work culture? This will define the nature of your brand voice. This signifies what your brand is about and what makes it so special.
  • Create your voice keeping the majority of preference to your audience. Your brand depends on them so, keep it in mind how the voice will connect with your audience.
  • Keep your brand voice authentic.

Don’t ignore visual branding.

It is well said that “a post with images gets more engagement rates than the text posts.” So, include images in your post, visuals are very important in social media branding.

Yet, there is something on which the entire visual’s success depends. That is “Consistency”. Nobody will like if your brand is flashing in different inconsistent color every time. Consistency in design, color, and filter is the key which makes people recognize you in the crowd. It is the key factor that makes you as a brand.

Some tips to follow if you really want to build your business as a brand.

  • Choose a consistent color palette for your brand.
  • Make sure to use just the single logo and avatar. You can later switch to similar vector image to make it attractive.
  • Make smart use of the filter. Do not change the filter too quickly. Here also consistency play a vital role.
  • For future purposes make use of templates to maintain the design consistency.

Don’t stray from the “Consistency” path.


On the brighter side, Facebook and Twitter always being the best for curating the content. There are so many circulating posts which can help you to generate something of your own which is not promotional in nature. Always promoting your brand is not considered to be a smart move by any entrepreneur.

As for Facebook, like and follow those pages which are relevant to your brand and share it to keep the consistency graph up to the PAR score. Keep your focus on topics which can be closely resembled your brand. Then stick to your voice and nail it.

Post Regularly to keep connected with your audience.


If you are irregular in posting your posts on social media, the effects are same as if you’re not posting at all. Irregularity can kill your brand’s image building process and you certainly don’t want that to happen. So, keep your posted regular and to the topic. Here you have to work hard to maintain consistency in both the topics and how frequent you’re posting on social media.

Don’t go alone, start making relationships.


You have seen Starbucks & Puma. They’re such a brand that whenever they post anything, they get thousands of views instantly. Don’t ask why coz you know why. They have already established the brand so, they don’t have to do much except maintaining the consistency.

On the other hand, your company is on the rise and you’re trying to pull the audience to make a brand. So, obviously, you cannot get as much as those brands. However, you might get that number in future (I am Optimistic). Hey! Let’s stay on track. You can link with already established brands in your niche to gain. These brands are already established and have millions of followers. They are authentic so, co-sponsoring with them can help your brand to grow.

Now, don’t misunderstand me by thinking it as collaborating with exactly same niche, as this makes you competitors. Just like Coca-Cola and Pepsi cannot link together, so just like that. However, there are chances where Pepsi can collaborate with KFC Burgers. So, I am talking about this kind of relevancies.

For being with influencers, keep these things in mind

  • Active
  • Authentic
  • Engaging
  • Leadership
  • Expertise

So, these are the steps that can help you to build a brand on Social Media. There are some more steps which you can follow. Allow me to provide you a quick recap + the extended list of action you might want to have a look into.

  • Choose the right platform.
  • Create your own voice and stick to it.
  • Don’t ignore visual branding.
  • Don’t stray from the “Consistency” path.
  • Post Regularly to keep connected with your audience.
  • Don’t go alone, start making relationships.
  • Promote your Social Media Profile.
  • Claim your Company Name on Social Media.
  • Keep your post interactive and engaging.

So, that is my list for building a brand using Social Media. Do you like it?

Share your views via comments and I will be delighted. If I miss something, you know where’s the comment box is. Have a Good one.


Alana Berge

Alana is passionate about social media marketing and all the things related to the promotion of a personal brand on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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